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SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color

animation8-colorking-rotate.gifSOULMATE Love1Sex2Romance3: YES, I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian. advertising appointed – anointed Arthiest + Artistry. And all are artworks; revealed anima flower8righteously; by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Via The COMFORTER COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;  Thank yawls, very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING.

THINK THIN: Tight tank tops, talented T-shirts, blouses, skirts skinny-slim. And exclusive, full framed females, fully fit, fatless figures, fine feminine females, too!



SOULMATRIXZ: Means my mastermind melanin messiah mental models. Moeny making messiah methods.  Elegant essences, eloquent essentials. Visualized Vivian Queens, pretty princesses, lovely looking lead ladies, lords long Love Life Light Locks.

Inner-Vision, RealiVision = Real Live Visions. Surely Shexz shall show some serenity, sovereignty, sincerity. Serious Spiritiious sensations sublime. Smooth soft spoken sensitivity, sensibility. I’m surely seeking solarized sun-tans, tissue tones, true tribal talents!


HOME: http://www.customink.com/ 

Talented Teamwork + National Network +

Whole Worldwide Web Working!

YES: You may be permitted to purchase portrait pictures, plus+ personalized printing them on various canvases, materials, fabrics, anima-psoter-colork.gifapparels, as you will want to. Howsoever, I respectfully request, that you also, commit capital cash currency, donate digitized dollars = $$$ to CKNWCA‘s Financed Funding Family Foundation. (PayPal online banking = Compass Bank, Herein The Beauteous City of San Antonio, Texas.)

SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color neg image

RESPECTFUL RESQUESTS: E-mail me at: charles4586@sbcglobal.net. This tactical technique, truly allows you to receive my personal permission to print; producing pure profits = $$$100%+. And for financial fortunes, service-sales, saving solar sexus soul = SOULMATES.

Wexz & Usxz: are coming completely cultured clean! Doing the righteous things towards our other human bio-bodily beings of humanity. Giving original creative artists, their just rewards + awards; knowingly, intentionally, willingly and purposely.

NOTE: If you choose to use one of my letters, sacred spiritual syllabic symbols; then therefore, through true trustworthy transparency, I expect that you make monetary dollar donations, to COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. How much money = ???

Happy Heartfelt Donation button located at the bottom of this Main Web site linking URL:  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

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What I AM doing is bringing together all of the perplex puzzle’s composure, complimentary, compatible parts, participants, persons, practitioners, partners, people. This is what I name to be defined as being; The Ultimate Utilized Ultra-Universal Unification!

Butt beauty_KNNO No no, not at all am I playing some unkind type of gambling game with women’s holistic health and happiness. Unlike those who will attempt to advocate for fat females, knowing this can certainly, culturally, clinically be unhealthful!

BUTT BEWARE: Petty Profiteers producing extra-size garments, to justify, rectify fitting flabby fat framed females. Adulating, and flattering them to death and demise!

Morbid obesity obsession occurring today, with human beings over-eating daily. Trendy times, toxic tissues increases polluted-poisonous pounds. Heavy weight women with jelly rolls and big buldging bellies. Constantly cultivating culinary costumes of munching on junk stuff, fake-“frankin-foods”, consuming far too many, much meaningless meals, and having excessive amount, large portions and sweat snakes in between. It’s not OK, cool, neither honky dory, being a greedy glutton, who wantonly gobbles up high carbohydrate candies, cookies, breads, starches, and still expect to stay slim, trim, lean and cultured clean. Foolish fault – fatal fate!

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Framkly. honestly speaking; Y’all now know this total told truth too! Eating healthy fats don’t make you get fat! And the only bad fatty acids are trans-fats, derived from burning hot heated vegetable oils.  Never good for frying foods, whatsoever. And the best cooking lard is pure-clean, unadulterated saturated fats; in which, stands high heat, degrees, temperatures. In factual reality, they keep the body alive and well + heart-healthy. The very best bargains; Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes; bio-body-balanced; better bestowed benefits blessing = BLESSITY.

UniTrixz-UnificaTrixz_color neg image

Courageously Challenging Key Assuptions: I am and has planted these potent possibilities, success seeds sown inside myself’ sovereign solar sexus soul. And expect them to germinate into existence, manifest materially, in this real world of animation. Sprouting up and out profusely, pervasively, profit proofed positive plants, produced PlaneTrixz


Approx. about 10% to 12% good decent persons or public people. Pleasant personalities, non-political, non-religious thinkers. Very Spiritual or Spiritious individuals.  Know now how valuable it is to teach unity, of each and everybody’s realistic radiant RAYZ vs “RACE”!!

New World Ideas vs Old World Ideas: My mastermind mental models, are both sex-genders; females and a very rare few males. Basically because, I’m femininity orientated, indoctrinated and educated. Howsoever, everybody, has their essential role to play-perform professionally. The flexible, featured fabric fashions, strategic styles, are versatile.

Divinely decreed, delicate discrimination develops those truer talents through tough tests, trials and tribulation too!!

DONATION DOLLARS = DONATED DESIGNS = DIVINE DECREED DELIBERATION = 100%+ at bottom of Web site: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

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THINKING TECHNICALLY: In other words of wisdom, we’re going to share equably, artwork – network + teamwork together for positive productive progress; or else, we will not have anything to share at all! Period. SUNGODD DEITY DEVIL DAMNATION!

Meaning, destructive destiny, down with the U.S. animation2.gifDollar bill, and the entire negative nation of the Rayzially divided dis-United States “snakes” of Anglo-America Al Qaeda! Smile showing a sense of happy healthy holistic humor.

Finance Failures Unfortunate: The remaining other 88% to 90%, who insist, persist pushing politicized prejudices, purposely polluting, poisoning people’s planetary public populations, to Hades Hell flaming fires for them, “useless food eaters” being blatantly gobbled up by the gluttonous greedy “Globalists” = good riddance!

We’re now today thinking true talented thoughts, about artworking all around our Global-World-Nation!!!


Technotronics_color neg image

Invited Interests = “Interracial” or Interrayzial groups, organizations, families, individual persons, so forth and so on accordingly. Those major majorities. mixing, mingling, mating, marrying, making more meaningful melaninated member membranes. Colorful children, and oncoming offspring kids.

Model  Garcelle  Beauvais_baby boy mixe rayz

RAYZ: Interracial Dating+ Mix Mingle Mate Marry MultiplexRayzialBody Current Cultural Color Complexions Bio-Genetic RNA-DNA-CODES!!!


Wexz & Usxz, officially operates orderly, under only one HueMainRayz, HueMainKind, HueMainRight, HueMainLaw = Holistory Health Heritage.

Check it out later on: http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

SHOWCASE: Classy cute cultured, compassionate compModel_Garcelle Beauvais_boys mixe rayzanionship. In love with my mastermind artworks. That’s what this talented telepahtic truth; is also all about. Much more than me – myself. I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD.

Solution Solving + Soul Salvation: Taking our precious lives into our own hands, happily, holistically, healthily.

Enduring Eternal Soul Searching shall surely be over for you, if in factual reality, you stayed shapely, soulful, spiritual, sensual, sublimely sexual.

Her high headed healthy, happy humor, She’s so soberly sophisticated, soulfully strong, stylish slim sleek, slender shape, fine fit figure, faithful facial features, fashionable frame, full financed female floral femininity.


TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3 = Musical Metaphysical Media Mates, Matriarch Souls Song Sounds.

YES Hello  May I Help You Please?  Affectionately, you’re being truly loved by a lovin’ heart, holistically healthy, humanely handsome, having healing happy humor. Fed fresh Soul-mate-musical metaphysical media meals. Foundational food for thought. Bringing living love to liife! Whosoever ya might be?

Opitimally: Opening the closed doors of your heart, with the Kinky KING”s keys of kindness.  And know these total told truths too anima-underwater.gif100%+; it is a male’s masculine, manly muscular mastermind melanin messiah, indwelling, residing over my Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul’s Spiritualized SCIESSENCE.

Flashy flirty fashions, fitting fabrics, for fine fit feminine female figures. Flabby fat forbidden! For fully forgetting, forsaking femininity!

Albeit, let it be crystal clear, that I’m talking all about; meeting, contacting, communicating with, fine fit feminine females, fashionable frameworks, for fortunes financial futures = $$$. Vivid valuses, valiant virtues. And authentically authorized artworks, are ass-afluent Actionaries, that I’ve brought to the timetable_ Buttressed by bonded butterfly butts_thank you.

anima Blue_butterfly_2

Butt beauty babe_PP1

BIG BUCKS BUTTERFLY BUSINESS: Bestowed better beneficially blessed by being, Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes; bio-body balance!!

Ascertained assy actress and as accounting abilities, appealing attributes,ani iluvub artfully attractive; astute. Artistic Alluminations vs illustrationsilluminations!! Nothing ill nor ill-willed illusions!

SHEXZ & HERTXZ: Efficiently educated, positively polite, professional presentation. Profit producing precious prodigy!

ani dancingroseredOur trustworthy, totally transparent, toned – tuned, truth telling talented team! Teamwork, network, artwork Actionaries. Doers of the wealthy words of wisdom, and not simply just listeners and hearers only. My mastermind money making methods, are never based upon faith, alone, which amounts to nothing, is dead and not living; without actual artworks.

This true talent trek; is also about you using CKNWCA, as a channel, conduit, capital cash currency, charged ciruits, thruugh which we wire creative cosmic connections. It goes far beyond me as a animation17-luminou.gifpersonal individual, looking for lovers, bascially because I AM LOVE SENSATIONS SPIRITUALLY SUPBLIME = Serenade_SOUL SONG SEASONING.

Synapses soulful soldiers singing solar sun songs, sensational sounds, Spirit Source Science-Sciessence System’s Systemic Sovereign Systream.

FunkySoulSongSeason http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/FunkySoulSongSeason


ani butterfly


DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY MP3 MySpace Music http://www.myspace.com/cyberjazzbluesrapphipplapp

Aproved Appointments + Disproved Disappointments: Seeing how that there’re soul mates, then, there’re soulless mates!! Those that we meet with and then start to mate them. Go out on dates, dinners, dancing, to the movie theatre, and all kinds of recreational activities. Often leading to a sexual affair, a relationship having passionate sex-sessions!

LOVE GODDESS_T-shirt_front

BUTT, sooner or later, that burns out, passionate sex quickly start running its course, then, there’s very little left to appreciate between couples. The potent power, has to have as a requirement, prerequisite, these three energy emotions: Love1 Sex2 Romance3. Harmoniously blended into a combined, single ONE.

Excessive sexual affairs dissipates valuable energies. Drainng womanhood and manhood of their cosmic creativity, and puts or places a dramatic drain on the Spirit & Soul!!!

Many millions of mis-marriages, couples, are in reality, discovering the hard headed way, that they truly didn’t meet a true Soulmate. Basically because, that person, supposed to had been a very special one, turned out to be a petty player,anima beating_heart_2 punk-pimp, a sporting spook, who was never for real. And or they fooled themselves, into believing, that you were their truest love found. Ya know, the beauty Queen, pretty Princess…Love Goddess… eh?

Albeit, reality sets in, and so does resentments, discontent, and arguments ensues at every turn and time. Irreconcilable differences!

On the other hand, do I need Her Help? YES!  Surely I’m soul searching, seeking some soundness and saneness. Something and somebody sensible, who will want worthy wealth, with witty wisdom. Wishing wellness!

Ass Model_NCHave you put past problems behind you, and is ready to move on forwards and upwards wilfully? Are you now today open? Willing to take new chances? Do I encourage you to try something different? YES!

My courageous career commission calling cause, comforting companionship, is purposed plan, perfectly paved patterned pathway in life, is to assist others, be a healer, tenanted truth teacher, gifted guide, proficient pioneer, lovable leader, fearless warrior, spiritual sever, artistic advisor for deserving others, The Right-Righteous Ones!

LOVE GODDESS_T-shirt_back


So then, I pray tell y’all, that I openly show my dutiful, faithful financed funding family foundation, by the portrait pictures, paintings presented. Divinely depicted, decreed deliberated, declared decorated;, decisively dollarized, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

YES: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/indexv1.html


FemininiTrixz - Femininity_color

FEMININITRIXZ = FEMININITY: is no Cosmic CREATOR, She anima-spiral-colork.gifis only the Carrier of the Solar Sexus Soul Semen Sperm Seeds Sown Solemnly Sublime. Impregnated into the pains of labor of life of the Lords Love Life Lights Locks, Equals = ecology, economics, EcoEnergystics x Masculinity + Femininity!!

Femininity_front_female model

Her deliverance develops creatures, being bio-bodily born bonded, blessed birth beginings. And artfully forms living things, shapes plants, animals, humans, insects, reptiles.

Femininity_back_female model

BIOLOGY & PHYSIOLOGY: Scientific searches, seeking samples of Mitochondria_ RNA + DNA_ Cosmic Color Codes, charged currencies, can calculate certain conclusions. That there’s a male and a female, living inside both gender-sexes, masculine + feminine frameworks.

FemininiTrixz-Femininity_color neg image

Love Goddess – Geodess, Mother Nature Earth; is a receiver, a female receptor. Not a giant GENERATOR GIVIR, which is optically obvious, our orgasmic Sovereign SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY = Divine Decreed Disc,



My melanin mastermind, MP3 music metaphysical mediums, Talented theme soug sound tracks. Vocal + Instrumental. CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!  CKNWCA: http://artistchd.webstarts.com/

YES: I AM a cautiously choosy character. Explicitly expressive, pleasantly particular, preferably personalized. The kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. For kind loving holistic healthy hearts.



HOME: http://www.customink.com/

Special Secretarial Soulmates And artful affinity ssistants, havingan heart compatible, complimentary common causes, and positive proof purposes, plus+ pleasures. Real radiant romance!

Diamond SuperStar Love1Sex2Romance3_blue frame

Love Geoddess = Goddess gifted glamour girl gender. Giving grace to everything truly touched tenderly. Rendered refined, fresh females fortune fortress =$$$

CK-NWCA_T-Shirt_Love1 Sex2 Romance3

 CustomInk: “Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqué. With digital printing, we take your design straight from the computer and print it directly onto your garment. We’ve got this method down to an art form, which means that even photographic images can be reproduced in all their glorious detail.”Arthiests: In the beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas. http://www.customink.com/about/passion_for_printing


MoneyMarkeTrixz: Means money making, marketing methods. My mastermind manufactured money means, militarized mechanisms. Such things as true talented thoughts, thinking truths. Ya know, that ideas and creative conceptions can cause climatic charged changes, In the circuitries, circulating currents, and alter continental conditions. Correct career commission calling causes, that are clean cultured and criminal corruption CURED!


