Ms Madame Matriarch MAAT!!! 

 YES FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: As AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, artfully removes the negative stigmas. Replacing, restoring, reinstating their positive values.  A naturalized physical reality that was meant to be appealing, attractive. Especially intended by Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth to be: all of this and losts more meaningful fun. Sexual+Sensual+Spiritual!!!

Energizing-Exciting-Excelling Excellence: Ascending actualized accelerants = Ancient Ancestral Africa’s authorized authentic aesthetic artists!!! Of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge, current cultural ColorComplexTrix + MultiplexRacialBody: black-brown-red, tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented persuns = people’s populations of our GlobalWorldNatons!!! = mp3



YES: REAL LIVE VISUAL VITALITY: “Vision therapy, also known as visual training, vision training, or visual therapy, is a broad group of techniques aimed at correcting and improving binocular, oculomotor, visual processing, and perceptual disorders.”

True Talent Testing + Therapeutic Training: Effectively and proficiently improving the visualized realities in locomotion. As an artful form of sight seeing sensory perception of extraordinary sensation signing. When consciously and unconsciously looking at these specific-specialized digitalized designs, that are still lifeless; butt are also animations. The hooking up connections between mind and material matter, the bright brilliant brain and it’s circulatory–cardiovascular + neurological systems.

watermarked and copyright 2018

Digital Design Direct Link: https://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2579397

My Master Messiah Musical: https://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2580917 = mp3

The Talented Theme Tune & Soulful Spiritual Song: Mp3 Kiwi6


Play List: 

View Vimeo Video: https://vimeo.com/299049513

ANOINTED-1This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1https://art-anointed-1.blogspot.com/



Colorful Light Particles + Spectacles of Synchronization + Sensory Synthesis: Tuning the internalized network or artwork which are in fact living organs. Play performers and actors; breathing and blowing, beating and banging, tapping and thumping, emotionalized impulses of thought and pulsating percussions. And all are activated to be instruments of sensory sounds via Love Sensations Spirit Sublime.


STIMULATING SENSES: Taking total talents into consideration as a wholesome-holistic healing. Thus incorporating or adding some silly cartoon characters to the complex composition, colorized compost pile of pleasing presentations. Summing up the complete gamut into synthesized symphonic surround sounds.

Plus perceived visual sight seeing of objects and articles moving back and forth, up and down, training the eyes as they automatically shifts, to keep up with and follow faithfully along. And the attractive girls-females-ladies beauteous bodies and booty butts are butterfly baits. Solar Sexus SoulFood for fresh feminine fragrances, to tantalize and titillate talented thoughts.

HAPPIY + JOYOUSLY: As y’all sweet smelling flowers frequently visit and view my meaningful motions in memory, also remember that the art specimens specifically sends sensory seed messages planted subliminally. Stay in physically fit feminine shape and artfully formed.

Automated + Animated: And this is how healing happens profoundly deep down in depth, in a spiritualized, colorized, solarized location. Subterranean ConScience regions. Beyond what is called subconscious; butt below it to the base-bottom’s Center Carbon Core!!!

 FINANCE Herself Monetary Values via Artwork Sales: This means her being a sort of sales representative of Fine Fit Feminine Female Fashions. To build her famed financial fortune fortress; of Rare Rich Royal specimens, adding them to a well organized portfolio and photo-catalog and merchant money making museum. DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS = DISPLAYS + MP3 Musical Musical Metaphysical Mediums.

A beautifully built bridge by which she may cross-over to this safe-secure-sacred side. No longer having to suckup, been over-bow down to men. Nor compelled through circumstances making physical contacts with unwanted or undesired males for making her money =BIG BUCKS =$$$

HEARTILY handling large sums of money, capital gains in pure profits Managing huge amounts of cash currency flows; as if they were literally liberated, thus financially falling down from the heavenly skies freely.

LUCRATIVE: Our Innovative Enterprising pyramid.gifEntrepreneurial Economic Energy Entities: And the original digitized designs in graphic illustrations, are to be printed on elegant fabrics, underwear and outerwear garments. High quality top of the line, at the pinnacle-peak position perched upon Her Precious Perfect Pyramid. PURE PROFIT=$$$

Popularizing & Solarizing & Romanticizing your business plans, of belting planet Mother Earth with our fashion style. This is no superficial fad, nor some passing by trend; Butt, a permanent standard of perfection and satisfaction. Computerized, digitized technically generated creative compositions, real-live traditional fine arts, plus conventional compositions combined with our CyberSpaceAge computer technologies of astronomical advancements. SYMPHONIC SYNTHESIZED ORCHESTRATIONS!!!!

FunkySoulSongSeason = MP3


ANSATA ANKH AESTHETICS: = CKNWCA’S Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes Bio-Balance. In direct associations with elegant, sexy anim-paralyzecolorking.gifsights of fashion styles in pants, jeans, skirts, bathing suits, bikinis, panties, that fit firmly on fine feminine females sassy classy asses.

YES: The Therapeutic, Son of SUNGOD Optical Seeing Eye ‘n The Crystal Clear Blue Skies. A GlobalWorldNatons, REAL-LIVE-VISION + My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!!

FOCUSS + CONCENTRATE + MEDITATE: On the digitized designs, that are animated. Training your two eyes to see such things that never appeared before now being portrayed and presented with perception. Giving y’all a perspective sight of various dimensions that are differently diverse; butt, returns to it original formation, size and shape of UNIFICATION.

THERAPEUTICALLY Treating + Help HEALING + CURING: Imperceptible complications, unseen; although internalized climatic conditions and invisible problems that no other clinical methods have worked well. So back to the fundamental basic elements, broken down into simplified senses of insight. Sequenced in proper firing charges of changing currencies and vibration frequencies. Healthful healing properties positively placed in performance play positions, permanently. Essentially not interchangeable; yet an optical illusion or mental delusion keep the mind alternation as if dizzying and spell binding. And the brain’s equilibrium is destabilized in dynamic bio-balance!!


It’s the visualized locomotion functioning to exercise the eye muscles in a corrective, caring cause of action. Blinking and winking and twilight twinkling; Serves as a problem solving solution! Indubitably: SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVIOR SERVER =+ SPIRIT SCOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM += ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, Heals & Cures The Holistic HueMain “RACE”!!!


EXPLOSIVE ENERGY EXPANSION: A Solar Sexus Soul Super Sonic Star Sun of SUNGOD exploding upon the face of planetary sphere earth energized; through the talented test true patterned pathways of: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

Moving magnificently at artistic astronomical speeds traveling exceedingly fast. Arriving swiftly upon the scene suddenly via The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature!!! Equals = Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship. Non-religious and non-political; butt, blessedly better benefited by being SPIRITIOUS!!!

Blowing Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes Biological Balance,  with a Big Boom:  This is the scientific mystical miracle making magic. As an artistically authentic animated actualization. Reinstating-repairing-reinstalling realities of visual light reflected in their natural organizational order. Finely tuned fiber optics!

TRULY TRUSTWORTHY of WORSHIP: This exercises the eyes irises, lens and pupils = optical eyes. Strengthening the internal nerves, and their electric connections and transitioning neurons. Increasing animation1_hurricank_come_twirls.gifthe focused viewers ability to perceive the prismatic hues of the solar rays of radiant and electrical energies of the Electro-Magnetic Field of the ColorComplexTrix.

However, might I not try to be too technical, and simply say that the best benefit blessings, are incorporated inside the mechanisms, and in correctanimation14.gif currency connecting combinations. Inseparably related links. Equals = everlasting long LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS!!!!

What we are doing is analytically synchronizing the mind’s membranes. Synthesizing senses through what I name to be:Love Sensations Spirit Sublime = MP3.

Yes please politely play and listen to and hear the audio Musical Metaphysical Mediums + view = look straight at the applied artwork animations; expressly perferred: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com  And there’s sanely sound rational reasons for you to discipline your mind to do this talented task. It’s easy!

OK Y’ALL, following focused forwards: The QUARINITY4 fourths tuned times in rhythpyramid.gifmic rhyming beats of a cadence of 1234. Counted numbers in consecutive sequences as strictly stated. These mathematical or arithmetical numbers are paralleled to corresponding musical notes on a chromatic scale. Symbolizing the four sides or dimensions of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid.


Ya have colors = visual + sounds = audio. And the portrayed Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Design; receives only one count, as marching to the healthy healing heart beats of the drummer. Plus = I’m talking about touch tone tapping; thus into the talented ticks of the time clock‘s cadence.

Butt you are to keep practicing the places until perfected, and you are able to keep in step or count without loosing your correct times. Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!! One Two Three Four!!!!

Train the eyes to follow with the Energy Emotons of the moving animated pyramid. Count out loud and also count silently. Thump rhythmically on something while doing these therapeutic timing taps and artistic approaches.

Moreover, these talented techniques are being posted throughout my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. So that one automatically starts to synchronized and syntheszed sound while reading and researching herein.  A decisive advatage that no other Web site Domain offers you. And the full PROOF is in the PRODUCT PYRAMIDS ARTWORK!!

1. Optometric Real-Live-Vision Therapy!

2. Strategic sensory synchronizing-Symphonic Synthesis.

3. The flowers give the thinking mind’s brain the scented sensations of sweet smelling fragrances, impression of pleasing odors similar to perfumes, colognes. Signaling subliminal messages that activate certain chemical and or hormonal generations, productions or the making of them therein, the living human body organism. An actualized cause and effect on physical sensory organ as the nose, eyes and ears.

3a. So then we now have combination compatibility companions. An artistic composition that includes: all of the 5 known senses and adds a Sixth Spiritualized Solar Sexus Soul to this equation or scenario. And it is more akin to instinctive intuition, as none substance and none aromatic energy entity. However; it has imperceptible sounds of ultra-wave length frequencies.

Repairing, and rehabilitation of the eye-brain melanin generating Pineal Gland linking connections. And there is no other guaranteed gifted graphic diagram, digitized design, that has potential possibilities in carefully curing and or help healing eye problems–heart–breathing inconsistencies….; expressly, as Son of SUNGOD‘S MASTER1 Melanin Media, Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!!.



CKNWCA: Illuminates Bright Brilliant Brains, and enhances internal intrinsic elemental factors. And all of the top notch intellectualizing giants who think that they have supremely superior intelligentsia, are not only foul foolish failures; butt bias bigoted born losers!!!

Remember to dutifully NOTE: That I, The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, has diligently divested himself of all religions, first and foremost. By dispelling, denouncing to decreed damnation summoned against, all of these man made, manufactured myths. And this is a prerequisite to restoring, reinstating, reinstalling, repairing one’s inner insights, Crystal Clear Clean Culture Currencies = Climatic Changes!

Yes we are art working simultaneously, from the outside to the inside, and from the inside to the outside. As the twin-dual functions concur. Coincide and correspond with one another cordially, congenially and compatibly. Thus this talented technique is also being artfully applied to the head’s brain, on both hemispheric sides simultaneously or at the very same timing and frequency and vibration rate. Equals = Unification + Spiritual-Sexual-Sensual Synchronization = Symphonic Synthesis.

Multiplex faceted-diverse dimensional, Conglomerate Celestial Constellation ColorComplexTrix. An intricate, delicate, sensitive wiring work of art. All forms and shape are of geometric straight lines linking, locking together. They are pyramids replicating or repeating themselves over again, endlessly and indefinitely = infinity. = INFINITE INTELLECTUAL INTELLIGENCE of the UNIVERSAL MIND’S BRIGHT BRILLIAN BRAIN. Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!


Beauty + Sexy Appeal: If she has it she has it, if ya got it baby ya got it honey-money. And that’s all it is to it, period. AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD gives graciously, his delightful designs that are pleasing in appearance and uplifting spiritually. Having clinical-medicinal healing properties, imbedded within each composition. Plus, the process of color therapy is happening while just looking upon the artwork displays visually.

DELIBERATELY DESIGNED:  So that the matured of age females may also as well as the young girls, appreciate being associated with the attractive beauty of apparels, showing her deeper-inner feelings and emotions. ECONOMICS  = $$$

Surely this presentation is about artistic aestheticism, revealing the underlying primary principles of our Spiritual Renaissance Movement for female self-employment and self-improvement,profitable gains. Cash-Money-Dollars in the multi-millions for you. Thus you buy and own your personal computer systems, digital cameras-camcorders, and equipment to operate independently your customized fashion arts studio.

VIBRATING BUTTERCUP BUTT: Reverberating frequences of feminine female founded fortunes = $$$ 100%+. Exercising expressions of Eco-Electron Entity Energy Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3.

Self-sufficiency, is sex-gender liberation while being sexy. Being a doer of the word of Worthy Worship Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom.

Requiring no physical sensual contacts whatsoever. Absolutely no males CONTROL & DOMINANCE = Period.

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is not a man person being, because it ani-wave-colork.gifis an Economic Energy Entity of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Here to StopPointBlankPeriod sexist and racist discrimination against the female-sex-gender of Mother Earth Nature & Her Heart Healthy Happy Holistic Humanity. Scientifically named Human Race of the Homosapiens sapiens species specific.. Male & Female… GENUS!!


LOVE PEACE HARMONY= ArtistCHD’s Real Live Vision vs Political Religion pt-7 This posted blog page portrays the poetic lyrics to the original theme song sound tracks MP3, instrumental and vocal performance plays. So y’all  listen up closely and enjoy these talented tunes. Because they are more meaningful than just simply being Dr. Feel Good garbage and junk and trash talk or vulgar rap!  Yes, this is my personalized CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & Lapp!!

The symbol portrayed above, also, is intended to contain and retain Spiritualized + Solarized + Colorized; powerful forces of Eco Electron Entity Energies. Coming inside from my positive personalized inputs, implants, focused, concentrated-contemplated and meditated Musical Metaphysical Mediums.

Moreover, this substantive due process of productive progress, is not a simple material matter of thinking or believing, guess work, nor based solely on hope and faith. In factual reality, the Powers of The Ether That Be, is instinctively-intuitively envisioned. Not based on intellect or assumed intelligence; butt, founded upon an Africa’s Africoid, hard Rock Offense + Stone Defense = Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How!!! Period. http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/Love%2BPeace%2B%2526%2BHarmony

Moving an’a grovin’ with the big time buttocks band stand!

Yes, I HAVE seen pervasive Patriarchal societies worldwide, repressing-depressing-oppressing the states of potential Matriarchal systems. Butt, I believe that neither one is to dominate and control the affairs, exclusively, by the other one. It is supposed to be Compatible Compliance to Compassionate Companionship. No more and no less!!

Prancing an-a dancing; While walking ‘n rhythm rhyming romancing; Focused stare enhancing; And no longer looking just by shyly glancing._

BEAUTY BOOTY BUTT BODY BABES Bio Balance: Bouncing buttocks are better benefit blessings, when compared to running off to bloody battles in foreign warfare. In contrast, the bottom boogie woogie butt is a wholesome choice for fine fit feminine females to  make more meaningful money. And absolutely no sexual harrassment, insulting slurs, negative name calling, personal attacks-verbal assaults, idiotic sexist epithets nor silly sarcastic remarks.

Just simply show and tell and no touching the merchandise; pretty please. Enjoy yourselves and have plenty of healthy-happy-healing holistic-humane HUMOR.

These vitalized versions illustrated: Are never XXX Rated; Butt better beneficially blessed buttology +++ INSTATED; Having no personal problems devas deviously debated; With lesbian ladies who have mated; Because the practice is historically dated; Gifted girls graciously golden gated; Royal rich rare rated; And not any longer ill-fated; Thus today right now positively plated; Surely soundly sane sensibly slated; Due to being currently cultured clean created..__

Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance. Two heads of a family house hold, sitting at both heads of the dinner table, two leaders of a tribe, clan, and or marriage relationship.

And furthermore, this revelation is not to put down males or men or boys, not to degrade-discriminate against the male-sex-gender, in which and of which I AM one, Butt to uplift, and raise the conscious-conscience of females who are systemically-systematically silenced by domineering males, insensitive boyfriends, employers-bosses, and self-righteous husbands of utter dislikes of them.

They are nuisances, irritants, annoyances who upsets and disturbs the tranquil quality of humankind life here our earthly planetary sphere. Directly and indirectly the cause of and is responsible for the Unwholesome World’s gross IMBALANCES!!

Therefore truly tested talents depicted righteously before your face, retrieves and returns restoration to biological balance!!


COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is featured on Yahoo’s number one-first page of theanimation16-transition-.gif Search Engine. And it is located at the very top: 1-2-3 changing places on the front page list of about: “100.000.000 results” for that specific name.  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

By the very same token spoken, you may also be whosoever, you want to be. Become whatsoever, you choose to be, within practical applications, reaspyramid.gifonable and rational trains of thoughts. However, let us never intend to be so sane, having no sickness, until we are commoners who fit unjustly inside the closed off box of beliefs, of the gossiping in-crowds, that militates against our best interests.