The perfected gentleman I AM, you’re treated first class Ms Madame. With wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom. Self-sufficient she SoulMates, solemnly, singly selected. Many multitudes of Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls. are called, butt, a rare rich royal few are chosen and commissioned!

anim flow1Possessive jealousy is absolutely not her bad bag. Full fledged freedom of artistic expression, exercised, executed; N’ lovin’ faith always. Transparent trust truly established on mutual consent, consignment. Complete communications, calm composure, caring compassionate concerns, cordial congratulations and compliments. Instead of criticism!

anima Butterfly_7

Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality!

Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! CROWN OF GLORYQUEEN & PRINCESS: Simply said she has her own money making means, as opposed to being a gold-digger dagger. Yet she shall surely shine like sparkling golden glitter. Divinity’s Diamond-Star Sublime ‘n Love1Sex2Romance3.

Rare Rich Royal Crown of Glory_T-shirt_front

We’ll support one another’s needs, desires, wants and wishes. Friendship foremost first, fun flirting flings. Feeling each other outwards and inwards. Basically business bargaining, by bright brilliant brains. No hanky panky!

Rare Rich Royal Crown of Glory_T-shirt_back

Rare Rich Royalty _ Crown of Glory_at PayLoadz Direct Link: http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=993537

SPIRITIOUS Sacred Script: subliminal sensations sublime sent through Cosmic CreaTrixz CyberSpaceAge Artheist Atom Amen-Ra = Z-Blac-Keyz, Z-BlackRayz!

Eco-Energystic Ethereal Extraterrestrial realized realms, That Be of the Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.


Love Goddess Morth Earth Nature_bf1

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.

SOULMATRIXZ; Instinctively, intuitively, intelligently, intellectually, Knows_ some things truthfully about another Soulmate, male and female, masculine and feminine. Doing so indeed divinely decreed deliberated decisions. Destined, designed decisively. We knew our orgasmic origin, Occupyneers optimized organic objectives, far in advance anima 3dto arriving hereon, herein planetary sphere EARTH, as exhibited EARTHORS.

Up Top Babyxz: Of Her highest holy heaves, perfect precious pyramid, positive profit productions. Picturesque perceptions, poster presentations, plus+ panorama phenomena!

Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature_negative image

Plainly put, these messages are online, over the Internet Whole Wide World Web. And these letter writings, will circulate throughout the CyberSpaceAge of time. Compatible communications, contact-connections, letting HERTXZ, know that I’m ready to receive what SHEXZ has to offer?!.

Disruptive – Disturbing – Distractions: Doesn’t do well with what I’m indeed doing. My life’s artworks! Anybody who wisheds, wants to help me accomplish and achieve artfully, these stated goals, are kindly welcomed and invited inside; CKNWCA. Thank y’all.


CosmiColoRayz_T-shirt front  female model


CosmiColoRayz_color neg image


CosmiColoRayz_T-shirt back female model




MASCULINITRIXZ: Means masculine muscular males. Gentlemen who’re graciously gifted. Never doubting their truest manhood. Natural-native abilities, athletic attributes, artist awareness. Instead of petty prowling personality!

MASCULINITY: male mentality, this is appreciative of Her helpful, healing FEMININITY. Knowing that they were never meant to be equal, butt, better beneficially bestowed blessed, by being biological bodily balanced!

masculine_front_male model

Compatible companions, compassionate caring concern; for one another. This is the powerful intention of The Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!

Remember to dutifully take NOTE vs. Vote: This total told truth 100%+; do not whatsoever, have anything to do with westernized religious beliefs‘ of some concocted concept; “God“! It strictly, specifically says something serenely SPIRITIOUS!

ani-shakycam-colorking.gifIn fact of reality, the One and Only Optical Object, shining serenely sublime, in the crystal blues skies, is Sovereign SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY! 

Natve Naturals: I Am also seriously searching, seeking some sensitive  solarized sun-tans, toned tissues, true tribe talents!

MasculiniTrixz-Masculine_color neg image

I HAVE, been celibate for approx. about 21 years to date: 1992 – 2013. Absolutely abstaining from sexual intercourse, in complete controls of my manly masculine sex gender nature!

Intentionally, purposely, deliberately, transmuting – transitioning, – transfiguring my sexuality energies, into my mastermind artwork projects. Inputs = outputs!!

Masculine_back males model

No, not at all do I mess around having loose sex, promiscuous relations, whatsoever. Have I done these things in the past? Of course Yes!

Howsoever, over indulging didn’t do anything positive to strengthen my manhood muscles. Butt, instead caused a dissipating drain on my melanin messiah mastermind. Held me back and down for far too long-lasting!

0d7e2d2672034b08Realizing these truths 100%+, conscious common sensibilities, along with Sacred Spiritious Sensations Sublime; told me to Stop-Point-Blank-Period.

Fortunately, the strength and courage to abstain, freed me from the desire to “lay in bed with dogs and get up with flees”! Sleeping around town with lowlifes, females who were never my intellectual peers, proved to be unproductive, to say the least. Down and almost out for good. Butt, blessedly, being enabled to escape expertly. Exit excessive sex sections at will, wisely!

Therefore; beer joint, bar hopping, dance hall, nightclub going party girls, are out of the Blac-Keys questions? Who am I looking for? Why – When – What – Where?

Well, then, as stated strictly, said specifically, in the preceding paragraphs, She shall surely be smart, strong Spirited, independently intelligent, intellectually intimate. Innovative, have an eye and ear for financial fitness, entrepreneurial enterprise. Ya see crystal clear!?

SOULMATE Love1Sex2Romance3 = My Music Stream, URL Web page that has the whole list of songs, sound tracks, MP3, all 14 of my mastermind affinity album and affectionate artwork: http://artistchd.mymusicstream.com/album/soulmate-love1sex2romance3




Sciessence: Equal = science + essences, essential scientific elements, energies, effectual efforts. Efficiencies, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics.


Sciessence_color neg image

Sciessence: Equal = science + essences, essential scientific elements, energies, effectual efforts. Efficiencies, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics.

actress asss_JMJRemember to dutiful not Vote, butt do indeed Note: That my personalized Soulmates, are also Cyber-Space-Age ascendants. And are ass-ascertained artistic afluence.  Of the Highest Holy Heavens.  Inheriting Holistory’s healthy humanity = HUEMAINITY.

INTERVENTION DIVINE: Thus, traveling terrestrially, territorially, trying to teamwork together; truly testing true talents, until time is ripe, rendered right for We’s & Us’s to meet, mix, mingle, mate and marry; anima flowers15Spiritually = Sacredly. Yet an old-age ancient ancestral Solar Sexus Soul, could come with a younger biological bodily being?!. Shexz could be a teenager, of a baby making age, or more mature money makingg, Mother Madam Matriarch MAATRIX?!. MP3 player song sound tracks.

MAATRIX MASTER1_coloration

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.

Consummated compatibility is the Winners + Victors Primary PRIDE + Principal PRIZE.

Exclusively, the divinely decreed doors of my kind heart is open; right now today. Only qualified Geodess = Goddesses are invited and welcomed to enter. Approx. about 10% to 12%, Rare Rich Royalties, and all of the rest, 80% to 90%, this official offer is not necessarily for y’all.

ass actress_GU

Moreover, I have no time to loose fussing, fighting, wasting valued energies. What I don’t like, nor want as a lady friend, are loud talking females. Vulgar, profane speaking women, gluttonous greedy girls, overeating, letting themselves go, getting fat, flabby, flirty. Nor those having roaming eyes, shifty sights on every Tom Dick & Hairy, that passes by or come along! Ooo….he’s cute! Really_eh? What does he have to offer?

anima Bouque_of_pink_rossesUnfortunately, so many multitudes, of females who think like this, the above notion of a good looking guy, has proved times again, ending up as her worst nightmare. Marrying men, a male, based on what he has, what she can get out of him, without equably reciprocating, is a foolish, faulty family foundation. Fatedly failing, falling fatally!

Domestic divorce downfalls happen quite frequently these terrifying days, herein, the USA and European nations. Sexual passions runs out, then, there’s nothing valued left, butt, bickering, backbiting, bastardized bitching!

Resentments set in, discontent with each other, whining and complaining, accusations aimed at the other partner, mate who proves not to be the perfect SOULMATE!

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3


Pretty Pattern Princess_pic tube


Print Proof Positive Productions!

Pretty Princess_T-shirt_front - female model



Flower Girl Fabrics

Realistic Relationships; Lovable sexy styles, attractively appealing, assertive yet never aggressive. Aspiration and ambitiously amiable and appropriately affectionate. An artistic attire attractively arranged. Good manners and delightful demeanor!

Quen of ColoRayz_back_female model

animation2.gifNow next, SHEXZ has to be very supportive to my artworks, completely committed to CKNWCA. Ready, willing, able to invest her time, money, expertise, talents and gifts, into our Innovative Entrepreneurial Enterprise = 100%+$$$ profits positively produced, progressively, prestigiously_period.

Air headed females can remain where they are with whosoever, their male mates might be?! Stay stuck stupidly. Although, those talented women who were with successful corporate companies, can come cultured cleansed, crossover completely cured of corruption, crooked causes, etc.


YES: We’re connecting up with the financial flows, capital cash currencies, circulating circuits. Of the universal laws, of order and organization. Our organic organisms are energized Earthors of planet Earth. Original Occupyneers, now today are officially optimized orgasmic organs of our OrganeTrix.

Seeing how that the USA’s capital cash currency, dollar bill, is blatantly becoming bankrupt + bailing out. Devalued, deflated in monetary worth. And many multitudes of manufacturers, corporate conglomerates, are closing down decisively. Destructive dinosaurs dying out!

This means that somebody’s career jobs, solvent salaries are dropping to their terminal deaths too! Effectually unemployed. So safe-secured amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifsalvation of equable opportunities officially offered, is financed from AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Invested Interest!

Along with your training, educational experience, excelled expertise, well, welcome aboard. You’re kindly invited inside, our divinely decreed domain!

Earth Sun

UNLIMITED: I’m talking all about Superstar scale-sales successes, Superior productions, Supreme Superpower potent profits = $$$. Millionaires + Billionaires!! Better beneficially bestowed bio-bodily balanced banking Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! budget!  Belting planet earth’s beauteous body!

YES: we’re no into our optimized origins, orgasmic organisms objective  options: wearing with wealth, rare richness, royal renditions, o f the 21 century CyberSpaceAge attractions. Indubitably, of the optical, Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrixz!!!

SolarSun_front_female model

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Healthfully Healing Holistory’s HueMainity = HueMainKind + HueMainRight + HueMainLaw!!! View large size artwork, portrait pictures. Website Address: charlesdavis.talkspot.com

Earth inner SUNGOD


COLOR KINGOMISM’s true talents taken from those treasonous-treacherous thugs, non-supporters, sellout self haters, and given graciously, to those bearing blessed beauty, and the financial fresh fruit thereof, healthy harvest herein: CK-NWCA. The beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas 2013.

SolarSun_back_female model

Officially Our Originality Starts Within,

Begins Internally, Initiates Inside!

The Indwelling SOLARSUN, and Presiding SOULMATRIXZ!!





Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! PROFIT PROOF PROFESSION POLICY PRACTICES + PHILOSOPHICAL PRINCIPLES & PRINCIPALS = $$$

NO, not needing to be bias belief based, never what one’s believes better business is, nor what they think, having faith in. Butt, these talented terms, are bravely, boldly based upon; non-religious rational reasoning, righteously realistic! Equals = Knowledge = Know how!

Designee dresser, delightful décor, dearly discerned. She converses culturally clean, correct and confidently composed. A lovely looking lady who talks tenderly, not ever too much mouthing. Her cell or smart phone, is for financial finding, funding, on a business level, as opposed to an addiction to vociferous gossip, with other talkative females. Her main concentration is on focused finances = $$$

Dream Darling Delights; Her temper is under control at all times, regardless of the unsuspecting challenges she might meet; surprisingly. She never argues-angrily, with a potential paying customer, client, companion.

Wiser witty women with wisdom, willing to earn her income, financial funds the honest ways showing class consciousness. Knowing how to manage money made in the multimillions of US dollars. Leaning how to handle huge sums of economic achievement successes = $$$.


The Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes, benefits big business basics, blessedly. Addictive drugs free, soberly non-alcoholic drinker, nor cigarette tobacco, weed-marijuana-grass smoker.

anima Dollar_3FEMININITY’S Financing Fashion Flair: Up-scale classy contents of character. Yet not a selfish, snobbish, snooty nose negative name caller. Looking down on others less fortunate financially. Or may appear to be less artfully attractive.

Howsoever, a personalized polite prejudice proves positive, placing protection in a proper position. A basic bias against antagonist adversaries, asinine ass alien agents.

Going Bad Blatant Bitchcraft  Ballistic: Capping a crazed attitude is absolutely out! So is a profane disposition, disapproved of! Although she may be inquisitive and engaging. Having her own ideas, creative concepts, notions-opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Yet open for further discussion vs. dispute!

Arthiest_color neg image


Perfectly prepared present processes positively producing prosperity. Poor persons, public people’s populations passing away without wealth and the world’s womanhood witty wisdom, worthy of worshipping.

Y’all can clearly see with crystal clarity, coming soon on The Event Horizon. Direly deep down depressions! Seeing so many multimillions, fatally falling financially from fitness fortunes =$$$.

Albino babies and mothers

BUTT, Wexz & Usxz, are ascending Arthiest Actionaries, Africoidians, AmeriAfrindians, Afrindians, Anglo-African-Americans. And also actualized AfriOriginals + AlbinOriginals!!

Read and view full story, later on at: http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

WISE WEALTH WARRIORS: Winged with whirling wisdom, wealthier words, whole wide world web woven wits. No “RACE” wars, butt blessedly, RAYZ races running real fast for financial findings, fame flowing, flaming fortunes = $$$


PercepTrixz - PrecepTriixz_color

PERCEPTRIXZ: Meaning = seeing far beyond the psycho-physical plane; into Inner-Vision‘s psyche-panorama-phenomena. Looking into, internally inside, the melanin mastermind, manifesting mental models. Militarized meditation, monetized, magnetized mindset. Mesmerized mentality!

PRECEPTRIXZ: Meaning = Picturing places, portrait presentations, panoramic plains + planes = plans positioned perfectly. Positive postings, ani pumping heartput pleasantly. Percussive precision, pulsating play performances. Heartfelt frequency feelings!