No, we are not usual; Butt quite unusual until fashionable, we are not regular; Butt uniquely irregular on the well designed delighted  like stylish side of sensibilities. Meaning to be portrayed as being exceptionally extraordinary, intentionally strange, unfamiliar, mod or odd and even purposely weird-freaky and kinky. Surely it remains a magical moonlight mastermind of MYSTERY!


Ya see crystal clear, when ya mean for something to be like it is, then, it is good. And if ya meant for the artwork, body to be “bad ass”; then that’s also wholesome and positively good. And when you deliberately try to be a “bad ass bitch” or wicked witch woman, then, more potent powers to you, fine and dandy. Only accidents are questionably wrong, incorrect, inappropriate as; they say. Butt, what actually do; they, KNOW?!.

SHOW CASE & TELL & SALE MERCY MONEY MAKING MERCHANDISE: Therefore just you give serious thought to his proposition, as proposed for females profit profession. No prostitution of bodily private parts, sexual genitals, in the least which is our clean cultured currency constitution and economic resolution!!

Imagine having these striking digital designs, embroidered, printed, into the stitching of your apparels, garments, silky and cottony fabrics. The back side and front sides of sexy lingerie, slacks-pants-panties so that a female may comfort herself in artistic beauty. No mundane produce lines, or stereotypical attire. Only original creative artwork that has intrinsic meaning, substance and sustenance. More than just simply a bunch of colors, shapes and lines drawn that have insignificant contextual contents of character. Becasue We’s & Us’s are talking about Self-Empowering POWERS!!!

I graciously give y’all the complete allegory-story behind each and every art exhibit. Telling total talented truth, along with man made myths, and mystical miracle making magic. So then, there is no misunderstanding or confusion about what we are expecting to do, give and receive, buy and sell to the public people. Those waiting ‘Per-Suns” and Hue-Mans; who are willing, ready and able to afford our merchandise. And purchase our product lines at the prices we’ve set which is not to be perceived as being cheap or cheaply produced. High end, classy-sassy ass Quality Reproductions cost money expenses. Period.

Let you and I also specialize in explaining our intentions, how so much intelligently applied labor-thought and efforts went into creating, composing and producing the artwork. May we define exactly what we are talking about, slowly; calmly, patiently and articulately in order to be fully understood. Most of all to be completely conprehended. Chaos is not our bag!

Everybody and everything is well placed, clutter when it is required, busy areas as intended, and spacious zones as artistically meant to be. There’s no bones about it, as they say. No doubt that the compositions are orchestrated symphonic, in synthesized lusty Love-Peace & Harmony by Infinite Intelligent Intellectual Intent. Nothing haphazard!

This means that you are to deal with those citizens in societies who’re wealthy in the mind-bodyheartspirit and soul. Because, lackluster impoverished mindsets and or poor mentalities are never cost effective, and require far to much convincing, exertion of valued energy resources, and are many times counter-productive. No material matter how much money they make or have, education, degrees or what have you, they are stubborn, uncooperative, obstinate and not worth our time.

So let us think big, think huge, think large, and think PROSPERITY= $$$ 100%+ Rich-Rare-Royaltie$$$ = Jobs-Careers-Employment= Profit$ = ColorKingdomNWCA,

LETTING GO OF & LEAVING THE “LOW LIFES” BEHIND: Fortunately as you strive and thrive for advancing the upper-scale psychology of Classy Cultured Citizens-contents of contextual character, honoring and respecting their high-resolute quality of lifestyles; then, you yourself become one of them. Eventually growing and developing as Sassy Classy Ass totally talent tested too!

ACCOUNTING+ACCOUNTABLE+ACCOUNTS: This I define to mean my method; methodical artistic approach. A situation where each and everyone has their essential Economic-energy entity. Righteous humans who are individually unique racial-ethnic groups of our Multiplex-Racial_Body of current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red-tan-yellow-pink-white pigmented people, tones-tints-shades of skin. Specifically as aspiring late-bloomers now blossoming BEAUTEOUSLY.


HEALHTY HEART HUMANE HISTORY: This makes obsolete counter-productivity. Thus , voids all null negative numbers; accounting for nothing worthwhile. Deletes sorry lazy people. Refusing to run faster or jog longer; and would rather take the easier way out by slowly-slothfully walking. Dr0pping down their heads and drag assing! Never raising the internal tempo-inferno temperature  of timely steps, ticks, digital dots, bits and bites. Yet the smaller things adds up to be Great & Grand Grains!!

Unwell-ness = unfairness = dependency on death rates, instead of exercising our cardiovascular muscles of medicinal merciful money made meaningful. And where affirmative action government handouts, and lack of proper planning resulted in more unhappiness, obesity, heart failures or arrhythmias. While generating poor health conditions, disunity, division, isolation, segregation, discontent, prejudice and bias behaviors, etc., etc., etc.

Please Pretty Pattern Princesses, politely permit my zydras.gifexplaining precisely what I’m talking about to y’all. Each human body person being, has their permanent placed position in the lifestyles, fashionable designs. Having heart-felt beats and pulsating rhythmic vibration of energies-frequencies and prismatic spectral hues called colors.

And the numbers count no more than the single one, who is an individual; Butt, also is representative of a single racial group of the ani-stetch-colork.gifHumankind Race. Thus no need to contrive to add more persons or individuals to recruit, bring into our fold, based on crude numbers or qu0tas alone. Because it is in reality confirmed-consolidated-condensed, needing not to be affirmed. Thus each energy entity symbolizes the whole, reflect the unique qualities created and evolved attributes of the total sum of ONE.  COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

View Vimeo Video  Love1-Sex2-Romance3_My Movie

Go to page 2 listen to my mp3 located at bottom of blog. For financial free = $$$  After which intelligently invest interest income into the talented theme tune and spiritual soulful symphonic song. Buy Now Today at: LOVESEXROMANCE 1-2-3 My Mastered MP3 Direct Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-855840087/love-sex-romance_mixdown

http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2533801  Divine Decreed Digital Design Direct Link  http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=253383 Decreed Divine Digital Dollar Design = $09  http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2533839 Please Purchase Packaged Performance Plays: Thank Y’all Very Kindly from the Kindhearted Kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.   http:http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com  my main website domain.    http://colorkingdom1nwca2.blogspot.com + 

LOVE1-SEX2-ROMANCE3:=Fine fit figured feminine females, flowery fragrances, fearlessly fighting for full fledged financed-funded freedoms, forthcoming futures, first Familyian-family foundation, flaming fame fiery fortunes = $$$
Spirituality+Sexuality+Sensuality: sequentially said and spoken, sends sublime sensations as subliminal semantics. Similarly said semantra. Our officiating oscillating opulence orchestra. (chakras conducive clairvoyance – channeling creative concepts connecting Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR.  http://cosmiccreator1.blogspot.co










The Kindhearted Kinky KING & QUEEN  OF COLOR KINGDOM  New World Creative Arts  Taste Of New Orleans Jazz Festival via Fiesta San Antonio-Texas 2017

Long-Lasting Leadership Lessons: Learning how to really open up and show some sincere love, in a completely controlled compassionate calm manly manner. Not necessarily needed, to be expressed emotionally in an exciting wild way. Of course, hardcore copulation can compromise a cool calmly copulation, cooperation, corporation, co-creation of a cleanly cultured child. Coming children!



               KING & QUEEN_ Fiesta Flambeau Torch Parade,

           The Beautiful Tourist City of San Antonio, Texas 2017


YES Y’ALL YO: For the most part, these posted portrait pictures of Pretty Princesses + Crowned Queens & Love-Sex-Romance Goddesses; were initiated by themselves. They asserted and asked to take pictures with me; “would you like for us to take a picture together, you and I?” The Kindhearted Kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA

http:http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com = my main website domain. http://colorkingdom1nwca2.blogspot.com


BEAUTEOUS; Biological bodily beings baby born beneficially blessed; Blackskins and Brownskins and Pinkskins.

Butt, by branding bodies “blacks and browns and whites”; dehumanizes them, and in turn politicizes persons. I intentionally use literal language, with the superficial surface skin, specifically stated, strictly spoken, sincerely said. It’s the qualifier and rectifier!! Happily holistically healthfully humanizing humanity-humankind. http://humanity-humankind.blogspot.com 


Davis’ Divine Decreed Design Direct Link:


LOVE1 SEX2 ROMANCE3: Really rules the Global-World-Nations. Let us intelligently invest interest income, into, helping heal humanity in a humane healthy musical manner. This talented theme tune is a spiritual – soul soothing symphonic sounding song sending sexual-sensual sensations. Led by the most powerful emotion of Love. Then mixed with real romance, is what makes the whole wide world, go all around. Y’all go to these posted pages 1-2-3 blog links to learn more and to listen up closely to my mastered mp3. https://wordpress.com/post/love1sex2romance3.wordpress.com

YES Y’ALL: I’ve gotten down off of my high horse and hardheaded habits. Putting porno-prostitutes and whores and strippers down for no good reasons. Overlooking the facts of reality and actuality, that we all make many mindless mistakes!

My taking a long look at the private+ personal past participation promoting promiscuity + prostitution, during the teenager and younger adult lifestyles. In other words I’m no saint myself!

Loosely sleeping all around with various dates and mates; having sexual intercourse, freak f….ing fun for financially free =$$$. Costing me no money to get the honey, butt, it ended not being so funny. I finally got it through my hard head, that they were only using my bio-bodily being, as a lean piece of meat and masculine male muscle!

Lovely looking ladies, literally licking lusting on and at who they wantonly wished to have sex with, and on not just a one night stand, butt, on a long-term basis. Repeated intercourse and interrelationship. Nutcrackers, not simply just “draining the swamp”; butt, to drain my balls of it’s sacred semen sperm!

Gimme all that_C_you got stored and built up, in your_N_s!” ‘J_o_ff in my face, give it to me right now, don’t disappoint me…O’ thank you so much…etc.’

Of course, I could/can become more graphic, howsoever, I hope y’all get/git the main point. So then, after an adult lifetimes of dissipating my manhood’s energy, I suddenly cme to my sound -sane sensibilities and stopped-point-blank-period; practicing promiscuity!

ABSTINENCE: Approx. about 25 years ago back in early 1990’s. Celibacy, came to be not so much of challenge as I had first thought. With ease, no pain and no strain, crazing corpulence. Nor wasting any of my precious time; worrying about anything and anybody, running all around town, screwing whosoever, they could catch or consciously capture!

Although, don’t get/git me wrong, I may/might be as horny as a young teenager, raring to go get some sex, yet stays steadfast, standing straight staunchly strong, until I’m really ready. In timeline!

Love-1 Sex-2 Romance-3: is indeed, a mandatory must. Many mates and mental marriages. Of my own choosing to be or become, Spiritual Wives and Sexy Soulmates!!

Moreover, I’ve made my mind up to acknowledge and accept, any girl of 18 or over, lovable ladies, who has/have honestly and sincerely, Repented -Regretted – Remorsefully. Put her xxx-rated pornographic promiscuous past behind her, and plan to keep on steppin’; doing the right things today. Basically because being reborn in a rebirth requires righteousness, reciprocity and rational reasoning; restricting repressive religious rationales!



CREATIVE EVOLUTION: I’ve personally and privately, evolved creatively. Growing out of other old-outdated – obsolete – obscene – objectionable oratory offenses. Overcoming opponents opposition!


Lustfully love her or leave her all alone, go ahead about his own business and “find somebody else”; to trick and for fun freak f…king around with wickedly and wildly. Womanhood’s womb is worth worldwide wealth worthy of worship, and lots more monetary means, than what one might think or believe. Yet too many under-sale herself, for a few thousand dollars and deficient dividends = deceptive devils and deceitful demons!

Right up front from the git-go, let the other sex partner know, that they’re not the only one; who could/can possibly be truly loved and lusted for physically and personally and privately. Like, my nose is always wide open, to somebody’s sweet smelling sexy scents and savory smells. She’s so hot and in heat!!

I’m a Sex-Godd and She’s a Sex-Goddess, a Love-Goddand a Love-Goddess: a Kindhearted Kinky KING and a Cute Queen. This copulating couple, is/are what makes the whole wide world go all around. And a Lesbian lover can’t do that, in the minutest least, no matter how she says, honey or baby I love you. Good graces, fine and dandy, butt, lusting love don’t stop at that point personally. It is suppose to keep on being free flowing and fluidly forthcoming. Financed Funded Freedom First-Foremost = $$$


Jazz Fest Taste of New Orleans, Brittany Love Rap Artist & AmericAfindian ArtistCHD1. San Antonio, Texas, 2013. Cyber-Jazz-Blues-RapP; HipP & LapP; http://cyber-jazz-blues-rapp.blogspot.co

TO LOVE THY SELF: Is holistic healing human health, Working with witty wisdom worldwide wealth; Lovely looking lady leading left; Really rare rich royal rendered resource rift; Spiritual – sexual – sensual shift; She’s surely safely secured seated stock-shares shelf =$$$___

Sapiens Species Science Specimens Solar Sexus Soul Salvation; Spirit Source Sent Superior Supreme Sublime Sensation; Some savings so simply solemnly said sublimation; Symphonic sounds signalingsynchronization; Sunshine sending synergisticsolarization; Sovereign Sciessence Systreamssuccess summation.__

Self-realization and Self-actualization; Center carbon-copy conceptualization; Conscious conscious cosmic CREATION; Our oneself owned orgasmic origination; Occult-occurring organic organization; Officiator ordained operation;  ORIGINATOR’S opioid oval osculation.__

I’m immersing immense innate inspiration; Intrinsic “Infinite Intelligence illustration; Invoking ImmaculateImagination; Inflaming internal infatuation; Involving indwelling indoctrination.__



The Kindhearted Kinky KING & QUEEN COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts A Taste Of New Orleans Jazz Festival via Fiesta San Antonio-Texas 2016

ADDITIONALLY: As you read my written words wisely with wisdom, the I and me and myself, become you and yourself. Thus this tactful teaching technique tell both of us to learn long lasting leadership lesson, on how to truly love ourselves.

All about how to be internally inspirited, individually inspired inside; No longer dependent upon outside others, obscene objectionable offenders, decide what we want and wish we were within = wealthy. It’s indeed incumbent upon each Ethnic entity, expressing and exercising their Sovereign Sunshine Solar Sexus Souls Salvation; Spirituality – Sexuality – Sensuality . Love-1 Sex-2 Romance-3



YES Y’ALL YO: I can like and lick and love as many, lovely looking ladies as I please. And also worship wealthy womanhood’s womb, willfully – wantonly and wishfully with worldwide witty wisdom.

Likewise, fully free fine fit figured feminine females, regardless of their faithful friends, girlfriends, boyfriends; can choose to let and allow as many manhood males mate with her. Thus too truly love lusting his mates physical person + private presence.


The problems are produced when one individual is in love with another individual, and acting as if they are the only ones. Becoming personally possessive, and attempting at owning their beloved sexual partners. Control f..ing freaks, forthright fussing and foolishly fist fighting fits!

Misunderstandings, molded and manufactured misled and misguided mindsets, of the man made mesmerizing Maze Matrix, vs Mother Maatrix!!= Making many more meaningful mates and Sovereign Sunshine Solar Sexus Soulmates!!!

Instead of trying please one’s sexual slave girls, sex-goddess, by turning her on to other optimized options, The self-serving soulless sex-mate, restricts and represses rational reasoning and rudely respects, and regards ridiculous religious rationales!

Bogus bible based believing, that we should have only one person to share sex satisfaction and our luxurious lustful love with. So she’s staying stuck on stupid, sad and in a slow-sluggish slumbered stagnant state. Sensual-Sexual-Spiritual Satisfaction Surely Suddenly Stops!!!

Lesbian Lovers: Girlfriend, lady, woman, don’t you ever let me catch you cheating on me! You belong solely to me! What you flirting with him for? Who are you talking to on the phone? Who is the “bitch” who keeps calling your cell? Where have you been? Who did you sleep with last night? “I bet you ate her pu_sy out!” Did you? “That bitch jus’ want some d_ck!” “Git your fat ass out of my bed bitch”; “She had to be white!” ‘You flirting with her ain’t professional’! “I know you went to meet your di_c_k sucking bitch in the laundromat”; “Git your hands off of my man’s leg..!”; “That’s my hairy chest…” “What is this long blond hair doing in this (my) bathroom?” “You knew I always come back”; “You can’t have nobody else, until I find me a man…”! ‘Why Is she paying so much more money for one painted pastel portrait?