Percepts + Precepts vs. Concocted Concepts!! Perceptual photons, opposed to conceptual!! Imagined inner-vision, = envisioned existences. Invoking – involving intricate inceptions. Imminent Internal, Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination.

PercepTrixz - PrecepTricz_color neg image

Moderate model mind, means on the shy side of quiet, yet expresses elegance in her verbally voiced vocabulary. Observant listener, learning lessons by asking sincere questions; what is this, where – why – which, so forth and so on. Acquiring a stockpile of information to be transformed into knowledge = know how.

Rudeness is ugly to me, uncalled for, and is unkind. A classy cutie could calmly say what she means in a nice manner. And those who I’ve heard hollow out loud in outrages, vociferously, viciously voicing violence aimed at an offender, she shows no class whatsoever!

Personally I enjoy being a perfect gentlemen, letting ladies go first, opening doors for them, say yes Mam or no Mam. Gentle greeting, hi – hello. Yet some low-class or sub-class feminist females, call that being “a male chauvinist pig.” Yes, I’ve been called that negative name; on a job about 30 years ago, by a wicked witch; who eventually got herself fired!

Nevertheless, I’m not so sure about; pretentious humility or humbleness, modesty. Basically because, we’re living in a drastically changed world today. People will easily try to take the advantage of others who appear too shy, quiet, peaceful, friendly, nice, kind, = naïve and gullible and susceptible. Adjustment are necessitated needs, to surely, safely, securely shift sane, sound sensibilities!


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FiTrixz: = fine fitting fashion fabrics. Following the full figure flowing fluidity, of the human anatomy, physiology or physique. Tight thin things to wear for summer sunshine, serenely sublime solar sexus souls server, sure safe Savior!

ani butterflies-gif-10FitnessiTrixz. Fulfulling frameworks, revealing how that the human bio-body build, is an artworks. Of many members, companions, compatible parts, put together as one HueMain-Kind + HueMain-Rayz.

Self-pride and courageous confidence can cure; weakness, lack of vitality, drive and desire. A high spirited self-esteem is healthier than a low self-esteem. A high-class sexy sophisticated SOULMATE, is much more meaningful, than a spiritless, sexless soulless mate!

Gallantly Generating Great Gains: Genesis Genius Gifts of Grace: Basically by being very careful about criminalizing capitalist corruptions, corporate crooks, never to become involved with any unkind actions, secretive, sinister schemes, scorpion-stings, spiders silent stealth, sneaky serpent snakelike stysles, satanic societies, No, not at all in the minutest least!

If she scouts for sorry scum, silly slimy slut stupidly stuck stuffs, she surely shall succumb to sloppy slums scumbags. They aren’t able to appreciate artistic attributes, attractively actualized. Never cast your precious pearls, before slothful, sloppy swine, swindlers and slick shysters. Strictly, specifically, they will turn against your true values, run over and rein rare rich royalty, ruin womanhood’s witty wealthy worth = $$$.

FiTrixz - FitnesiTricz_color meg image

YES: From the very beginning of my bodily being biologically born blessed, thence on, forthcoming, graciously groomed for a greater glory. And in the passages of time, in passing, I’ve never really met a SOULMATE! And if I had I would have known it!

A Late Bloomer: Especially due to the factual reality, I have a life’s time to artwork, arrive at a certain time period, whereas, my melanin mastermind, made meaningful, money making maturity. Now today, I can afford affectionate affairs artfully!

ani flowers_heartFor instance, referring to a female friend, she’s not my women, my girlfriend, in no possessive posture. Only a beauty Queen and or a pretty Princess!! My Spiritious Love, lovable lady friend! Later on listen to my musical metaphysical mediums Lovely Love Song, My Truest Love I Found, Love Sensations Spirit Sublime. Love Goddess, Love Merry-go-round. Plus many more MP3 song sound tracks, at:


Love1Sex2Romance3.jpg  Beauty Butt Babes

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.

BEAUTY BOOTY BUTT BODY BABES:  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

YES Happily & Joyously Serving Yawls: First and foremost of all, I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian; recruiting my mastermind truth telling talented teamates + soulmates. To help heal humanity. Save the earthly planet, plus+ purify public people’s populations. Surely some smart young friendly fine fit feminine figured females, energetic enthused-youths, talented tender teenagers, gallant gifted glamour girls, blessed bodily beauties, cuties, queens, pretty princesses – sexy witty women, lovely looking ladies. So y’all listen up and pay close attention = ASS-CERTAIN!

animation8-colorking-rotate.gifThus, truly to help me grow grassroots gifts of grace, and divinely develop our optimal orgasmic,  original organic, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, Superstar Sonic Sun Server, Savior, Solemn Solar Sexus Soul + Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream.  Blazing burning desires are on the rapid rise! http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com Systemically saving suicidal soulmates!

color_kingdom_business024.jpgButtorgraphy + Buttology = Buttrology + Buttronomy; the encompassing sexy scope, entire essence of geometric shapes of buttocks, exclusively, exquisitely elegant fine fit females feminine figures. Strictly superstarsexuals, specifically sapiens speciesexuals as opposed to homosexuals and heterosexuals and transsexuals.

AFRICA Mother Earth Nature Direct Link: http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=965961


Assorgraphy +Assology = Assonomy + Asstrology paralleling paradigm to astrology and astronomy = the scientific study sexually or sexualogically. Yes reasoning rationally with practical logic. An artful ass appearance appeal. Yes, it’s trendy and popular + fabulously fabric fashionable!!


 Open in new window or read-research later on…. please continue >>>

Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature is the Divinely Decreed Designer Deliberator via our optical-orgasmic-optimal Original Creative Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra SUNGODD DEITY. Who and what are you? Do you know how valued you are?

   “THINK AND GROW RICH”: Talented Textile Themes: Original Creative Artworks, for interior designers to make curtains, enbriudertm upholstery, tablecloths, bedware etc. You name it, I’m talking all about the Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination!

anima_treasure_chest.gifValiantly Vivid + Viable Values = Spiritually + Socially. Physiologically & Psychologically. I’m talking all about; body-mind-heart-spirit-soul, unified!

Just like I’ve intended for my owned oneself: Your are becoming strong in the SOLARSUN and in the SOULPOWER of HEATXZ MASTER1 Melanin Might!

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.



your front design


RoyalTrixz_color neg image

your back design


Spiritics_b2-red blood

PRINT on T-Shirts: The artworks project product, is innovative information, an artful approach. None interruptive, and is intelligently instructive, intellectually informative. Sanely sanitizing the internalized infrastrure of your mental framework with wealthy artworks.

SPIRITICS_T-shirt_front female model


Spiritaully Seeing, Searching, Sight Seeing!

Inherent Invisibility_ Made Manufactured Material Manifest = Making More Meaningful Mercy Merchant Money = $$$ = Divinely Decreed Dollars + Common Cents.

Spiritics_neg image reb blood

YES: They total told truth 100%+, is not my belief, nor simply what we think; religions and politics or politicized religiosity, ruins, robs, rapes RAYZIAL Realities. Ripping off Rare Rich Royal Resources! Attacking and assaulting HueMain-Kind = HueMain-Rayz. Therefore Hue-Mainity needs Spiritics vs Politics!!

SPIRITICS_T-shirt _ back female model

There’s an urgent need to shift sensibilities. Seeking Spriitious solutions, Purposely purifying polluting-poisonous politicized propaganda promoted propositions, purging product problems + pushing potent animation1_hurricank_come_twirls.gifpossibilities!

Spiraling Spirit = Sovereign Systream. It circles the soul. In other words of wisdom, The SPIRITRIX encompasses the SOULTRIX.

Soultrix Spiritrix_red-white_lrg

animated_gifs_diamonds_2.gifI’ve Envisioned + Imagined: That the demand for CKNWCA’s Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, are on the rapid value increases. A full floating financed flow, and as a capital cash currency; as well with the U.S. dollar bill; which is declining, deflating, descending in animated_heart_0002.gifmonetary values = $$$.

Now is the time to invest during this innovative-incubating strategic stage. Staking your claims by purchasing permit passes. They are the huge JPG files to be downloaded into your personal computer = PC. Stored safely, securely, sacredly. Wisely doing so while the illustrations, depictions, picturesque portrayals are affordable, inexpensive, easily obtained, and accessible!

SoulSpirit_T-shirt_front female model

Humanity Helpers + Healthful Heart Healers: Lets say for examples: The digital designs as displayed art exhibits, portrayed pictures that hang on walls. Then next their matching sets, computerized complimentary companions as printed pretty patterns. On curtains – drapes, pillows, handbags, couches upholstery. Table tops, lamp shades, wall hangings, inside stately bank buildings, artistic architectural interiors of offices, when artfully appropriate. And the sapiens species specialized specimen selections are very extensive and diverse!

Making medications merciful, therapeutic artworks are now offered for your betterment and not detriment. Clinical chemical concoctions can be made into Blessness instead of degenerative sickness. Your pharmaceutical prescription pills, may make you feel ill, and cause more ailments. Defeat your intentions!

purpleflower.gifHowsoever, Spiritiously strengthening, setting serenity’s sovereignty soulfully, is like a time clock ticking intone, in tune and in touch with your tender tissues. Melanin membranes, increasing immunity’s system = sovereign systream. This is a scientific source and artistic approach. A positive-proton process that ALLOWS, permits powerful potions prescribed, to truly treat a medical condition, in ways that serves spiritual solutions and intended salvations!

SoulTrix SpiriTrix_color neg image

GUILTTLESS GIRLS – SHAMELESS SMILES: Letting bygones be past differences done with and over. Humanity hatred happily holistically healed. Healthy humans holding no grudges, no animosities, hostilities against one another. Free at last!

SoulSpirit_T-shirt_back female model

YES: this message is sent directly to those textile businesses, digital photo printing companies, who are armed, fully equipped with the advancing computerized technologies. Those positive productive material manufacturers, fabric fashion foundations, who will wisely want wealth, woven into the very fibers, fabrics of various canvases, cloths, and for multiple purposes, producing potent profit possibilities = pure 100%+$$$

Trustributions = contributions + “ontributions”; are your valuable vested visions, invested interests. Trustworthy transparency. Yes, your’re an Artheist investor!

Y’all can clearly tell the truest talented tree, by the fresh fruit financially fund foundation, upon which it grassroots grows, giving gifts of grace, bearing better benefit bestowed blessings.

Simply just visit my mastermind mental models at:

http://artistchd.yolasite.com, and also, my main Web site: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com. + https://love1sex2romance3.wordpress.com and http://portraitartistchd.wordpress.com +

color_kingdom_business032.jpgPlease patiently read the entire posted True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Thus to get a clear, concise conception and complete comprehension of precisely what I’m talking all about. After which then, you’ll be able to artfully apprehend authentically anointed artworks, originated-created-generated, by The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian.


NO No no: She can’t get pregnant doing the Butt. Sexy prancing and dancing, fanaticizing and romanticizing. It’s a native-natural custom, tradition of indigenous Indian inhabitants all around our whole wide world, with women shaking their hips, babes beauteous booty butt bodies = balancing biology.

Romanceate: = Romanceation + Romanceating, = Romanceator x Romanceational, Romanceationalist. Equals = eating excellence, essential essences. Romanticizing combined compatibly with fantasizing!

Interior decorating rooms, baths, hallways, stairways, with Romantic fabric feelings. To Love Thy Self Sensations Spirit Sublime. Spiritualized stimulations. Romanceating your living environment, artfully aerated atmosphere around your house – apartment – condo. These composed-combined computerized cosmic color creations causes conscious changes, correcting currencies, and cleanses conditions. Can cure cancerous, corrosive corruptions.

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifSpiritrition vs. Nutrition; Spiritritionist vs. Nutritionist!! Spiritician vs. Dietician!! Spiritual Science = Spiritious Scientist, saving soulmates + serving solar sexus soulfood divine dietary dinner dish delights.

Holywood frames vs. Hollywood frames: perfect pixels picture frames for your digitized designs, authentic anointed artworks




 anima l ove heart cartoon 3color_kingdom_business100.jpg

Contribute cleansed cultured capital cash currency at my main Web site.  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com. and or http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

Trustributions = contributions + “ontributions”; are your valuable vested visions, invested interests. Trustworthy transparency.

Yes, educating ourselves how to be truthful. And know that your honesty and personal integrity, is exactly what our original objectives are.  A fair and equal opportunity to do the rightesous things, in a trustworthy + transparent truthful manner. Respectfully, ask for your full size digital file JPG, by E-mail message, which is larger than life, and you shall surely receive it, or them as a collection. Monetary Donations is the name of this game called CAPITAL CASH CURRENCY = $$$ Let us talk about it_OK?

BE AWARE: The these talented artworks are increasing in values, even while still in the surreptitious midst, of a dying-deflating dollar bill = USA. anima-spiral-colork.gifButt by your wiser investment within COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; it’s like storing your hard earned money, in a sacred safety security vault. Yes, safe keepings. Incubated, as your financial funds be born better beneficially blessed. Born again, resurrected, raised realistically, resourceful rare rich royalties = 100%+$$$

Unfortunately, any societal system that enslaved others, in any shape – fashion or form, is also subject to sinister satanic sickness self-suicidal syndromes. Yes servants of SATAN. Sooner than later, those countries, nations fatally falls from financial fortunes, suffering serious sociopath sensations. Expressly, the USA + Europe, that sold slaves, and bought captive prisoners producing profits. This artfully applies to historical hate humanity and these present political policy practices. And there’s no escaping capitalist crashes, cash crunches, chaotic collisions, criminal confusion, combustible civic conflicts.

Low level vibration frequencies, evil enemy energy entities, wicked wavelengths; too slow circulatory currents, causing suicidal sociopath sickness syndromes. Homicidal hate anger as antagonist adversarial alien agents. Mindless murders and meaningless massacres!

Although Ancient Africa’s Africoidian ancestries and anointed artistries, alleviates avenging actualities. Redirects this ugly emotionalized energy evils, alone a safe-secure positive pathway, inverting the negative charged currencies. A sort of rewiring the mindset!