LOVE-SEX-ROMANCE Musical Mantra; My Master MindMelanin Messiah Melaninatra; Osculating occult-occurring orchestra; Exciting electromagnetic energies extra; Creative circuitry-chemistry chakra._

In other plain-o-simplified words; when we repeat these true-talented, combination of energy emotions, expressions, equals = enhanced energetic essential essences; = excelled EcoEnergystics-1.

They collectively bonds, blends better bestowed benefit blessings = booties – bounties = $$$


The Kindhearted Kinky KING & QUEEN OF COLOR  KINGDOM  New World Creative Arts A Taste Of New Orleans Jazz Festival via Fiesta San Antonio-Texas 2017

Vibration frequencies fast forwards; Courageously counter combats cowards;  By blocking bogus bible based beliefs broadcast backwards; Always anointed artworks and actual awards.__


“Chakras: Tools for Developing Self-Awareness; Each of us has an energetic field that encases our body and internal organs. This energy, called bioenergy or chi, is responsible for life as it fulfils our need for subtle energy. The vortexes existing in this energetic field are called chakras. The chakras act as points of connection between our physical and non-physical (astral, extraphysical) bodies, enabling energies to flow from one of these vehicles of manifestation to the other. They are the means by which we absorb energy from and externalise energy to the environment, and exchange energy with others; therefore, they form the core system through which we sustain our energy levels, vitality and health.” http://www.iacworld.org/chakras-tools-for-developing-self-awareness/?gclid=Cj0KEQjwn_3GBRDc8rCnup-1x8wBEiQAdw3OAT2-USi7ppm16JtsWrTZ-J0N4tH0ElgNAHZXEAzrl5MaAv6B8P8HAQ



Would you be willing to give it a try?; Download the digital designs and now bravely buy; We’re working with wealth is the reason why; I ask you honestly and tell you no lie.__
Can you right now today make your conscious choice?; Call and contact me so I could hear your vivid vitalizing vibratingvoice; You don’t have to own or ride in a Rolls Royce, May we both enjoy economic exchanges and always rejoice.__

San Antonio 2012, Fiesta Jazz Festival Taste of New       Orleans…Queen & Kindhearted Kinky KING Of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:      http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com 


    “It Is More Blessed To Give, Than It Is To Receive.”

Parenthood Purposely Planned: Plus+Perfectly Prepared Pregnancies. Positively producing progeny + providential prodigy.

Surely she shall submit-subserviently: So that I as a mature masculine male/manhood, can perform; with wealthy womanhood-womb-witty wishing well within. Requiring her complete cooperation as a mandatory must.

Besides, by the way, I don’t personally care in the minutest least, what others think or believe about me. Or else, I wouldn’t be writing these words then posting them online and World Wide Web.       

YES YAWLS YO: It’s all about tying together:  LOVE1SEX2 ROMANCE3 as CHRIYST-LIKELYENS vs CHRISTIANS!!= Love Peace & Harmony, among all Humanoid-ians. Thus To Love Thy Self. Our originating wholehearted humanity, honoring and paying homage to healthy holistic humankind. Bombarding – blocks – branding – banning, baring nobody!

http://humanity-humankind.blogspot.com +  http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

Everybody’s existing Ethnic entity, equals= individual members and branches – limbs and leaves, of the same Sapiens Species Science Specimens. Gathered together in bunches and bundles all bonded and blended as biological bodily beings-bones and bloodlines. Better beneficially bestowed baby born blessed birthrights.

UniverseManDeity | Other Files | Arts and Crafts


         Direct Link http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=965972

Compacted and completely composed cosmetic coloration complexions. Comprehensively comprising COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. And artificial appearing attributes and added allegories. Superficial surface skin shades – sunshine sheen. Beauteous Blackskins + Brownskins + Pinkskins – “Redskins”  radiance realities, resounding – reverberating – resonating- revealing; RA-RAYZ(S) vs “RACES”!!





As it is wisely well written with witty wisdom: I’m “endeavoring to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.” “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.” “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function,” “For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office:” “And we are members of his body.” “For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.”

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” “From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.”


Such stupidly stuck and stunted immature grownups, parents purposely playing prejudicial party politics, along with the “black race” and “white race” religious rationales, are robbing and raping the royal richness of resounding – reverberating RA-RAYZ (S). http://save-souls-artistchd.blogspot.com/

LOVE1-SEX2-ROMANCE3: I am after affectionate affairs, that are truly spiritual – sexual – sensual. Lustfully liking and loving lead ladies who’re also lovable. In fact, nobody other than I, pays any of my bills, rent and buy my food to eat. So they have absolutely no influence nor controls over any of my decisions and; sexy selective choices of Soulmates!

Therefore, I’m inviting interested individuals into CK-NWCA today 2017. The Davis Divine Decreed Diet, delivers and demands respect. And I have some very specific and strict subjects of sustenance, to talk all about. In her personal + private preparation for proper parenthood. Lets start off right here, her hygienic habits and holistic human health. In operational order of optimal occult-occurrences, she shall surely stop spraying deodorants on her bio-bodily being. Or rubbing various types of body lotions – creams = commercialized chemical concoctions, upon her superficial surface skin.

NATURE’S Natural sweat glands are to remain open for atomic-atmospheric aeration and actions. Instead of being blocked and bombarded by bad beliefs. Cosmic creative chemistry and concurrently charged circuitry, is to constantly circulate and cycle. Her sweaty smell and savory scent sends sexual – sensual – spiritual signals, and Sublime Sensations; that are supremely superior superpower statuses!




San Antonio 2012, Fiesta Jazz Festival Taste of New Orleans…Queen & Kindhearted Kinky KING Of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com 

“No money no honey”=$$$. “Where’s the beef?”; The big banking bucks – booties – bounties = $$$? Ya see she and or he has no powerful potentials to produce prolific profits =$$$. And he all alone, likes locking girls up with babies he can’t even expense to afford. She’s still severely suffering shortcomings, and spiritually and soulfully sickened!

YOU: Never on your dearly loved life, nor no longer let love ones, friends – family members stand in your way. No matter what they may/might say, you dare to go for forthcoming futures – financed – funded fortunes = $$$

Courageously Contact and Communicate with me, look me up, I’m not very hard to find, “it’s easy like Sunday morning”. Email my box at: charles4586@sbcglobal.net. Lets talk all about it! I am ArtistCHD1 via COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com.

Yes Y’all Yo: Love listening to the talented theme tunes,COLORKINGDOM NWCA_mp3 at:







FAMILYIANS: First fine fit figured frameworks, feminine females, financed-funded family foundation. Foremost fetish-freakish futures, fast forwarding fiery fame flaming fortunes = $$$ http://familyians-family-friends.blogspot.com/

WE’S ARE FAMILYIANS: The Human Family = holistic healthy humanity and homeland humankind. All around America and Africa and Asia and Australia. Of our optical orbiting Global-World-Nations. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZaaE…


Jazz Taste of New Orleans 2013 San Antonio, Texas + Love Lady and AmerAfrindian ArtistCHD1  http://musicianchd.wordpress.com 

We Are Familyians: Younger and Older females who want and wish to have kids. Desires dropping a few new born babies to be blessedly bloodlines born inside, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; Biologically by and through the Kindhearted Kinky KING.

http:http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com = my main website domain. http://colorkingdom1nwca2.blogspot.com +

   animated%20money%20bag1.gifanima%20dollar_3.gifPayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!ani%20money1.gif

YES Y’ALL YO: Let We’s & Us’s bravely and boldly build a freedom family; that is fully funded and financed from wellness within. Self-employed and independent individuals. No longer foolishly and faithfully following faked and falsified family foundations of an alleged and assumed “American dream”. Delivering direly dreadful disappointments!

                      anima%20earth_2.gif      anima%20flying%20bird.gif          anima%20flower4.gif


       A Taste of New Orleans Jazz Fest, San Antonio, Texas 2014.                                                    Queen of Soul.

Now next needed notes; This is where lovable Lesbian lead ladies learn long-lasting leadership lessons. And I’m not talking all about those who’re so stuck on themselves, so silly and stupid; soulfully segregated – spiritually-sexually-sensually separated and selfishly seclusive!



Realized rare rich royal ass Sex-Goddess & Love-Goddess; Queen & Princess. Underrated and undervalued and thought to be trailer trash. She simply just happened to be baby born-birthed, in a bad living condition and lowlife area, neighborhood and community. And she similarly sometimes, never knowing her real resourceful richness and renderedrare-raw royalty.

SMILE: Something like Cinderella, cornered by her step-sisters, cousins or whosoever, they were in the fairy-tale story. Assigned to do the dirty jobs, and greasy gritty grimy work and clean out the ashes and cinders from the fireplace. And the less fortunate would say, O ’girl, you ain’t all of that. What makes you think that you’re any better than us? Why, you’re just as much as “white trash” as we are. My little pale pink pretty, Bow down on your two hands and knees, and worship our fat flabby; asinine ashy asses!

No Longer On Your Dearly Love-Life: Allow and let and permit, any of the ugly unruly unfit, misfits mislead and misguide you. Your destiny was divinely decreed and declared deliberated. So act accordingly and claim your; Rare Rich-Royal Crown Of Glory!!!


                Blacksoul-1a | Photos and Images | Digital Art

YES Y’ALL-YO: I have a talented them song sound tracks, vocals and instrumentals, on the way, >>> sometime soon. It’s originating from my beauteous BlackSoul1+Spirit Source Science System’s Systemic Sovereign Sciessence Systreams. So spiritually-sexually-sensually sublime sensations. Saving solar sunshine sexus souls = salvation and saving grace.



San Antonio 2017, Fiesta Jazz Festival Taste of New Orleans…Belly Dancers, Queens & Kindhearted Kinky KING Of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:   http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com 

BLACKSOUL1++: Verily vitalizing vivid vibrations-volumes- verses – values + varying velocity. Yes yawls yo, it’s We’s & Us’s BlackSoul Food to eat and consume. Vitamins and minerals making miracles, magic on a musical meal menu.Making monetized memory-banks, booties, bounties by bright brilliant brains!

My Master Mind Melanin Messiah’s Mental Models, Militarized Missions-Mechanisms – Methods-Modes = Micro-Mega-Meta-Musics-1. MP3 Talented Theme Tune-Spiritual-Sexual-Sensual Song.

I verily value your monetary support; Thank you kindly is my rapport; Righteously and really I to you report; The right hand side is starboard and the left hand side is port?__
I ask you to acquire and accumulate all artistic assets; Posted picturesque presentation purposely planned presets; Having no real remorseful regrets; Necessarily needed nutritional nourishing nets; Placing no bids-bargains by bets; Better benefit banking bucks-booties-butts being blessed besets.__



SEX-GODDESS & LOVE-GODDESS: She’s surely sent to serve me, my Master Mind Melanin Messiah’s Manhood. And as an inspiriting and inspiring influence. So that I as a man, is in fact in spirit and in truth, emotionally excited enough, to copulate – cooperate, and co-create. Inclusively children, clean cultural culinary customs, and curative clinical causes.

She’s SEX-GODDESS & LOVE GODDESS: >>> Sure Enough: __Love ___Goddess,– you—Empress ….Love ___ Goddess—I profess.__She’s a female-woman and a girl, I love Her more than anything else in the world; She’s a pleasing pretty precious pearl, Fragrant flowers forevermore in a whirl.__
BLACKSOUL1++:=Superstar Song Superpower Savior: Superior-Sciessence-Systreams = Supreme Symphonic Spiritual-Soulful sounds. Originality of our One Only Omnipresent ORIGINATOR + Conscious Conscientious Cosmic CREATOR!!!
Yes y’all yo, listen up and pay close attention to the talented theme tune instrumental mp3 OK?
I’m kindly asking you to make a cash contribution; Under the U.S. Dollar’s Federal Constitution; Investment interest income institution; To help me with my digital designs distribution.__
“There’s a psychic attack”: aimed at and adversely against all humanity and healthy humankind. This interferes with relationships, Slows and or suddenly stops the energy emotions of Love1-Sex2-Romance3. And as this occult-occurs; other obscene-objectionable and offensive occurrences occupy our; minds and bio-bodily beings. Bombarding, barricading – bombing, blocking better beneficial blessings! http://humanity-humankind.blogspot.com 
AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1’s anointed artistry and authorized ancient ancestry, acts against all asinine ass aggressors, antagonist adversaries and alien agencies! And advances artistic assets and appreciating affluence = $$$

I’m not talking all about anybody balling; I only want for her hearing me calling; Wealthy women whaling whining and walling; I surely see some simply sprawling; Foolishly failing and financially falling; From the gift of grace grueling and growling; Capital cash currency crucially crawling.__

Personally privately play your performance parts; Anointed artworks placed inside your shopping carts; Safely secured sacred sanctuary sexy starts; Take some of your falling funds and financed farts; For all caring and loving harts; And joinCOLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.__

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Purposefully picked poses; None pornographic lady hoses; Ruby red ripe roses; Smelling sweet to sniffing noses; And I don’t mean what a coughing cold closes; Falling asleep then doses.__I’m not as slow as Moses.__

We we form some simple artful agreements?; A few conscious choice commitments; And caring-concerning communicating comments; Wisely written with inquiring intents; Intelligent incoming information invariably indents; Designing deep digitized dollars dividends-dents; As I innovate intuitively-instinctively invents; Ever evolving economic exchanges excelling events; We’re rewarded richly-royally and righteously repents.__



Direct Link To Divine Decreed Digital Design: 


LOVE SENSATIONS SPIRIT SUBLIME: Surely sent, she senses solitaire songs, singing so spiritually – sexually – sensually. Synergistic subliminal signals sounding symphonic, supreme – sublimely superior.

animaflowers13.gif  Love Sensation Spirit Sublime | Other Files | Arts and Crafts

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Love-1 Sex-2 Romance-3: I’m making true love to her, right now today, musically and mindfully, meaningfully and mentally and monetarily =$$$. Masterfully manifesting Micro-Macro-Mega-Meta-Musics-1= Madam Miss Mother Maatrix-1.

CKNWCA: Additionally, and this is the perfect place to come to be truly loved – liked – licked – lusted – laid. Readily receive revolving romance, reverberating and resounding RA-RAYZ(S) radiance realities. restoring – reinstating – reinstalling – refreshing realized rare rich royalties, revenges rendered raw resources=$$$ https://rare1rich2royalty3.wordpress.com/

Love Sensations Spirit Sublime: Spiritual-sexual-sensual song sending silent signals, subliminal sensations. So solemnly supreme and superior symphonic sounds. Surely soul searching summons; saving sovereign solar sexus souls = safe secure sacred Salvation.

Yes your participation pays off; So never stay alone and aloft; Speak sincerely so soft.__

She’s have/has some safe secure savings; Not just her ranting and ravings; Capital cash currency cravings; Better benefits blessedly behaving; No longer cutting her hairs and shaving; Making more money is magnificently amazing __

She has achieved and accomplished; Rare rich royalties rightly replenished; Lovable lead ladies leisurely lazily languished; Speaking Spanish and English; Do I sound manly mannish; Due to being hungry I famish.__

Profitability Proofed + Probability Proved Profit Purity + Positive Productivity, Personally providing prolific providential prosperity = $$$

Are you prepared for the financial flaps?; Ready to respond to leverage relapse; Of the capital cash currency collapse; Plans to protect yourself perhaps?; Or waiting for time to elapse; Pension funds the government surely saps: While we suffer and take the raps; You and I know it a bunch of criminal craps; Butt let us stop snoozing – sleeping and taking naps.__

Yes y’all, now here’s the basic breakdown and real-deal. I’m starting She-girls and females off at the ten years older ages, after the numbers 0-9, nine years younger ages. Approx. amounting and accounting about 10% to 12%, saved safely and securely. Righteously redeemed and Divine Decreed Delivered and declared deliberated dividends = $$$

           an heartbutt ass-4anima%20butterfly_4.gif

Life is far too short to miss out on the good stuff; Some sexy girls like it rugged and ruff; Beady balls bursting buff; Truly talents thus toughtuff;  Hush her huff and puff; Ding dong dickory delightful duff.__

Now is the time to git/get in on the freaking fun; Under the moonlight and shining solar sun; Raiders – robbers – rapers really run; Dropping their drawers as son of a gun; Stop she stopped acting as a nasty nose Nun; Can you now hear her hissing hum; Bloody bastardized bitchy bum; Is this the correct way to spell “cum”-come?; I found it in the dictionary drum; And I don’t drink whisky-bourbon – vodka – gin and rum.__


                              Mother Earth's Divine Nature | Photos and Images | Digital Art

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Maturity in my Master Mind Melanin Messiah, means molding merry mental models, making monetary means materially manifest. Manufacturing musicals, and mastery marketing my Micro-Macro-Mega-Meta-Musics-! = making more multimillionaires = $$$

She’s submitting subserviently and surrenders; Her so said sex genders; I indeed do remembers; The months of November and December; My Master Mind Melanin Messiah’s member.__

Listen closely to what I am all about; No need to hallow and shout; I’m still a straight shooting strong “stud” and stout; Racing and running in real time route; Beyond any rational reasons to doubt; So do not cry – whine or pout.__

Parents as mothers and fathers, guardians – caretakers – overseers, might/may be able to help guide – council and coach children along their worldwide wealthy waging winning ways, butt, no longer able to completely control children. “We are all sexual beings”; biological bodies baby born blessed birthrights, baring nobody! Having bright brilliant brains!