TalenTrixz - ArtisTrixz._color

Seeking Search Soulmates: CollectIion of  celebrity’s names, make a long listing. Fine fit feminine fames of color cosmetic complexions: Lightxz & Darkxz!! Skin shades, tissue tones, tans, tints. Athletes, entertainers, corporate execs, enterprising entrepreneurs. Fashion models,

1. Lynn Whitfield, 2. Her daughter Grace Gibson, 3. Halle Berry 4. Rosario Dawson, 5. Beyonce, 6. Tara Banks, 7. Vivica A. Foxx, Janet Jackson, Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Cree Summer, Sophie Okenedo, Naomi Harris, Regina King, Raven-Symone, Thandie, Newton, Cabrielle Union,

anima butterfly_2Sanaa Lathan, Pam Grier, Nia Long, Jill Marie Jones actress, Aissa Maiga actress-France, Lela Rochon, Ta,ara Timoe. Tais Araujo, Ildi Silva, Angell Conwell, Kenya Moore, Lucy Ramos, Kerry Washington, Sharon Leal, YaYa Da Costa, Lisa Bonet, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Vilayna Lasalle is an American model. Naomi Campbell (1970- ) was a British supermodel of the 1990s. Bria Myles

Adriana Bombom (1974- ) is a Brazilian dancer, Lizz Robbins (1974- ) is an American hip hop model. Toccara Jones (1981- ) is an American model and television person, Garcelle Beauvais, Lucy Ramos (1982- ) is a Brazilian television actress,

Tyra Banks (1973- ) was one of the top black supermodels of the 1990s, Yasmin Warsame, …moe to come soon >>>

CKNWCA’S models may be tall – medium or short slim soul sisters. Valued equably, as long as they stay shapely. Runway walkers + fin fit feminine female financial flirts, fragrant flower fashioners gift girls, younger or older; mature + immature!!. Age alone doesn’t quantify. Thus to truly qualify, is to be criteria is clean cultured cuties = Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes, bio-balance!!

TalenTrixz - ArtisTrixz._color neg image

All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s: AmeriAfrindians, Afrindians, Aftro-Latinos, Afri-Filipinas, Afriasitic – Afrasians, Afro-Mexicans, Afri-Brazilians; African Americans, Africoidians, so forth and so on. Afri-Asiatic-Anlos or AfriAsiatiCaucasians. The one drop rule counts!.

Clinically it’s the extra fat cells that disfigures the human body. If in fact a female wasn’t born with a thick bone structure, heavy set, then she should never let herself go, start slowly or suddenly spreading, becoming plumb, getting to be a flabby fat-so! Let it drop dead, obesity be-gone and loose it!

YES; My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models: They are the whole wide world web’s; MAJOR MAJORITY vs  Minor-Minority!!

Their names, identifies, titles, labels, brands….all Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Ascendant Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, Africans in America.

TALENTEAM: = True teamwork + network + artwork The TalenTrixz. Innovative, industrious individuals invited, inside COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts,; An Arthiest Actuary. A sovereign solar sexus soul, sanctuary.

YES: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/indexv1.html


Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes

SHEXZ & HERTXZ: who learn lessons how To Love Thy Self + ‘To Know Thy Self. Accepting actuality that they are of our optimized Occupyneers originating organic organism. Multi-Melaninated member membranes, My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! Models/ Mercy Merchant Money Making Means, Methods, Militarized Material Manufacturing Mechanisms. Many Multiples z More Mixed Meanings = Molded and modeled, material Matter manifestations, memberships mingling, mating, marrying mindsets modes.

Clarified crystal clear, HueMainity are all arrived Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Africoidians Rayzial reality of fact! http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz

DARKXZ & LIGHTXZ RAYZIAL Realities, righteously rendered. Radiant rays realized, resources, rare rich royalties. They are not necessarily; Black nor White, persons, politicized people of our public planetary population.

 your front design

THE HUEMAINRAYZ vs. “RACE”: Reversing racist radical renegade rouge Reptilian Religions!

Small Solar Sexus Soul sisters, saleswomen so sophisticated, sowing seeds, selling sure success. Seriously, serving Spirit Source Sciessence System’s Sovereign Systream. Yes, it’s a Spiritious Science!

anim money_fliesThey no longer have to suck up to some senseless male, nor got to put up with his mal-male mentality, to get a job, paid salary, employment, acting and or modeling career. He has no controls over her decision making mind. Especially egoistic Anglo-American men, commonly called Caucasian Caucasoid, “White Males”! Hell No!

BUTT, believe my telling y’all that the bad ones are actually; wicked witchcratf WhiTies; whip Crackers – poppers, bossy and blatantly bitchy. As opposed to the old-school of thought, wrongly criminalizing Z-Whitexz &  Z-Pinkxz pigmented persons. We’s & Us’s have gone passed prejudice politics, “post racism”_eh?!. How about beyond stereotyped – self-subjectivity?

Saleslady: She do not need his approval, acceptance, recording studios, movie cameras, acting stages, whatsoever, when, Fine Fit Feminine Females, has their own. Better bestowed benefits, blessed businesses = $$$

This tactical Team-TalenTrix: nt, will wisely work To-Get-Her holistically healed, healthy and happy. Thus to compel current climatic changes, causing the sexual exploitation, expedient egoism, to Stop-Point-Blank-Period.

Y’all know like, ya got to go to bed and sleep with me, before I give you a starring role, sing a contract to pay you so much money. Yes, these low down dirty dogs, black or white, insist she sells sex, sacrifice sacred self, instead of sexy appealing apparels. Intimidating young girls, ladies, women, just to try and be the best bargained big business bad “Black” bitchcraft.

anima DollarAlcoholism and drug addictions, pain pills, tranquilizers, anti-depressants are over consumed. Deep down depression, oppression – repression, often culminating into suicides! Ending with self inflicted punitive penalty of death!

Soul Sister Savior, Spiritious Server shall surely save sovereign solar sexus souls of SOULMATES. This is the real world, and of wealthier wisdom, wishing well with womanhood’s wits.

One never can be bigger than life itself. No matter how my college career degrees that have, how much money made, income, allocates – awards received, adulation or flattery. None of these worldly things can successfully satisfy your deeper inner needs, to be truly loved and Spiritually Married: Love1Sex2Romance3.

The make believe, staged world of actresses, eventually ends. Then the ballroom party people are gone, the lights are turn down dim, or off. She finds herself, at home all alone, in solitude. With nobody to comfort, caress, care for her, in a way that works, fulfills her needs, wants, desires. Yes, it may be frightening!?

Over the many years of acting on stage, in front of live cameras, making public appearances, appealing to popular persons, promoters, pimp pushers, prostituting proposition to produce positive profits. And have accumulated – acquire enough money to purchase or buy extravagant mansion home, exclusive real-estate prosperity, and a high-class lifestyle to go with it all. Butt, believe my informing y’all, that this is never going to be enough!

Howsoever, one finds themselves having to keep on coming back out on stage, Hollywood acting accents, or end up down and out with nothing. Loose leisurely living, become stressed, pressured to please “White Male” movie producers. While they go after more meat of the offspring oncoming, young tender fresh females. Even the teenage daughters of older actresses, are preyed upon by pirate predators, pimp prostitute pushing producers! Sexually demonic, devious Directors!

Therefore, as a counter-combative competitor, you are to use your expert-experience, expertise, to help set these youthful girls free, at last unto the perfect law of liberty. Artfully apply your business savvy, sexy sophistication, organizational skills acquired, college education.