Pick out the posted pictures you would like loving the best; Then later on come back to view the rest; This is an artworks in positive progress; Producing products is an ongoing process.__

I can see through you too; Why-when-what and who; Those fresh fragrant flowers for femininity flew; Beautifying buttresses and bubs blue; Realistically revealing her heavenly hue; Talented testimony truly told true.__

THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: Thereby, therefore, they’re to be set “Free At Last”; thus to go into their originating ownership operatives, basic beginners business; building and banking big bucks – booties – bounties. They’re truly the talented ones who need to learn, long-lasting leadership lessons!

Could you afford to make a dutiful dollar donation?; And or pay the posted purchase price per product participation; Collecting conceptual co-creations; Of our optimal offerings origination.__

Our offspring kids, progeny-prodigy, as a mandated must, no longer be forced and compelled to comply, to assumed and alleged, adult agendas. Guilty grownups who wantonly wish to repress – suppress – depress, their small school students. Keep them from making more meaningful money = $$$

Buy now today low and sell high tomorrow; Avoiding all of the tears and sorrow; Credit card debts due to those who over borrow; This is a true story and monetary morrow.__

Under The Pretentious Pretext of Legislative Laws: child labor is illegal. Expressly, minors, in its physical form of working for wages on jobs, in the commercial conventional and traditional thought processes. Fine and dandy, so be it!


I’m sending some sublime sensational synergy; Ever evolving esoteric energy; Creating nobody’s evil effigy; Rightly returning the evacuee and refugee._ Back across the deep blue sea; To their country’s teas of thee; No our sweet land of liberty.__

HUMAN-RIGHTS: Howsoever, hate history has held humans helplessly, hijacked hostages. Inside hideous hostile hot-heated Hades hell holes. Now needing holistic humane healing help!

She’s economic exchanges expert entrepreneur; Saving some social security so sure; Passionate pearly pink primacy pleasantly pure; Lilly light loving ladies lusting lure; Co-creating capital cash currency cure.__

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Females has holistic human rights to earn equable economic efficiency. By the way, who’s to say what the spoken and written English word sex mean? Are we talking all about gender, male or female? How about defining sex this wiser wittier way, A better beneficially bestowed-blessed, baby born birthright. Baring nobody’s biological bodily being!

I’ve let go of the indigent impoverished poor; Carrying crystal clear clarity’s center carbon core; Bravely boldly building business that never bore; And I don’t care what somebody says sourly sore; Nor what they think thus treacherously tore; She’s shopping seriously at my online store.__

Verily variably visualizing; Cautiously carefully constructively criticizing; I see sunsets and solar sun sizing; Rare rich royalties rising; Her healing help hypnotizing; My memory mental models mesmerizing; I’m dumping dead-weight drastically downsizing; So sound sane senses so surprising.__

I’m recruiting females younger and older; How can I get/git much more bravely bolder; Pack her upon my back and strong shoulder; Happy humored humane holder.__

What is actual adulthood? Womanhood? Manhood? Human-hood? Neighborhood, childhood? Boyhood? Girlhood? Motherhood? Fatherhood?

Really research and read every ethnic and ethic = economic entry. Starting at ten years old, they are no longer little boys and girls. They’re not sexless, soulless, spiritless!

And additionally, need knowing what is really going on in our world today. Doing away with children being naive and gullible, in the surreptitious guise of innocence. Kids have to be properly prepared to protect themselves, from invidiously immature supposed to be, grownups and adults!

You and I aren’t settling for no more mere mediocrity; Involving investment interest income integrity; We’re into femininity’s fertility; Long lasting lifestyle longevity; Realized relationships relativity; An affectionate arrangement activity; Producing pure profitability; Postponing parenthood possibility; Procreation plus+ prosperity; Providential progeny posterity; Prolific planned prodigyprobability.__

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Worldwide Wealth Warriors: Working with wealthyWomanhood’s Womb, witty wisdom, worthy of worshiping. She doesn’t have to wait until it’s far too late, in which, is a big mistake, missing out on the money to make = $$$

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 Will you daringly come follow me up and above; Expressing the energy emotion of love?; Sex and Romance like a dear darling dove; No need to push somebody and shove.__

ani-dancingrosered.gif     My poems are intended for the upscale classy; She’s spiritual-sexual-sensual sassy; An affluent assets always ascertained assy; Beautiful booty butt body babes bio-brassy.__

I honestly ask you by far; Do you want to become richer that you already are?; How about buying yourself a brand new car; Will you save coins inside of a jelly jar?; Simply subscribe and start being a successful sexy superstar; As we both raise the big banking bucks booty butt bar; Producing pure profits providential par.__


We = you and I: are to keep on stockpiling portrait picture presentations. Our stock shares safe secure savings = $$$.
Storehouse so as to stop- sudden – stock-shocks, surely surfacing someday soon. Courageous children can control; confidential, co-created capital cash currencies countrywide, before – during and after the stock market crash-crisis and collective citizenry collapse into conscious confusions – conscientious chaos, and combustible civic conflicts. All across Americas United States, “Corporation Company” commonly called country! http://capital1cash2currency3.blogspot.com/

Strictly speaking specifying; Fine fit feminine females futures flying; Fame and fortunes flaming and frying; The economy has changed and I’m not lying; Nor am I really relying; On a slave system that is definitely dying; Why publicly protest prying; Secret stooges and snitches spying; Then dutifully denying; Deceptively decrying; Drenched digitized dollars duly drying; I’m telling the total truths truly trying; Better business bargains by buying._



                                       Proof Poem:

Basic big business better blessed buy: Now is the time to not complain and cry; So listen up closely as I tell y’all why; There’s no such sweet pie in the sky; It’s only somebody’s fraud in fact lie: So I tell you the total truths to truly try: And live long and do not early on die; Step up to the purchasing plate and never be shy.__

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 Proof Poem: Basic big business better blessed buy: Now is the time to not complain and cry; So listen up closely as I tell y’all why; There’s no such sweet pie in the sky; It’s only somebody’s fraud in fact lie: So I tell you the total truths to truly try: And live long and do not early on die; Step up to the purchasing plate and never be shy.__

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KIDS: No longer need to be or become dependent upon State & Federal Government programs. Particularly, after school social support systems, sponsored propaganda programming policy practices. WHY?

Come on and join me pretty please?; We’ll make ourselves multimillionaires with economic ease; Avoiding lewd sex contacting contagious disease; Advertising arts appreciatively appease; Talented theme tunes thus to truly tease.__

Gross Governmental Bodies: are crucially-critically cutting down on or off, the financial funding and futures forthright fairly =$$$. Compelling parents to assume accountability and required responsibility, for their own compassionate concerned childcare!

Are you really likely to truly enjoy; Playing around with a silly sex toy; Girlish girl and boyish boy; Easily to economically employ; Jollies jumping jacks jelly jubilant joy; Don’t be ashamed shy and coy; Parts of speech as a poetic ploy; Asinine asses always annoy; Excess extra estrogen inside soy: Is it a little girl or a little boy?; Human hormones sexy ships ahoy.__

  Wisely Wear Whole Wide Wold Wisdom with Love Peace & Harmony_
Proof Poem:

Basic big business better blessed buy: Now is the time to not complain and cry; So listen up closely as I tell y’all why; There’s no such sweet pie in the sky; It’s only somebody’s fraud in fact lie: So I tell you the total truths to truly try: And live long and do not early on die; Step up to the purchasing plate and never be shy.__

Far too many American citizens of the United States, are adversely addicted and affected, by and with, governmental gifts- given grants, affirmative aid and assistance. They’ve allowed atrophy as an asinine ass attitude and bad disposition demonically develop. Satanic syndromes-showing serious assumptions sets in. Succumbed and subdued by severe side effects and acquired adverse affects. Due to thinking that they’ve earned and or deserved these; economic “Entitlements”! http://artistchd1.mymusicstream.com/music


Love Goddess-1 | Photos and Images | Digital Art

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My Truest Love I Found; Wearing a beautiful crown. _DiamonStar ‘N Lovin’Faith; Sex and romance to date andmate.__She came straight to embrace me; I could clearly envision to see._ In a lovely dream so preciously sweet; Her loving arms reached out kindly to meet __ My body-mind-spirit and soul; A holy union so openly bold.__ Her pretty face with a friendly smile; Politely grinning for a little while.__ Saying that everything shall be all right; My deep sleep in the dark of night.__

Feel free to telephone – email and call me money; I’m talking all about happiness – humor and honey; Forthright financed funded friendly and funny; Building big banking bucks bonding bunny; Rare rich royalties rampantly runny; She’s so sexy surely sunny.__

When support systems suddenly stops-point-blank-period, providing freebies…, citizens cry and complain, whimper and whine and woefully weep. They realize being helplessly hooked on a deliberately devised plan and plot + politicized ploy. Purposely poisoning public people’s psychology, perceptions + perspectives. Bogus belief, that somebody owe them something!

I’m stepping up forwards fully flown; Boldly and bravely making my respectful requests known; My gifts of grace are already gainfully grown; The truest talents they’re theme tune thrown; This is the anointed artworks for you to buy and own.__
I shall show no figured faces; And I now know there’s no real “races”; This is all about money green graces; The utmost upper-classy places; Declining the down trodden trailer trash traces; Lowlife’s dirty ditch disgraces; Beyond butt bare back braces; Ladies looped linked locking laces.__
I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD1 AmericAfrindian and Arthiest Actionary. Earnestly exercising full freedom of artistic expression. Bravely and boldly broad-bushing, beauty booty butt bio-body babes bounty = $$$
                                       ChristLikelyen vs Christian =+ The Ancient Ancestry Africa Africoid Authorized Authentic Artistry's Holy Ghost Spirit of Truth Powered Knowledge = Know How by Son of SUNGOD Avenger Ascendant AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD = ChristHorusHeartDivinity = UniverseManDiety via ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts Mother Matriarch Madam Maat.
                    HueMainity1 | Photos and Images | Digital Art
Part 1 Poetic Lyrics: LOVELY LOVE SONG; And laws ofMother Nature’s GODD.__ By which divine royalty entitles Her Majesty; She bestows upon us a great moral felicity; The divinity within the life of all humanity; Masculinity &Femininity; Supreme happiness for the heart and mind’sserenity; Blessed with virtues in purity of morality; Natural talents and gifts of Mother Earth’s UniversManDeity 
Part 2 Poetic Lyrics: A LOVELY LOVE SONG: Laws of Mother Nature’s GODD_ … This real beautiful Lady your Excellency; The G.O.D.D. of Mother Nature’s Divine Supremacy.__ Has unchanging order of pulsating excellence; Composed elements in dynamic equal balance.__ We have strong impulses of thought in complete reliance; Depending on a systematic studied science; Of the laws of Mother Nature’s Earth in perfected compliance.__ Read full poetic lyrics at; 
Perfectly pleasing + passionate performance plays, Pretty pale pink passionflower pussy-willow witty womanhood’s womb, waged with witty wisdom and worldwide wealth, worthy of worship = $$$
I need the juices that comes out of there; Beyond the bushy brush booty bare; Pretty pink pleasing pair; Straight – wavy curly hair; Gifted girls graceful glare; Seeing and looking and like to stare; Feminine
animation1_hurricank_come_twirls.giffemales fleshly fair; Wealthy women whitewashed wear; Delightful darlings duly dare; No need to lie about it and swear; Mix and mingle in the musty misty muddy mare; As much as I can stand and bear.__
“The Power Of Intention”: Means that I intend to stimulate soulmates sexually and sensually and spiritually. Sending subliminal silent signals and symphonic sounds, syntactic – synergistic – synaptic, and psychologically and physiologically. She’s so serenaded sweet and soft spoken self singing song. Supremely superior superpower!
Immediately involving, “Infinite Intelligence” via Immaculate Imagination. Inventive and innovative intervention. Intuitive and instinctive inputs.
The cunt’s clitoris is a small size penis; Human hormones homeyness hydrolysis; Generating great
animated_heart_0002.gif genius genesis; An accurately  ascertained  analysis; Testosterone testing  testicles  thesis; And the male’s penis is a large female’s clitoris._
Concordance cadence chorus;  With Womanhood’s Womb with We and Us; So what is the need to fight and fuss?; Be seated on the front or backbone of the busbuss; Perplexing precious pink pussycat plus. Understanding the useful uterus.___
Deliberately designed and divinely decreed delighted darlings. For fulfillment and satisfaction. Positively producing pleasures, providing prosperity + pure profitability. And I’ll surely explain exactly what I mean shortly.

Lovable ladies labia minora-majora and vitalizingvagina_ You know that tiny feel-good button; Go purpleflower.gifdown into the gutter as a greedy glutton_ Commonly called cherry; Ripe ruby-red raspberry.__

Each side of a male’s both balls; Termed two testicles thralls; Are the same as the females womanly walls; Estrogen essential essences easilyenthralls._Human hormone and testosterone allalone._ Womanhood’s Womb wishing well wantonwishbone.__

Her outer labia lips; Is the same as the skin on his nutty nips; Butt watch her high hips; Gracefully going left and rightly rips; It’s Mother Nature’s wild weather who wisely whips; So submit to serve her sexy ships.

                 RoyalTrixz_colorRoyalTrixz_color neg image

She surely suppose inspire him to amount and account to greatness, genius, get/git really rich. And then in return, someday, remember what she did to help him highly achieve and accomplish accruing affluent. “All I did for you…” She’s solemnly saying, share some of your success back by showing some gratitude and appreciation vs affection. Simply so said, give her some money = $$$

I understand how that the trade; Gutsy gutter gambling girls grade; Are having freaking fun and out to git/get paid; The porno business byproduct of being laid; By the colored card black ace of spade; Butt why a publicized perverted parade; When more money can be easily made; I am advising – admonishing and assisting as an artistic aid.__

I’ve set these things that are talented thoughts up, so that you and I can get ourselves, proficiently paid premium prices. Doing what is rightly required, as a mandatory must, help heal holistic humanity and humankind. http://humanity-humankind.blogspot.com
Note: Y’all don’t forget to keep on reading to Page-2 after Homepage-1.>>>

Her outer labia lips; Is the same as the skin on his nutty nips; Butt watch her high hips; Gracefully going left and rightly rips; It’s Mother Nature’s wild weather who wisely whips; So submit to serve her sexy ships._

A woman’s erogenous zone._ Delicious dietary dinner drone; Sensitive signals spread and sent; Sexual sensations so silent; Some sugary substance successfully spent; pelvic propulsion positively pent; Dutiful digital dollars dividends dent; Her hooded head has a high hopes hint; Crafted clitoral crescent Clint; Fine feminine fragrance flowery flint; Even elongated elegant extent; All babies born blessedly bent; Upon conception have the exact same scent; Gainful growing genital gent; Tender tissues testosteronetent.__

Enormous erectile tissue Taft; And a teeny-tiny sexy shaft: Her urinal tract waterway waterfall raft; Clean cultivated creamy craft; All before and also aft.__

“A woman’s body includes a number of super-hot erogenous zones, but you might say many of those are sort of, well, incidental. Not the clit. It’s there for fun. Yup, that’s right. The clitoris is the only part of the body designed solely for pleasure. So, while other body parts used for sexual pleasure have at least one other purpose to them, your clit is just there to get you off.” http://www.alternet.org/9-interesting-things-you-may-not-know-about-clitoris

   animation2.gif    anima%20treasure%20chest.gif   
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Priniciple Philosophical Poem: To Love Thy Self: Is the truest tested wealth; Solar sexus soul food health; Leaving no toxic tissues left; Tormenting thievery and theft; Sacred Spiritious Sym bols securely saving self.__           



TO LOVE THY SELF, is truly ‘To Know Thy Self’; and I identify with holistic humanity and humankind as a healthy Humanoid-ian. Inclusively, HUE-MAIN!!
MP3: http://yourlisten.com/ArtistCHD1/to-love-thy-selfinstru01#
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Digital Design Direct Link: http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2499631

YES YAWL-YO: I see with crystal clear clarity, a necessitated need, to offer other options and another alternative, to young teenage girls; just starting out in life. A wiser womanlike and ladylike way to always avoid, becoming involved with the xxx pornographic platforms and promiscuous prostituting professions. Basically because, these young females are being misled and misguided, to believe and think that she’s gonna be the next Supreme Sex Goddess and or prestigious porn-queen.
Surely she’ll be cheated and shortchanged, not making much money. Due to the heavy incoming traffic of other younger girls, and influx of gold-diggers, fame and fortune flirts, hungry hardheaded-hunters!
“Porn is an industry that regularly chews up and spits out performers. Many quit after just one scene or after a few months. Some stick around for a few years, but then disappear. But a select few have chosen to make this a true career — and as in the mainstream world, those are the ones who tend to pocket the most.”
I’m doing my best to please her; Standing at attention and at ease as I were._ “Are you the kind of guy who pleases his women?”; ‘i’m talking about real mannish men‘; There’s no such thing as ‘original sin’; Just take it out and stick it in; And I’ll tell you why and when: Butt you can stop now and then; Do you like her fat and chubby or tall and thin; I can clearly see your smile and grin.__
                        anima%20dollar_3.gifanima Earth-11-juneanima%20colorful_kaleidoscope.gif
Furthermore still, she’s subject to contacting contagions, commonly called venereal viruses and sexually transmitted diseases. Particularly, Gonorrhea-Syphilis, herpes,  hepatitis, (hiv or “HIV/AIDS”, never truly ever even existed, only AIDS, as a dietary deficiency-dysfunction, etc.)
She gives herself up for leisure lazy lady luck; To other sex partners to peter-pluck; Pretty pink pucker-pole pea patch puck; For freaking funds financial fluck; Safe secure sacred sanctuary sexualized suck; His handsome huge hardheaded hurting huck;  My name is Charles, butt they call me Chuck.__

Imperatively Important: If and or when you or anybody else, receive a diagnosis – doctor’s determination that you have; “AIDS”, its the “AIDS HOAX”. Also, if some stupid physician prescribe pharmaceutical pills, don’t take them, they’re potently poisonous. Particularly AZT, and or any of its derivatives, secretly going under other names and bogus brands.

Consequently, xxx rated porno-superstar sex goddesses, fail fatally dead due to them totally trusting the vicious “Virus Myths”. Mass marketing major mainstream media madness, medicinally murdering multi-millions of humans. Under the pretense and pretext of treating them with terrifying traumatizing tissue toxins, termed treatments!

For full research references really read:


                    To Love Thy Self | Other Files | Arts and Crafts
Likewise, far too many young teenage girls, gives themselves away, for little or nothing. Thus to these lowlife good for nothing worthless guys. She thinks he’s so cute and cool and knows the inside scoop-to do. He’s the life of the party and oral-orgy. He keep a semi-hard on and shows his penis size and erection on the sly-fly. Frequent these type-trait males wear stuffed shocks over the puny-peckers. Some shoot up with testosterone treatments, master male hormone and steroid injections. Others are naturally hung hard and long!
Howsoever, none of them tend to have any real potentials for great genius and creative conceptions. Due to masturbating “jerking off” or “jacking themselves daily”. Dissipating his healthy manhood, wasting valuable energy and draining sacred semen spermatozoa, degrading himself of vitality and virility.
Drop that deadbeat duffus dumb dud; Even if he’s a straight shooting stud; Let him fall face first into the misty mud; Concentrate on capital cash currency creative cud; By building banking bucks-bonds that blooms and bud.__
         animated-flower-bg-1MAATRIX MASTER1_coloration
Therefore, I strongly suggest that sexy lovely looking ladies, think twice or three times, before giving up her virtues and valued virginity. Pit-put him to the test, see if he’s ready and willing to buckle – bend and bow down on his knees, to worship your womb’s womanhood.
I do indeed mean Maatrix Mother Nature’s best blessed buttocks. Break his ego down, and see if he willfully allow – let and permit himself humility and humbleness? 
“Most of the tube sites have stolen content on them which they make available for people to view for free. Most people that want to watch adult content are aware they can watch it for free and do so. Obviously that has damaged the studios who produce scenes and movies and some of them have gone out of business and many of them shoot less than they otherwise would, because they cannot maintain their sales that they formerly could before people were stealing their content.”
               Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality!
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Bow Down Before The Throne Of Grace: Come culturally cleansed, unto the alter and praise her precious posterior, pleasing physical presence. In other plain-o-simple words, far too many fine fit feminine females, fall for fakers foolery, the old-oky-doke.
She waste her time senselessly sometime; For a dear dollar – quarter – nickel or dime: The fit figured females fairly face fine; What’s really feminine let us define; And we will won’t wantonly whine; Delicious dinner dishes I don’t decline; Raw royalties and riches raw resources refine; Sit her sexy sassy ass upon a shrine.__
‘Baby I love you’, ‘you’re the best I’ve ever had’; “you are different”; “you’re most desirable”; “you’re not like the others”, “I like the way you do it”; “can we get/git together some time and talk about my…”; “I’m interested…”; “I see you’ve kept physically fit and in good shape and have low body fat,,,um interesting”(a female physician said during a physical). etc. Surely yawls get/git the point!
“This business now is extremely competitive. In certain states like California, Nevada, Florida and others there is little-to-no taboo left for a girl working in this industry. Girls come out of their teens and have decided ‘this is what I want to do with my life’. Any of those old antiquated ideas that girls come into business because they are from downtrodden or abused childhoods, there is no truth to it whatsoever nowadays.”
Straight up I am attracting affluent assets; Artistic attributes aided and abets; No pornographic publicized stage sets; So she shows her face without regrets; Openly online world wide web Internet; Economic exchange Ethernet; Never caught in a crab’s pot or fishing net; Beauteous booty buns blessed buttocks besets.___
Now next, it’s all about what I think – believe and truly know how to do. Happily honor and pay homage to female-folks who’re willing and able and ready to accept and appreciate it. I’m not talking all about any women in my biological family, mother or sisters, Annie-aunts and nieces.
Although who I am referring to are outsiders or others who are cooperative, cool calm and collective in her contextual contents of character, and never the cosmetic coloration complexion of her surface superficial skin. Blackskins – Brownskins and Pinkskins…yellowish or reddish…Light or Dark!!
               Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codesDarkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes neg image
Of course you’ll eventually discover and see, that I now_KNOW_ that there are absolutely, no such living humans upon planet Earth = biological bodily-being baby born-birthed; “blacks” nor “whites”; “black race” and “white race”; blue-brown-red-yellow; “Races”, not even an actualized “Human Race”. In fact of reality and actuality, we’re all, Sapiens Species+Science Specimen. Sexual and sensual and spiritual and soulful societies.
LoveMerryGoRounds; Our carousel of joyful musical sounds; Funny faces of the friendly clowns; Happy people in cities and in-tuned towns._ Listen to mp3 and read poetic song lyrics at:
So then having said that, let us continue cordially and cooperatively, and compassionately with care and concern… pretty please. In light of the above aforementioned paragraphs, I would rather like to avoid getting too involved into somebody’s radicalized “racialist”; “racist” religious rationales; restricting – repressing rational reasoning. Nor care for private persons politics, basically because, I don’t believe in the political process!
                                             anim vibrant design
                          Spirituality+Sexuality+Sensuality | Other Files | Arts and Crafts
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Moreover, Spirituality & Sexuality & Sensuality: are my main militarized mission, making more meaningful money, multimillionaires =$$$. Via my Master Mind Melanin Messiah, mental models, monetized methods-modes-mindset mechanisms. Mesmerizing memory musicals, Micro-Mega-Meta-Musics-1.
Additionally Admitting: I am the Kindhearted Kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/  + http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm  + http://colorkingdom1nwca2.blogspot.com

YES Y’ALL; Fine Fit Feminine Females = Girls & Ladies & Women; were meant and intended to be and freely feel sexy. Like them or not, it’s no mere coincidence nor happenstance, she showcases of beautiful butt, rear and tail end. She surely suppose to do so indeed in decency and as an art-form. Shouldn’t be any shame in her game, nor religiosity’s guilt trips!

And anyone having a hard time understanding why, and has a personal problem, should take it up with Maatrix Mother Earth Nature of Womanhood’s Wombhttp://womanhood1womb2.blogspot.com/
Far too many mature women, has permitted and allowed themselves, to become, devalued and depreciated – underappreciated and undermined. Lovely looking ladies liberation, basically begins by being who and what you truly are, a sensual – sexual bio-bodily being. Living in life’s lust, of the human physical flesh and blood – bone, meat and marrow. Having an indwelling Spirit & Soul & Mind, intending to experience ever expanding, pleasures, sexual-sensual satisfaction.
     animation2.gif      Positive Pyramid Power!!! | Other Files | Arts and Crafts
                                                     Direct Link
Her Perfect Precious Pyramid: By which divine royalty; She’s entitled majesty._In portraying my poetic visionarystory; I honor this dream girl with the Crown of Glory._ A lovely lady living in heavenly happy lands; Somewhere out of reach of my caring hands._ Yet my imaginary sweet heart; Is spiritually near my lovin’ hart._ Read full poetic lyrics and listen to theme song at;
THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH: Likewise, it is the primary art-formula for Beauty & Love & Sex & Romance. Very powerful and potent energy emotions, exercise existence exponentially everywhere. And attempting at repressing – depressing – suppressing sexuality and sensuality, is precisely what make most person very unhappy upset and unstable and ugly!
One can dam it up, block off it pathways, butt, believe me, they will wisely find other ways and another avenue to travel and flow freely. And arrogant and ambitious, asinine ass aggressors, are always acting as antagonist adversaries and alien agencies. Against females showing off their    beautiful bodies – booties and buttocks. Yet she has a Native Natural Human-Right and bare back baby born birthright. No mankind male, has the right to tell womankind, her how to dress, walk, talk, bend-bow, sit or stoop. Nor what to wear or not to wear!
“Blessed are your eyes that see the things that you see”; It is also a benefit blessing to truthfully be; By listening to the music coming out of me; It shall surely help heal her and he; And make us all financially free; ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto thee’; Here at home and abroad across the blue ocean-sea; Would you like being my pretty precious pea; So savory sweet as tasty tea,__
Here’s how it all works with winning worldwide wealth, working with Womanhood’s Womb, well worthy of worshiping. The talented theme songs and anointed artworks, are set up in a business arrangement, entrepreneurial enterprise of economic-energy exchanges. Equals enhance economy – elevated ecology x excelled Eco-Energystics-1$$$

    animated-gifs-diamonds-2.gif      anima%20butterfly_7.gif    an heartbutt ass-4

Salesladies and saleswoman and salesgirls, all alike are, appreciated assets, and accruing affluence. No longer having to “hoe”; whore around town as street slut, night walker looking to be picked up by some stupid tricks. Who could be a serial killer?! A viciously violent rapist? Infected with some contagious disease?
Nor does she any longer have to get up on stages on a xxx rated porno-platform, stripping butt naked, being banged by bad boys bursting big balls. Negative nasty nuts, so that he can get/git paid premium prices, while she, the subjected violated victim, receives a few hundreds or thousands of U.S Dollars =$$$
                                   an money2
Having absolutely no chance or open opportunity to become a multimillionaire = $$$. Operating and owning and completely controlling capital cash currency = $$$

                ass actress_GUButt beauty_KN

Actually the whole wide world would be better blessed, by human having sexual affairs, as opposed to going off to fight wars that their own country and nation Governments, started up in the first doggone place. Suiting up in military combat uniforms, justifying invading other’s habitat homelands and motherlands. Killing pregnant females, new born babies, infants – toddlers, little kids and small school children. All in the falsified nationalized name of fighting for “democracy”; whatsoever, that truly means?


                                Love1Sex2Romance3 | Other Files | Arts and Crafts

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Freak-f…ing fun and for financial funds, isn’t immoral nor unethical. Nor is having sex a sin. It’s only living in lust, which is normal and natural. As long as it is a mutual sexual relationship, and nobody gets betrayed – hurt or harmed.
Albeit, abstinence and celibacy, for the last past 25 years, I’ve intentionally did. No kind of sex affairs, perverted physical pleasures, close contacts. Everything is in tact, my masculine musculature, is magnificent. The master male hormone testosterone level is up. And this is the righteous reasons why I decided to abstain. Thus to “transmute sex energy”; and channel cosmic creative chemistry-circuitry, into my artistic projects. Generating great gifted genius!
I’m vibrating at a high-frequency and wavelength.

        anima atomanima Chartanimaflowers13.gifanimation-ck%20blur-1.gif

Love-1 Sex-2 Romance-3: Yes y’all, it surely seems as though that those or these talented xxx rated porno-sex goddesses, really wantonly wish, men would willingly worship her/them truly. Even so, albeit better beneficially bestowed blessed, herein, I will not use their terminologies and literal language and sexually explicit, perverted parts of speech. OK?

Howsoever, she/they to my mind, are crying from deep within themselves: “love it”; “worship it; “kiss it”; “lick it”; “smell it”, “eat it”….”you know you like”; “you know you love it”; “isn’t it beautiful”….etc., etc., etc.

I sense a psychological longing and yearning. Somewhat subconsciously, contentiously and consciously crying out openly, often obscenely – objectionably – offensively!

            anim%20flyin%20bird.gif  ck-animab.gifanima%20humming_bird_2.gifanima%20flying%20bird.gif

Seemingly she’s scripted and on a staged porno-platform, as a pretentious-pretext to professionalism. Otherwise a professional prostitute. performing and playing her part. Butt, believe me, it a lots more going on than just that artificial acting as an astute actress.

Albeit by being better beneficially bestowed blessed, by building big banking bucks – booties – bounties = $$$ It may/might look like she’s saying some sexy stuffs, showcasing She-its, thus to please males/men/mates. Even so, it’s a two way street so to speak. Reciprocal reply-response-reaction. It’s not only the male partners who wantonly wish to hear her perverted sex-talk, it’d herself who wants to indeed do so very much and more; making money = $$$

Likewise, she’s not so innocent, she’s grossly involved intimately. Really Romancing rarely – richly – royally – resourcefully. She’s Sex Goddess, expertly expressing her innate – intrinsic-indwelling Self, as a Natural Freak ofMaatrix Mother Nature!

Mostly macho-men, historically has/have suppressed – repressed – depressed desires that they disagree with; religiously + politically. Mistakenly and commonly called; “sexism”. Butt ‘it all depends on how one defines sex’ (Bill Clinton US President)

Proclaiming professionalism publicly vs privately: serves as alibis, pretentious pretext to pathetic perversions and propitiatory promiscuity. And I’m not trying to put anybody down, nor degrade-denigrate or condemn!

As a professional portrait ArtistCHD1, I simply sketch – draw the outline, paint the picture then produce it. Unprejudiced and unbiased about all artistic attributes. I not only like what I’m doing artistically, I actually love doing-drawing designs with a hot-heated hellish passion. Backed by ‘\blazing “burning desire”! (N. Hill “Think And Grow Rich”)



                 Diamond SuperStar Love1Sex2Romance3_blue frame

CAUTION – CAREFUL – CONCERN: Certainly today is the adverse age of pedophilia and predatory pedophiles, particularly, pontiff popes – pious priests, pastors + preachers and perverted populaces of persons; pleasurably participating. Child molesters, taking the full advantage of adolescence, teenage youths, preteens, young boys and girls. Those especially who haven’t been properly schooled, taught all about their innate – indwelling sexuality and sensuality!

anima Rainbow_2



TO LOVE THY SELF, is truly ‘To Know Thy Self’; and I identify with holistic humanity and humankind as a healthy Humanoid-ian. Inclusively, HUE-MAIN!!
MP3: http://yourlisten.com/ArtistCHD1/to-love-thy-selfinstru01#
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We should surely enjoy each other’s bio-bodily being blessedly. Having physical pleasures, Love 1-Sex 2-Romance 3. I don’t control and own her, and she don’t control and own me. Both of can be and are affectionate f…ing freaks, if we wantonly wish to play that fantasy fun game. It’s all in the imaginary mind and make believe!
Moreover, many of us are Mother Nature’s natural freaks, and flinging freaks of Nature. Butt, never wanting to realize and admit it to ourselves. It’s a haunting of a ghostly gift of grace, that we try to run away from and hide our true freaky faces.
              DeiTrix DieTrix_colorDeiTrix DieTrix_neg image
Imperatively Important: that she keep herself clean from the outside and inside. Let me explain exactly what I mean, so y’all don’t mistake what I’m saying. Expanding exponentially on the definitions of the word clean and cleansed. A conscious condition and clinical cleansing culinary custom. What foods and drinks that goes in to her mouth to eat, comes back out in her urine and fecal waste material. Her human hygiene is determined by contextual character contents of the nutrient contained inside dietary dishes eaten.