Specifically – Strictly speaking: anima l ove heartsThe indecent Euro-Anglo + African American  males, tries to degrade, dirty down these Africaness womenfolk. Pervert their truest virtues, lock them up with a baby, so that nobody else will want her. Stopping somewhere short of sexually raping the naïve, gullible ladies of cosmetic color complexions. He’ll act like the perfect gentlemen, to my her think he’s better than an African American man. Spoil an ruin and poison her mind, against her own kind, RAZIAL group!

BEWARE: Crazed Caucasian Caucasoidian capitalists, colonialist criminals: Creating civic conflicts, concocting conscious confusions, causing a serious identity crisis, loss of self-sufficiency, self-worth, self-esteem. Also, watch out for those thugs talking about “all Black” Supremacy vs “White Supremacy”!! Negative Negroidians – Negroes; trying to choose somebody’s mate based on what they were wrongly taught, as a “RACE”!

They both build barriers, beaver blockades, between human beings, attempting to restrict full flowing freedoms of Artistic Expression.

So that she can’t choose between her Africa’s ancestry and imposed or wilful… European bio-blood line; family side. This equals = psychological problems, combustible chaos!

Howsoever, there are very rare exceptions to this terrorist thug, psychopath personality. Those who I see as being Decent Good Great White Hope Abolitionist minded men, 10% to 12%, who will wish women well, wisely with womanhood’s witty wealthy wisdom! (WhitTies are antagonist adversaries and alien agents!)

Once she gets a reputation of sleeping around with, dating prominent producers who’re non-African; no one in their right melaninated minds will want to truly love her. Form sincere relationships with a loose goose girl, gambling against the odds of fate, foolishly falling for fame and fortune, by having sexual intercourse with wicked witchcrafts!

The punitive penalty can be loneliness, later on in her life, after retiring from Hollywood’s staged sets. Next now what’s left? Is it moral virtues? Or shame and disgrace?


MelaNeTrix_ color

We’s & Us’s are not going to be play that bogus, “Black Business” bogus bragging, blatantly bad bastardized black bitchcrafts.

Now that I’ve given yawls, the low-rate on Pinkish & Whitish skinned males, let me make myself, absolutely crystal clear, this artfully applied to so said Brownish & Blackish male too! They can’t be totally testosterone trusted!

your front design

Many robberies, rapes have happen due to their thug terrorism, soulless slum slop. Self-serving, self-subjecting, selfish shysters, slyly slick scum, stealthy snake serpent Satanists. Alone with the sick Supremacy Superiority Sociopath!

MelaNeTrix_color neg image

Collectively they have messed up many melanin members, soulful sisters living inside the neighborhoods, inner-city urban dwellers, alleged-assumed “Black community”! Turning them into ‘hood rats’; hoochie coochie mammas, “hoes” – harlot-whores and backstabbing backbiting bickering bitches! Colorful and expressive_eh?


This blog shows portrait pictures, and the Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, divinely decreed displays. To be photo-printed on fabrics, textile materials, manufactures mental models. http://portraitartistchd.wordpress.com/



EcoEnergystics = ecologies + economies + economics, exercised – executed energy entities, exclusive efforts, existing emotions, expert efficiencies + essential elements.

EXPERTLY EXECUTED ECONERGYSTICS: Expanding on what a minority means, what’s meant by being a majority vs. a minority? Now next, here’s our optimized objective options: Wexz & Usxz are a Major-Majority + Minor-Minority; well within the general overall whole of America’s United States Statutes. Or simply said the USA.
Exceptionally ENTITLED, to the economical energies, of input, hard earned tax monies, income dollars inside the Federal & States Governances. This inputting, deserves and demands more meaningful money being returned to our personal purses, pocket books, bill folders, bank accounts. This equals = Affirmed Arthiest Actionary Accredited Accounts. And also as accelling, ascending Africoidian Artheist Actionaries!

Artists have contributed cultural cleansing, curing causes, consciously correcting corrupt capitalist corporatist, colonialist cancers, contagious criminalities, combustible civic conflicts, caustic corrosions of civilized capital cash currency = conditional climatic charged changes!

Artworks are done, did indeed do, and still is doing good things today. And also artfully arrived; right now.

Financed Fortunately: These American citizens has been overlooked, literally deprived-depraved, of their rightful Governmental assistance, aid, financial funding foundations. Our one and only true “Founding Fathers” are parental guardians, mothers and fathers, who were never historical hatemongers, nor are presently psychopath, sociopath slave masters, racists, fascists, sexists, Satanists!

Neither do We’s & Us’s have a U.S. CONSTITUTION as citizens. Seeing how it was criminally concocted by capitalist-colonialist Caucasian Caucasoid, “White Males”!
Imposed through forced slavery, cruel Christianized criminality, Catholic crazy citizens commonly called ‘Crackers’ popping the wicked witchcraft WhiTie whips!
Therefore, let’s start all over from scratch, the grassroots ground gifted growths, on a level playing field and bravely bold Battleground of Calvary!
skirt-JT-1The monetary financial funds already, put into this System, are those in which we want back out of the sinister System. They belonging to us as original owners. Not necessarily reparations, butt better beneficially born bestowed blessed by being: Righteous Restitutions = $$$

Inclusively, land, real-estate properties, farms, ranches, livestock, agriculture -horticulture homelands + homesteads.

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Melaninated Member Major-Minor; Majority-Minority Monetary Mandate! Those who wantonly, willingly wish to label, brand, or call themselves: “all Black”; “Black Business”; presumptuously, “Black Power”; “Black Liberators”; black this that or the other, are on their own, fine and dandy, so be it!

Moreoever, this also artfully applies to those Caucasoid Caucasians, calling themselves “White Supremacists”; “White Power”; and or using the religious politicized prejudices, pushing, preaching the “Race” word “White” person, people, man or woman, boy or girl, female or male, are absolutely out of the question too!

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Over the many years of modern American history, these ethnicities, racial groups, have had their hay days, glorious times of getting out huge sums of tax dollars, financed funding from the U.S. Federal Treasury. And has refused to put more money, savings, tax dollars back into said System. So then, they are receiving a bankrupting bill; Mandate of money owed, as indentured servants, subjected debt slaves! Valueless VICTIMS!!!

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“Introduction to Digital Fabric Printing”  http://fashion-incubator.com/archive/introduction-to-digital-fabric-printing/

 “What Is It & Why Do I Need Digital Textile Printing?” http://digifab.com/fabrics/dig_tex_prn.htm

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An Honorable Salute Soulute!http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/AN+HONORABLE+SALUTE!

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COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Healthfully Healing Holistory’s HueMainity = HueMainKind + HueMainRight + HueMainLaw!!! View large size artwork, portrait pictures. Website Address: charlesdavis.talkspot.com

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Love1Sex2Romanc3 ….Wealthy Womanhood Witty Wisdom Worship = Spirituality+Sexuality+Sensuality = Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes bio-balance!! pt2


http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/Love1+Sex2+Romance3 MP3 Free

AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD Avatar Avenger, Ascendant Africoid Africa’s Ancestry + Anointed-Appointed = Authentically Authorized Artistry + Albinoriginals = ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts = Love Peace & Harmony Happy Healthy Healed, Holistic HueMainKind!


TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3

Holistory Heritage Health Hotep + Heroes Help Heal Hue-Mainity + Happy Hue-more Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Model Mandates! HueMainKind+Right+Law pt1

This blog shows portrait pictures, and the Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, divinely decreed displays. To be photo-printed on fabrics, textile materials, manufactures mental models. http://portraitartistchd.wordpress.com/

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