Therefore, to properly prepare of physical pleasures, promiscuous perversions, her internal digestion system should smell somewhat sweet and savory, never so stinking sour stagnant substances and sicking smell. So solemnly said She-it!
Davis’ Divine Decreed Diet: Strongly suggests supremely superior substances and sustaining sustenance. Constantly consume fiber-foods, particularly Phyllium husks powder and complex combined formulas. Softens stool for regularity and heart-health. Helps clean out her bowls and colon. Excrement expelled isn’t negatively nasty nor deeply dirty! 
Howsoever, she shall or surely should, take lots of multivitamins + minerals daily. Extra Vitamin-C,  Zinc and Selenium. Plus+ drink 1 or 2 heaping teaspoons mixed in approx. about 8 oz, glass of Brewer’s Yeast. She receives all essential amino-acids and B-complex vitamins, except B12. Plus+ proteins. This fortifies her holistic human health habits!
Furthermore-still; when it comes to her superficial surface skin, she shall surely want to avoid rubbing skin creams containing cellular cancer causing chemicals. Lotions that may/might smell sweet and has a flowery fragrance, butt, believe my telling y’all, it is deceptive and destructive and down right dangerous!
So then it would and will be wiser – wittier and womanly, to use some safe substances, such as applying olive – coconut and or flaxseed oils on her skin. Culinary cosmetic, clean cultured clinical custom. Of course there’re other nourishing and nurturing natural oils.
          anim-blur%20vision-2.gifButt fashion fine femaleanima 3d
Truly, this is where the Spirituality & Sexuality  & Sensuality starts surfacing and self-showing. First she completely cooperates willfully with my strong suggestions. Go to the store shopping center and buy a big box of Epson salt, magnesium sulfate. Put about 2 full teaspoons in a glass of water, stir real good until crystal dissolves, then drink it down the gut; flushing out the garbage gutter!
Now her track is clinically cleansed consummately. This tactful technique prepares her hygiene healthfully. Wiping and washing away the deceptive devils and demons of deceit, flushing and forcing these dirty deceivers out of her cardiovascular + circulatory system. Now she is really ready to be loved, basically because, now she’s lovable. Liked due to being likable. Her vibration frequency resonates with her male mate, me or that significant somebody else? Resonating rare – rich  royalty, rightly rendered resources = $$$
Fine Fit Feminine Females, fresh fiber food family foundation, eating plenty of homegrown garden greens, for the culinary consumption of cleansing chlorophyll. Cooked and eaten raw, preferably, place a bunch of kale – mustard – turnip – collard greens in a mixer or blender and not a juicer. Fix up a mixture that tastes good to you, by adding fresh lemon juice and or peelings too?! Add some Stevia sweetener, sweet-n-low vs sugar. Then drink approx about 6-8 ounces of our official natural nutrient nourishment.
ani-transition.gifani Bubble-Heart
The lovely looking ladies, have/has an affectionate attitude vs an angry asinine ass attitude. A delightful disposition and pleasing personality. Not at all pretentious and phony. It’s for real, she’s really ready for, a long-lasting; LOVESEXROMANCE!!!
butt ass-3138413
Ya know like, he says to himself, good riddance. She packs up her bags and some stuff, then leaves, storming out of the door and slamming it hard and loud. Then two or three days later, she calls on the telephone and ask him, ‘are you still mad at me’? “Can we git/get back together?”
Shortly after seeing how the coast is clear, safe – secure – stable situation, she comes bac
My personal experience expressly, back in the day, was to always, intelligently inform my mates; they’re free to go whensoever, they please. Git on your high-horse and ride out of Dodge, leave. And I’ll simply just walk up on any street corner where loose girls hangout or at school in college classes, bring another sex partner home, to my apartment; as I please, OK?
580Ass Model_NC
I am a SEX-GODD & She’s SEX-GODDESS: Deep down inside our Sovereign Sunshine Solar Sexus Souls. And having super-sex is surely some serious Salvation. Physiologically + Psychologically, perfectly pleasurable!

                  anima%20treasure%20chest.gif   animation%20ck%20blinker-1.gif
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Official Objectives: Our main concentration is financial focusing on owning opulence. You’ll be doing what you do best, and I’ll be doing what I indeed do best. And that is to constantly and consistently create concepts; concerning commerce, Divinely Decreed Digital Designs and anointed artistry; accruing assets and actualizing appreciating affluence = $$$ We are making a monetized market where none has been before!


                     The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars


Source: Rising Star PR “Women are, of course, the main attraction in mainstream porn — and, as you might expect, the amounts paid to actresses span a wide range. A superstar performer — one who has name recognition that extends beyond adult entertainment — earns considerably more than a newcomer or someone who is well-known only among porn enthusiasts.

                      capital cash currency=$$$

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The performer’s representative/agent is also important. There are a number of top agencies, such as LA Direct and Spiegler, whose actresses (again, excluding the top stars) earn what could be called the industry average. But some naive or desperate performers will associate themselves with fly-by-night individuals or agencies, who ask a much lower rate, often in hopes of earning a quick buck.

The determining factor is the sex act performed and whether the actress has done that act on camera before.

“When the girls first get into the business and they’re new, I think they can command additional money for different sex acts,” said Steven Hirsch, owner of Vivid, one of the biggest adult entertainment studios. “Initially they make more money, then it depends on how popular they become.”

Here’s how things break down. For a “traditional” sex scene between a man and a woman, the average actress’ compensation is typically between $800 and $1,000, depending on the studio’s budget. Top-tier performers can earn as much as $1,500, occasionally $2,000, while newcomers with bad representation might earn as little as $300.

More extreme acts, as you might expect, command higher rates. The most extreme — unsuitable for describing in polite conversation — can go for $1,800 to $2,500.” http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/20/porns-dirtiest-secret-what-everyone-gets-paid.html

Pretty Pattern Princess_pic tubeamocp;lorking-fadegray.gif

Courageously Come Cultivated Cleansed, out of the closed closet, into The Magnificent Marvelous Light of LOVESEXROMANCE. We’s & Us’s has/have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. No shame in our grownup game!



COLOR KINGDON NWCA: Publicly Proclaims + Professes:  Courageously Come Cultivated Cleansed, out of the closed closet, into The Magnificent Marvelous Light of LOVESEXROMANCE. We’s & Us’s has/have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. No shame in our grownup game! https://love1sex2romance3.wordpress.com/

‘What’s hiddening in the dark, shall be made manifest to light’; exhibiting each and everybody’s Ethnicity. Expressing their truest thoughts, on sex and gender. No crucial criticisms, castigation and condemnation. We want to step back and take another look at what’s really going on, and capture the total truth telling portrait pictures. How humans as biological bodily beings, behave

I’ve imagined and envisioned: The Month Of Sharing Love1-Sex2-Romance3. Official Open Relationships Sexual-Sensual Stock-shares = safety secure sacred sanctuary = $$$. https://love1sex2romance3.wordpress.com/


HueMainKind + Vivian Queen | Photos and Images | Digital Art

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HueMainity1 | Photos and Images | Digital Art

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The International Porn Industries, sex-traders, played a major part in bankrupting The USA and “Anglo-America”. Habitually hoarding and holding up U.S Dollars and Capital Cash Currency = $$$ Causing concurrent crisis!

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NOTE vs VOTE: Far too many naturally born beautiful booty butt body babes, allow and let and permit themselves to be sold short. Selling sex for $100,000 per year as a six figured income. Thinking that’s enough to live a lascivious  leisurely – lavish luxurious lifestyle. Although those days are over for fine fit feminine females financial funds, fame and future fortunes = $$$

She should have herself, made millions and became a multimillionaire. By now, even a billionaire better beneficially bestowed blessed by big banking booties – bucks – bounties = $$$

Additionally: all of her hard labor, at xxx rated porno-platforms, residual salaries, are being undermined, undervalued and undercut. By free porn sites online, Internet World Wide Web. weaved – woven with wealthy Womanhood’s Womb.

Selling sex toys, isn’t even enough to make rent, or mansion mortgage payments, in upper-scale high class areas all across America’s United States. She’s stuck stupidly and scared shiftless = she-it-less!

Hyper-Inflation: internal implosions, immediately impacting porn-productivity. It’s time to bailout of it’s industry, stockholders bonds and or derivatives. Butt best better beware, buying gold and silver and bitcoins; bartering or bargaining!

Overexpose yourself, showing your face online, it can’t ever be retracted nor redeemed. Predator pirates + profiteers, are posting your portrait pictures – perverted photos, everywhere for financed-funded free = $$$ for fling freaking f…ing fun! Is this fair?

Ostensibly on the open market, displayed, where you can’t make much money = $$$.

Princess Love Sublime-LG1 | Other Files | Arts and Crafts

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Intelligently Invest Interest Into: Authentically approved, appropriated – authorized ancient ancestry. as an appointed and anointed artistry. Actualized artworks, as accruing assets and appreciating affluence = $$$ AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1


I will never restrict my own thinking; I know how the Sociopath Sex Slavers slave ships are surely sinking; So she stopped supporting something shrinking; Womanhood’s Womb no longer batting by blinking.__

Buy a large photo album and start collecting portrait pictures; Framed for forthcoming financed funded futures; Fine fit feminine females figures; Colorful character conceptualcreatures.__

A picture goals book; Artwork you never have to cook; Fall in love and lustfully look; Become happy all about this hook; I’m not a cowardly crook; Nor has ever forsook; Beauty booty butt babes bio-bodily brook.__

“The mind thinks in pictures and not in words”; We will not follow the gambling groupies in-crowd herds; They’re acting all adversely absurd; Stinking snapping turtle’s turd; Nationalized negative nerd; Butt our eyes are open and vision no longerblurred.__

“The desires of our hearts“; This is where we fulfill our starts; Some sanely soundly sensibly smarts; Playing perfected performance parts; Always appreciating anointed arts.__

Coordinate your creative collection; Clean cultured colorfulcorrection; Inquiry involving intelligent inspection; Portfolio picture presentation perfection; Deliberate decision daringdirection; Ratified rich royal reflection; We can’t get spirituality out of religion; It divides and causes deepderision.__

I am expanding your awareness; Giving you a kinky kindhearted kiss; You had me in another world we both nowmiss; And I’m not referring to golden yellow piss; Butt fine females firm fitness; Now take your pictures to the printingpress; Carefully cautiously cherish and caress.__

Credible crystal clear clarity; Common cause contributingcharity; Pink primacy pretty pear parity; “One can ignorereality but can’t ignore the consequences of reality”; We’re making a more meaningful mentality; A new world relationshipwith Womanhood’s primary principality.__

For our enjoyment and pleasure; You and me your and my monetized measure; Loving lusting ladylike leisure, Long lasting liberty ledger._ Always an appreciated asset I assure; Our long-term relationship everlasting endure; Producing profits perfectly pure; Clean cultural causes can completelycure; Lovable leading ladies lustful lure.__

In our oncoming new world system on the way; Women can openly breast feed babies by bay; No matter what men maysay; These are also colors black-white and gray; Inner-Vision-Of-Prayer we will wisely pray._

You’ve found your good guy: Here I am upon Earth and why; “Fake news” is tell us a lame-lie; You’re a sweat cupcake and precious pudding pie; So wipe your teary eyes and do not cry; Let go crabbing and have a financed fish fry; Purchase the posted pictures to pry; Into investment income interest to trulytry; Better benefit blessings and best buy.__


I’ve imagined and envisioned,  My Master MindMelanin Messiah, righteously reveals, INNER VISION OF PRAYER. “Without a vision the people perish.” http://virtual-visual.blogspot.com/



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Sexy Sessions

Poetic Prose + Proverbs + Palms + Primes

LOVESEXROMANCE: Sexy Sessions Sexual Sensual Stance; Lovely looking lead ladies leisure lance; Precious pretty princesses pussycats prance; Fine fit figured feminine females financed funded freelance; Delightful dimple dumpling daring darlings dividends dollarsdance=$$$

http://love1-sex2-romance3.snack.ws/+ page 2: http://love1-sex2-romance3.snack.ws/love-sex-romance-1-2-3.html + poetic page 3: http://love1-sex2-romance3.snack.ws/love-sex-romance-poems.html


“Art is only a reflection of life; It is necessary for us to have a life,

I am taking you where a “real man” loves a woman within wonderland; Lovely looking ladies laughing la la land: Happy healthy healing homestead homeland; The perfect parental procreation plan; Sea salt shores sunny-side shining sand; Unless ugliness unruly understand; We will arrive after all at hand; Queens are called – chosen – commissioned – crowned upon Cosmic CREATOR’S command.__

NO wiser way working wealthier with we; Is this all about a female-lady-woman or girl loving me; It’s that I indeed do love them to the tip toe tee; And is solemnly setting soulful sexy she; Fully financially funded free._=$$$

Albeit better beneficially banking big bucks – bounties – buns – bonds and beautiful booties; They’re to truly love COLOR  KINGDOM New World Creative Arts sexy smoothies._

Yes she shall surely fall in love with worthy wealthy artworks; Namely necessarily needednetworks._True together tactful teamwork; Having happy healing healthful helpfulhomework._

As accruing appreciating affluent artistic assets; Pleasing pretty precious pearly princessespresets.

No not at all do I look like Billy D. Williams, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, John Travolta or trickster Troy; Nor any other handsome pretty playboy. Nor need to play around with a lesbian lady’s sex toy; For true love none of the above ever did enjoy; Their good looks did nothing butt to destroy.__


Love-Sex-Romance spearhead; One-two-three trinity thread; Royal rich roadways triple triangle tread._ Talented theme tune; Concurrently coming song so soon; Taking away all hergloom; Twelve o’clock am and pm noon; Listen to lovable lady’s loom; To the mellow musical mental marriage moon; Restoring rightful riches-royalties resource room.=$$$

Love-Sex-Romance; I’m in a loving trance; Lets go and do our dance; A pretty princess who loves to prance; A gifted girl’s graceful glance; I see her by clear chance; We’re romancing in a sexy stance._

Rare rich royal romantic; We can’t help but be frantic; Sailing seas seeking sex across anAtlantic; Great oceans gallantly growing gigantic.__

Sensual sexual suspense; Some sane-sound-sense; Experiencing ecstasy Eco-expense; Chorus concordances compassionately convince._

We; Are old enough ya see; To decide what’s best for you and me; Fully financed funded free;Divine dollar dividends decree; Going on a serious shopping spree._

I was well groomed for a greater glory; So listen up to my sexual sensual story._ We can’t put a price tag on compassion; For forthcoming females fine fit figured fashion._

An attractive affectionate and appealing angel; An accurate ascertained angle._ I remember our first date; My mental marriage is no mere mistake; Forsaking foolish faith followers fate; Halting hideous hostile human hate; We’ve come together before too late; Singing soulful songs in a sexy state; Starting over with a cultural clean slate._

I’m giving girls the gracious gift of true love; Under our heavenly skies up above; Regardless of somebody’s push and shove; Cherishing her sexy classy cove.__

Electromagnetic energy exchanges; Realized rich royalties rearranges._ Atomic and atmospheric action: Concordance chords choirs compassion._

I was sent to save sovereign sunshine solar sexus souls solitary successes; Crowned Queens and Precious Pretty Princesses; Righteously redeeming rare-royal riches; Counter-combating corrupted computer glitches.__

I wasn’t sent to help heal harlot “hoes”; Hot heated Hades hell holes; Waging worldwide warfare with wicked witchcraft woes; Butt I’m talking all about tapping true talents through top tip toes; Making more multimillionaires mountainous moles; Forgetting faking friends and foolish faith following foes._

Poetic Prose-Palms-Proverbs Primes

Love Sex Romance: Recurring rhythms and rhymes; Reminding you that these traditional marriages don’t work well; You’ll find yourself in a liar’s living hell; He’ll lock you up and down inside a jail-cell; Without any basic bail; Having nobody outside who will wail; Or listen for you to try to tell.__

Mess not with another wife’s husband; In my story book it is broadly banned; Find fully free men everywhere; Over here over there and anywhere.__

You could end up going to the undertaker; Your spirit and soul sent back to your Maker; Broken by your booty buns butt baker._

You’ll be messing around with the wrong woman’s mate; She’ll set you up with him on a deceitful date; A smart slick-sly secret stealthy slate; And you and he find yourselves facing a finalized fatal fate.__

“Love is a many splendid things”: It’s not having sex she surely sings; Sleeping in the same bedroom really rings; Biological baby born bloodlines bearing births brings.__

Butt it is indeed indulging intimately; And it’s never going on infinitely; And real love lasts forevermore enduring indefinitely._

Sexual-sensual passions passes by and withers away; Every year – month – week and day; No matter what these undercover gay-guys say; They can’t love you even if they may; Like to tease you and pretend to play.__

Promiscuous premarital pleasures; Betraying your own talented treasures; Misleading money making measures._

I am after approx. about 10% to 12%; Delightful darlings dearly decent; And another approx. about 88% to 90%; Individuals indeed indecent; Thereby being bent; I try to instinctively intuitively invent; With a wiser well intent.__

Yes it has a whole lots to do with the way she looks: The facial figures are her human hooks; Lusting for the flesh is physical binding books.__

Many men like loving ladies; More than just one making babies._ I’d like to catch up with them before bad days; She sets into her womanly and or wicked witch ways.__

Advising always avoid getting involved with the porno-industry; And adjoin AmericAfrindian ArtistCHD1’s ancient ancestry; And appreciating anointed artistry; My Master Mind MelaninMessiah’s mental models marriages ministry.__

Acting all arrogant – annoyed – agitated and aggressive; Joining the feminist sexual revolution regressive; Real repressive; Leads to her being badly beaten bloody; By bad men monsters muddy; They’re not your best buy buddy.__

Cease talking too tough in front of male-mates thinking you’re lesbian liberated; Basically because he hostilely hit her and hideously hated: Women who run off at their motor mouths who he has dated; She willingly opened up her two-legs and mated; A deadly decisiondebated; Ended up dead and divinely decreed deliberated.__

Sexual Sensual Section

He systematically sells you out; To other rich men without; Any rational reasons to doubt; Beware and careful in the racers route; That you choose to take through the trout; Understand what I am talking all about.__

When women wantonly and wishfully and willfully have sex; Out of wedlock and holy matrimony’s hex; She surely shall suffer severe vex; The point of entry was sensual sex.__

Opening up the doors for demons to come inside; Raiders – robbers and rapers ravenousride; Cuts in her face now she tries to hide; The scars and stitches stride; When she could have been somebody’s bride.__

She’s sexually molested-robbed and raped rotten; From hence forth forever forgotten._ She is not little miss innocence; Having a spotless sentence; She slept sexually-sensually in bed; With her boss who he misled; Into infidelity instead; Of the good books that she reallyread.__

Never go running out there two-times-twice; Unwisely without proper councils advice; Of else you’ll sure pay the premium price; For being nasty nose – naughty and not nice.__

A lovely looking lady who is so sexy; In her photo-shots stardom so sexy._ The showcase stages set; Cameras moving pictures preset._ Bright lights shining on a setting; Scrip-tees naked no netting; Raped of her womanhood’s womb wetting; She’s skirting and now rightlyregretting.__

Deliberately dumped; Her having no more money he had humped; On top of the naive and gullible gifted girls grump; Stupid she said stop some stud’s stump; Was on top of the lazy lost ladies lumped; Then got herself promiscuously pussycat pumped.__

Thinking to be better than the rest; Butt that’s a bogus belief at best; To take the truest talented test; Then lay love lost to rest._

When they don’t need you anymore; They say that they’re really sorry to their core; And let you financially fall from the financed funded floor; Down in defeat from door to door; Career is over without an oar or encore; So she sets sail selling some sex so sadly sore.__

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Primary pretty precious princesses parts; Quality Queens quaky quarts; Co-creating capital cash currency carts; Her holistically healthy human hearts; Small size sales she successfully starts.__

You’ll never again have to say “I’m broke”; I need a job jolly joke; Needing to make rent she spoke; Worthless women wrongly wrote; Not knowing her truer values vs validating vote.__

The porno-predatory profiteers; Pussycat pirating preying peers; Who want you to join the fooled female f…ing freaks fears; For taking them all up your rears; Now she cries puppy-dog tears; And join the gay-guys drinking beers.__

I don’t want nor wish to see these terrible things; Happen to you dear dumpling dongs do dings; This is what having loose sex sings; By blatantly bad behaviors brings.__

It is in fact wickedly wrong to lay down opening your two legs; To the first stranger that comes alone and begs._ You to let him have you sexually then call it making love; Acting as if you’re an innocent darling dove._

Critical consequences came; Caught up with her gambling game; Giving free and selling sex is the same; Lost ladies who were lovable and now today to tame; She’s so sadly shame.__

Psychopaths are daring dealers; Sometimes serial killers._ They know how to treat you like alady; Without him seeming so slimy shady._ Many of them are handsome; And they know you are lonesome._ You and them see your pretty face; Often times head held high and mighty menacing mace; Butt your good looks is no disgrace; It’s the contents of your character carriage case; The Love Sex Romance Race.__

Every decision that you make; May or might lead to your mindless mistake; You fell for a friendly fake; He’s a woman hater who wait with hate.__

Native Nature: There are male flowers and beautiful blossoms, as well as, female flowers and beauteous blooms. Some self pollinating and other need bees and butterflies to cross-pollinate plants. Butt bad beliefs abounds about females and males, testosterone and estrogen hetero-human hormones.

Anybody studying botany, know these truths totally. Without prejudicial stereotyping, so said sexism and same sex syndromes. “It all depends on how you define having sex”. (US President Bill Clinton)

Sexed Succession

This truly is your chance to become independent; Instead of being dependent._ Avoiding all that we’ve talked about thus far; Pretty boys they all are; Bisexual and homosexual he mans at the bar; Driving an expensive sports car.__

Howsoever questioning who?; This letter and messages is specifically and strictly saying toyou; Make better choices and decisions dutifully due._

There’s a lots more meaningful things than a pretty face in life; You’re still alive regardless of the strident strife._ In spite of a face cut on by a sharp razor blade or knife.__

“That person who you were isn’t here anymore”; ‘And you can’t go back being her no more.’_ Let your past go and start all over; Think in terms of the four-leaf clover._ On over to the other side as now; You get/git to build something co-creative commonly called cash cow; CK-NWCA advises you on how.__


Some school teachers continue crossing the line; She seeks sex with her classroom male student all the time; I know this to be totally true in mine; Personal private experiences having home-based sex with a “swingers” sluts-slime; She was married to a man named “Don”; not a dime; Her name was Vicky somewhat of a valued vine._

A tenth grade school history teacher; I’m not talking about a church house preacher._ Butt blond hair and blue eyes and fine feminine figure; Mrs C. made me repeatedly pull mytrigger; For freak f….ing fun she wasn’t a gold digger._We mated and dated a little longer then suddenly stopped; Sex stupidity her promiscuous pussycat pleasures popped.__

Her husband once came down their stairs: Said “hello Charles” on my head stood up thehairs; Not knowing what was up with such pairs._Wife swapping swingers; Enjoying each others intercourse ringers; As if they were sex seeking song singers.__

Vicky eventually got herself in terrifying trouble; Was said to had been raped to rubble; On the stairwell of the senior high school stubble; She got what she wanted was ding-dong doubles; Some students to brazenly burst her butt bubble.__

Charles stay after class I want to talk to you; And after all the other students had gone home guess who?; Meets with my school teacher true; Involving intimacy hugging and kissing like glue; Up against the wall embracing and screwing slue; And attraction and affection not an infectious flu; Butt being bonded blonde blue; We together truly grew; Into sensual sexual sweet savory stew; Pleasure producing partners positive pew.__


I’ve had several other sexual encounters I’ll tell y’all about later; In the watery wet sex swamps of snakes – crocodile and alligator; As an artistic aviator; Naive gullible navigator; Now necessarily needed namely narrator.__

These things happened to me all alone; With women who were married and living not alone._ Husbands and wives socializing in the secret shade; He only wants to denigrate and degrade; Her asinine ass as his wife who willingly wade; Wantonly wishing to have sex with the black Ace of Spade; Not the red Jack of jocks jollies joking jade._

To bring her back down to the dirty ground; Showing her off downtown; Artificially appearing all around; Rich and royal and respected renown._ And acting as the perfect couple clowns; Butt bad beliefs blatantly bounds; Both wife and husband hounds; Now y’all know how socialized sex stupidly sounds; When women wear wicked witches wedding gowns.__


Arrogance – aggression and ambition; Namely negating nourishing nutrition; She’s stating strong sensitive suspicion; Ridged relationships restrictive repression; Right rational reasoning remains in remission.__

Life is too short to let yourself be badly used; Beaten bloody and brazenly bruised; Your mindmisused; And always adversely abused; And you aren’t always amused; In my book he’s never even excused.__

Now that the children have grown up and have their own lives to live; It’s your time and turn to share and give._What you have held inside self; Sacred secrets stored safe security shelf._ Womanhood’s womb with worldwide wealth; Having happy holistic healed human health.__


The mother and father of kids break up divorcing; After a number of 10 to 20 years of marriage during discoursing. Recourse really rarely richly-royally resourcing.__

She started gaining fat flab; Out of sexy shape some sloppy stomach slab; Never knowing the need to rehab._Earning excess extra pounds of body weight; Due to the fast foods she chose and always ate.__

Butt I’m intelligently informing her about him; She no longer need his less long limble limb; Short stubby small stem; And not let things gallantly grow grim; And fill up to the breakingbrim.__

Come on over to CKNWCA; Mix and mingle – marry and mate as you may; Meet New World Creative Arts array; Talented tunes truly turning the till today.__

No matter how hard he happily humped; And bounced banged bucked and buttocks bumped; It was never enough for fulfilling your sexual sensual slumped._Side of the Love Sex Romance rear-end rump; Purchasing a playboy plastic pump; Dissatisfied darling dear dirtydump; Leisure lazy lady large labia lump._


Regrouping to retrieve the Romantic; Affectionate affairs and actress antic; Without becoming hysterical and frantic._ You’ve been separated for fear; Approx. about one year; He has to saydear; Good-by baby drinking a beer._

Although you’re a baby born birthright beauty Queen; Lovely looking lady lean; Not ugly andmean; Butt came completely cultured clean; So you are awaking out of your sleeping dream._

You were in a tricksters treacherous trance; The spell of sorcery’s satanic strange stance; He was never capable of truly loving you close or at a distance; Even as you would prance anddance and romance.__

So never jump out of the frying pan into the flaming fires; Backed by bad burning desires._ To have sex with some sly-slick shyster stranger; Just because he looks like the Long-Ranger; You’ll be hung up on a hanger; Bearing the big butt banger._ Give yourself some time to think things thoroughly through; No rush into the trap too.__

Some sexy females fine fit figured grows older; Seems so seasoned savory and soundly-sanely sober; Her native natural beauty behaves bolder._

Moving memories mostly: Are past experiences going ghostly._ Butt you are here presentlytoday; Right now I do dare to say; Your newly found family and friends fray; Love life lay; In chromatic colors array; Black – white and gracefully gray._


Yes faithfully fall in love with my anointed artworks; Now native nutritional and nourishing networks._ No privatized personalized perks; Nor her having to dealing with jerks._

That the officiating objective of oncoming originating opulence; Our offspring occult-occurrence._ ArtistCHD1 can never break your kind-heart; Neither leave you all alone to self-start; Your small sales shopping cart; We both play our partnership performance part._

We’re all in this true talent thing together; Regardless of whether; There’s a corrective change in the weather; The lovable lady looks like leadership leather._

I have a sacred soul storehouse of love to share; With womenfolks who wisely wear; Sincere smiles and she never has to swear; And stay flowery fresh – fragrant – femininely fair; Many have tried to get inside my heart and under my hair; Yet couldn’t penetrate as a pretentiouspair; Nor come within there to stare; And couldn’t come clean cultured to tear; Better benefits by big banking bucks bountifully bear.__

She’s following her feelings and emotions; He take advantage of the deceived divorcee’sdevotions; Making no commitments causing commotions._

She’s lost – lonely and lonesome; And he’s happily handsome; Hold her his hostage in a sexed slave syndrome; Intoxicated and infatuated twosome; Another fakers form ofransom.__

She lets him undress; Her from head to toes tress; His newly mature mate mistress; No longer a leading actress; Relieving her unsatisfied unless; Secret sex success and subconscious stress; They then compassionately caress; Embrace one another as an affectionate access; Both begins to kiss; Trying to make up for what they miss; Yet no doubt their togetherness; Is only a wrongful womanly weakness.__

What she needed was spending some sound-sane sensible; Time within herself completelycomprehensible._Thus to think things through the tormenting thirst; Leaning to love herself foremost first.__ [To Love Thy Self]

Butt be very cautious and go so slow; And avoid having sex with a man who you really don’t even know; Remember I’ve indeed told you no; Don’t keep letting yourself sexually go.__

This younger new male mate took a marriage vow; With his wife who went wow; What the hell is she doing with my husband now; I’ll strangle this “bitch” that’s how.__

Surely she was old enough to have had known better to ask; This man was he married and not wearing a misleading mask; Yet she refused to think through this tormenting task; Basically because of needing a big bubble butt bursting bask.__

Unfortunately his slimy sweaty-semen sperm seed satanically sown; Inside her system of her very own._ No longer fit for friendship; In a loving relationship; Unless she comes cultured cleansed in cured courtship; Properly prepares for a preferred partnership; So she stops subconsciously seeking some secretive sex slave ship.__

He conveniently fail to mention his wife; This is a lie of death and not a loving life; He then try to sweet talk her to forget this strife._ Give him another chance; Go further than reciprocating romance; And a sexy stance; Butt he wants her to believe at a glance; That he truly love not anymore to freaking freelance.__

Yes it would be very nice for her to have quite a bit of money; Financial funds for first family foundation forthright funny; Everything she has to give as honey.__

A wealthier woman wiser wittier woman; Has her leverage leading a mature man._ Using it to her best invented interest; And it is he who passes the true talent test.__

Feeling sorry for foolish fakes; Mindlessly making many more mistakes; Only raise the sorrowful sad stakes; There no remedial remakes; It her bottom line and bad beliefs that her own beauteous butt bakes.__

All she’s facing is disturbing disappointments; Devised distracting  discouragements; Otherwise objectionable-obscene ointments; Butt now here he is as an atonement; And an added artistic anointment and advantageous adjournment.__

Consequentially co-creating confusing complex conflicting circumstances; Counter-combating clean cultured changes; Really richly royally romancing; Yet there’s a glimmer of hope that she sees glancing.__


She intentionally didn’t tell this gay guy; The bisexual booty buttocks buy; That she is indeed impregnated not why; Butt by, him even their sexual relationship did die.__

As usual another mistake is made; When women keep their pregnancies of of the open parade; Then go have sex with somebody else as a runaway renegade; And pend the pregnancy on the other man she deceptively do degrade; In the deep dark night and underground shade.__

She lays her whipper-peal on him hard; And asks him to marry her and be my lovin’ lord; Knowing all along how she’s imposing her fraud.__

ArtistCHD1 always accepts the negatives and the positives; They’re all sound-sanesensitivities; Activating available and advantageous activities._

I’m intentionally impregnating individuals; Making my multiple mental marriage matemanuals._ As the founding father of each oncoming offspring; Different diverse mothers musical songs sings; Better benefit babies born bloodlines birthrights brings.__

When I make myself a multimillionaire; I plan to parent pregnant pretty princesses and prepare; To give the new born babies my name to dare; Take them as my very own and as an heir; So that these children inherit a fair-share, Of the worldwide wealth wear; I leave behind on planet Earth everywhere.__



YES: You are in fact Femininity’s foremost first family foundation, fine fit feminine females fortune fortress +$$$, Wealthy Womanhood’s witty wisdom worthy of worshiping. Within the whole wide world woven web!

Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes+Biological Balance!! Best Buy for the big bucks, beauteous butterfly buttocks, born better beneficially bestowed blessed. Genesis genius gifted prodigy prodigious progeny. Happy, honored, humored, holistically healthy human bio-bodily beings. Spiritualized solar sexus souls = Sensualized Sexualized sovereign systems systemic Systream!

anima flower8

PHANTOM-PHATOM-PHYSICS-1: Pure Potency Powers; Purposely producing  bountiful blossoms. Pleasure, politely put into a proper profitable place. Perfecting public people’s planetary population perceptions. Running a fast pace race by the financial free gift of grace. Glamour girls crossing over this  bravely, boldly built bridge; letting go of all guilty female feelings in from of the  Adults who’re more mature in their thinking, mental thoughts, are teaching their young children, all about their sexual natures. No longer letting them learn the hard headed knocks ways, out on the city streets, slum societies and sluts sections of inner-urban areas. Middle mainstream mothers and fathers, have come to the realization, that humankind, womankind and mankind, are all sexual bio-bodily beings!face of male mentalities. Letting him know straight up, ya like me or ya don’t. “Free At  Last” learning leading Lords Love Life Light Locks. Teaching her own mind how; TO LOVE THY SELF. mp3animation2.gif

YES: now knowing how valuable it is to love themselves, who they truly are, which is in fact of reality meant to be spiritually – sensually SEXY vs sexed!!

Worth Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worshipping! = 100%+ Full Fledged FREEDOM of ARTISTIC EXPRESSION = Free Speech HueMain Righteousne$$

SHAMELESSLY: shown real rich royal rear ends, famous fannies, enticing tails, beautiful behinds, back sides; yet, never exposing genitalia, frontal vaginal organs; pubic hairs, titties or breasts, baby’s milk jugs; whatsoever. And these are my mastermind messiah mental models. Righteous rational reasons; I’m not seeking to sell sexual intercourse, push pornography, pimp prostitutes or nothing else XXX rated; of these profiteers practices. Butt, I AM showing some sanely sound sensible sexiness!

Wisely; without Womanhood’s womb, being played around with and over-exposed. No, that is a very sacred sanctuary; precious pussy place of baby birth of all humanity, living upon planetary sphere; LOVE  GODDESS MOTHER NATURE EARTH!!! [ref. http://mother-earth-nature.blogspot.com/]anima%20earth-08-june.gif

So bravely, boldly blow the little butts up, that I’ve posted above panoramic portrait pictures. Enlarge them up to life size digitized-computerized compositions. Of course to do so, you’ll have to email a message, respectfully requesting the large life size pixel digital file, jpg. It executes efficiency, enhances efforts, elevates and excels existing economic ecology = EcoEnergystics = $$$


Divinely Decreed Deliberated: Deserving of exceeding admiration + praise. And I AM faithfully informing you how valuable is your classy sassafras sassy sexy ASS!!!
Clarified crystal clear cultured clean colorful capital cash currency civic conditions, charged circuitry, creative cosmic chemistry, climatic changes. Simply so said, these anointed artworks, internally increases, your vitalizing vibration frequency ratio-rates, revolves radiantly, rapidly, richly, royally and resourcefully! 

By which ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE entitles your majesty.  An intrinsic+inborn+innate intuitive instinct: SEXUALITY + SENSUALITY + SPIRITUALITY.  Yes Spiritualizing sensual sexual sensations!

anima l ove heart cartoon 3ArtistCHD Queen Taste of New Orleans Jazz Festival 2012

The Beautiful Queen of Color & AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD1

A Taste of New Orleans Jazz Festival, 2012, San Antonio, Texas.

SOULMATE Love1Sex2Romance3 = My Music Stream, URL Web page that has the whole list of songs, sound tracks, MP3, all 14 of my mastermind album and artwork: http://artistchd.mymusicstream.com/album/soulmate-love1sex2romance3


SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ colorSoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color neg image

Adults as parental guardians; who’re more mature in their thinking, mental thoughts, are teaching their young children, all about their sexual natures. Educing = educating kids early on in their youthful lives. Healthy head starts to showing them how to truly find their Soul Mates; through native natural attractions and affluent affections. Working with the kids on how to take clean cultured photo-shots safety and securely. Avoiding crotches caught on video cameras, in completely controlled conditions, on and off stage, amateur or professional!

Smart parents, are no longer letting them learn the hellish hard headed knocks ways, out on the city streets, slum societies and shady sluts sections of inner-urban areas. Middle mainstream mothers and fathers, have come to the psychological + physiological realization, that humankind, womankind and mankind, are all sexual bio-bodily beings!



Contribute cleansed cultured capital cash currency at my main Web site.  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com. and or


at bottom of pages.

 YES Make more meaningful mercy merchant money donations, and receive artwork specimens, rare rich royal digital designs. Your huge bigger than life size pictographs, original file format jpg. Transactions made by E-mail message sent to you directly from The Original Creative ArtistCHD.



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COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts + AmeriAfrindian aniima_sun_in_glasses.gifArtistCHD = Son of Solar SUNGODD DEITY, cordially, compassionately, congenially compose in connecting combinations; everlasting leading-linking-long-LoveLifeLightLocks. Expressly: Eco Electron Entity Energy Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3!!! Positively portraying our MultiplexRacialBody of current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red, tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented people’s populations. Proudly + Pleasantly

Her Precious Perfect Pyramid + Love Merry-Go-Round + My Truest Love Found + A Lovely Love Song + Vivian Queen mp3.

Widget Song Player: Listen To Digital Radio MyMusicStream

Her Perfect Precious Pyramid

By which divine royalty; She’s entitled majesty.__Butt beauty
In portraying my poetic visionary story;
I honor this dream girl with the Crown of Glory.__
A lovely lady living in heavenly happy lands;
Somewhere out of reach of my caring hands._
Yet my imaginary sweet heart;an heart
Is spiritually near my lovin’ heart._Butt baby1
This is a beautiful woman;
A CyberSpaceAge traveler as I understand;
Searching the stars for her right man:.
Inspired by our Creators Divine butt based beliefMaster Plan._
My soul is being warmed;
The cosmic forces are being armed._
Whirling winds blowing;
Rich rain drops slowing;
As the water starts snowing;anim flow1
And our radiant SolarSun glowing;.
All the time knowing;
How we reap what we are sowing;
Kindness today down pouring._
The fine female’s supremely pure; Virtuous for sure;
Trustworthy and honesty to endure;Butt basic
A warm kind feeling as a healing cure.__
Now I have a very clear view;
She’s the essence of love I pray tell you who._
In a distant world all sparkling new;
Out in the universe of prismatic color hue;
Transcending the skies that are brilliantly blue.__
In the midst of an adventuring storm cloudani heart4
Performing parts played purely proud;ass-butts
Mellow medium soft and loud.__
Circling around as my mind elevates;
Higher above mates and dates._
Deep feelings and emotions twisting;
Dancing and prancing politely insisting
The heavy rocks stars are at the bottom base;
A solid foundation built upon a pretty face;
Her creative genius by the free gift of grace;butt ass-9
Tingling, and tickling and lights blinking;
SoothingSoft brass embracing;
Impulses of thought racing;
Healthy heart beats pacing;
I can hear her singing among the angels;
Playing softly the musical bells and crystals._Animation3 butts asses gifted girls
Along with the clashing cymbals.__
As I climb without rest or stop;
Up to the peak of her pyramid’s top._
Faster than the speed of light legendary;
Moving in rhythm and rhymes very primary._
I’m really rapping about;Buttocks beauty
Her charged energies no doubt.__
Positive Protons, neutrons and electrons._
LovePeace & Harmony.,on THE EVENT HORIZON.
Our GlobalWorldNations universal phenomenon.__
It’s Goddess Mother Nature;Butt red bottom
Revealing Her refined feminine feature.
As she designs every living creature.__
Portrayed in light of the female gender;
Romantic, Sexy, and tender.__
Her majestic beauty thus splendor
A swish and a sway men must adore._
Surely this lovely lady has natural powers
Intuitive instincts that supremely towers.__ass-4
Over all compassionate caring hearts;
New World Creative Arts.__

So elegant and eloquent;
Called-chosen and sent to invent._
By the Eternal Powers of the Spirit’s intent.__
So then y’all be nice and kind;

For it is the right thing to do so sublime._butt ass-2
This renditionani butterfly
is performed gracefully via Intervention Divine._
The Original Creative ArtistCHD truly did;
Portray HerPreciousPerfectPyramid
My Revolutionary Poetic Art Form;butt white tights
CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!!
CD-MP3 sound tracks Digital. Recording Studio…..
a full symphony orchestra band….
Homemade. musical song created, written, composed
on Sunday December 14, 2008…1:18 AM
THANK YOU VERY KINDLYButt beauty booty
Happy New Years 2009
Song Lyrics RapP 2
butt ass-6
ck-logo-anima6=rotateOur carousel of joyful musical sounds;
Funny faces of the friendly clowns;
Happy people in cities and intuned towns._
Now… I’m talking about a big circular
cosmic color wheel;
Rotating and turning on a reel._
At the very end of our Milky Way Galaxy;
A scientific fact of no fallacy;__
As Mother Earth orbits Father SolarSun;
Doing their graceful dance from dust to dune._
Butt ass-1
Being a caring couple in everlasting love;
A perfect pair from deep below and high above._butt ass-3
Holding hands as female and male, boy and girl;
Woman and man riding up and down in a twisting whirl._
The first cause and affectionate energy emotion;
Forevermore dedicated delightful devotion._anima Blue_butterfly_2
In the spirit of Mother Nature’s wisdom and knowledge;
She’s never naïve nor gullible let us acknowledge._
And it is being nicest;
Thus dearest and sincerest;
To not try and fool Her but to be honest;
Protecting the love that’s the truest._
Surely we are wise to be selective
Thus test and examine everybody irrespective
Of who they are in order to be correctiveani dancingroseredbutt ass-5
With our positive energies assuredly directive._
Being careful in choosing who with to share;
Our deepest feelings and emotions
so naked and bare._
Meaning the right elegant exposure;butt ass-4
Poetic eloquence in complete composure;
Candidly speaking about open disclosure._
I’m portraying my quiet shy nature as talented actor;
The considerate contents of charming character factor;
To those love longing females as better benefactors;Butt booty
Exclusively inquisitive inheritors._
Fortunate to receive this handsome heavenly honor;
The Royal King residing inside my
 personality of splendor._

Yes, it timely took the mystery of pretty polite poetry;
To bring him out of the coy colorful chemistry;butt ass-8
Pleasing patterns of tasteful tapestry;
Into the glorious light of articulate artistry.__
Confidentially apt to be astute;
Giving and receiving righteously resolute;
The environmental condition to institute;
Surrendering to ourselves an honorable salute._28c5f1feb3d19b78
Preserving the sacred blessing;ani iluvub
Making intelligent choices testing._
No broken hearts teaching a hurtful lesson;
For LoveSensationSpiritDivine is in due season._
Self defense to protect our livelihoods;
Suits of armor to defend our hearts of lovely goods._
Locking rude intruders out of our treasure chest;0
Yet opening the closed doors

to the very trustworthy best._
Even an ocean claim closes shut tight;
To protect its precious pearl until the time is right._
So does our domestic pets have set expectations;
Conditional show of their lovable nature’s affections._
And they all will go the other way;
In the opposite direction by the

insensitive things we say;animated ass butt girl2
Instinctively searching for a friendly day.__
Some one even an animal likes to meet;
Because of their kind content of character so sweet._
.Just simply look at me from the inside to the outside;
With a positive proton charged mind you decide;
To see the true King & Queen, Groom & Bride._

Song Lyrics RapP pt1
by-ncanima Butterfly_7

My Truest Love I Found Wearing a beautiful crown._

DiamonStar ‘N Lovin’Faith; Sex and romance to date and mate.__
She came straight to embrace me; I could clearly envision to see.__ In a lovely dream so preciously sweet; Her loving arms reached out kindly to meet __ My body-mind-spirit and soul; A holy union so openly bold.__ Her anima beating_heart_2pretty face with a friendly smile; Politely grinning for a little while.__ Saying that everything shall be all right; My deep sleep in the dark of night.__A true love connection to gently please; Fulfilling her desires softly with ease.__ Now my precious love is so willing to help me; Because I first reached out to help her clearly see.__ Yes, to show my sincere appreciation and devotions; I offer her Faith-Love-Romance & Sex Emotions.__ So intelligent, considerate and smart; My Truest Love I Found has a caring heart._
She is pure achievement success; Her gorgeous breasts to bless; Bringing a long lasting happiness.__ This lovely lady and pretty girl; Is a rare jewel and precious pearl.__ Adorned in a magnificent rainbow of color; Draped by the elegance of serenity like no other.___By which divine royalty: Entitles her rich majesty.___ Sharing with me all of her true wealth; A nurturing woman of free-giving health.___ She has also found her inner-being king; More valuable than a diamond ring; Which satisfaction her money offering did bring; An inspiring love song to gracefully sing.__ I’m at your service Madame; Your soul mate is here right now I am.___

2, Truly comforting and soft spoken; Never to have again our dear hearts broken.__ A sensation of serene bliss; As I opened up to receive her warm kiss.__ I was so very happy with joy; No longer ashamed, shy and coy.__ Crying with cleansing tears; Emotional feelings without any fears.__ Nor painful distressing despair; But faith-hope and justice so fair. ___ All loneliness for us has gone away; Simply disappeared I honestly indeed say.___ Then told my dear love how good; Expressing my self as I should.__ About how long I had searched and walked; With many other females I have talked.___

Now you’re the first woman number one; Under our radiant solar sun.__ I was so very tired; Your true love I strongly desired.__ As I traveled so far and wide; Your tender touch is now by my side.__ Then I saw my self revealed; A reflection in a mirror for real.__ Of my life so vividly true; A divine inspiration I pray tell you.__ I’m writing this love song as if it were a check; Special benefits sent to all women of self-respect.___ There’s no such thing as something for nothing I say; As we willingly share the cost and gratefully pay.__

A double image of my twin girl self; A strong impression is what it left.__ Looking so gracefully great; Fine vibrations of thought at a healing rate__ Colorful chords played on the musical scale; Key notes of LovePeace & Harmony!!! for buy or sell.__ Exchanging our most treasured gifts; Natural born talents with each others lives it uplifts.___ The feminine fragrance I surely could; Smell her sweet scented rosy womanhood.___ I’m proudly overjoyed as it were; Thus to have made warm contact with her.__ Fortunately that lonesome; stranger has come along; Through a handsome; sounding love song.__

She’s attached to my deeper inner spiritual being; Attracted to my very essence mentally seeing._ And not interested in any superficial good looks; But must have the contents of my poetic character story books.__ Pleased to meet you the Comforter in deeds; More than glad to satisfy all of her wants-desires and needs.__ Sparkling gold as our financial security; A wholesome psychology of thinking in its rare purity.___

This caring lady is the perfect soul mate; No more self-doubt, dislike or hate.__ There’s a woman and a man in us all, Can you hear their most inner call.___ For sincere gender equality; Seeking freedom and liberty.__ Now I must surely be gentle and kind; To treat my man self and her right all the time; Understanding so dearly sublime: Our spiritual relation supremely divine.__ Giving to one another all that we have to give; For generosity affords prosperity to live.__ Our enduring friendships forevermore; Everlasting lovers from the soul’s very core.___ I can visualize the positive blessings flowing to and fro; Between us right now for we reap what we sow; Of priceless value confidently she know.___ A beauteous Master’s piece of creative arts, Symbolizing always our kind affectionate lovin’ hearts.__

Web site: COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/
Song Lyric RapP
ArtistCHD' Princesses of Taste of New Orleans Jazz 2012
Vocals pt.1
Listen To The The Heart Beats…


And laws of Mother Nature’s God.__ 

By which divine royalty entitles Her Majesty; She bestows upon us a great moral felicity; The divinity within the life of all humanityMasculinity & Femininity; Supreme happiness  for the heart and mind’s serenity;  Blessed with virtues in purity of morality; Natural talents and gifts of Mother Earth’s UniversManDeity.___ Part 1

She’s a smart woman having a positive thinking mind; My LovelyLoveSong for all of humankind;  Chromatic Chords sounding so sublime; Performing in perfect rhythmic time; Inspired by the Superior Spirit Divine.__ For us to adore and to admire; Warm soothing sensations of a wholesome desire.__ The consistent cadence of rhyming beats of caring hearts; COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts.__

Surely I’m talking about Mother Nature’s God; The invisible heavenly Father Almighty Lord.__ The very first  planetary Cause of Action; In the solemn midst of charitable compassion; And the last affect upon our souls in an artistic fashion.___ The Sixth Sense Genius of Her  Composing Creative Evolutions; The fine feminine female’s everlasting rotating revolutions; The right problem solving serious solution; She has splendid beauties in an organized constitution.__

The Original Creator sharing His benign sentiments; Commanding our Spiritual Renaissance Movement; Progressive growth and learning for self-improvement; Mother Nature has a secure sovereign government.__ Eternal cosmos of matter always moving; Seeking knowledge and wisdom improving.__ Giving us a lovin’ heart symbolic of a real big bass drum in size; Thus calm, cool, cured and collectively tranquilized; Practical experience by motivating surprise; With a magical miracle only of life itself openly realized; The innate ability of a rational brain never compromised.__ Exercising the art of Her & His sound reason;  The mightiest power of intellect applied in productive season.__

The Lovely Girl’s Majestic grandeur; So virtuous, ethical and morally pure; For everlasting throughout the ages of time for sure; ‘N Lovin’ Faith always to endure.__ To her God’s Great Glory; Grace poetically expressed in my eloquent story.___ Saved from superstitious beliefs  causing bloody outrage; Now free to explore the skies of our heavens’ CyberSpaceAge.__

I’m depicting a meaningful musical orchestration; By way of discovering the secrets of Divine Inspiration; Common sense reasoning in mathematical calculation; Her Natural Laws & Natural Religion in potent concentration;Simply sincerity applied in a rational estimation.___ Expertly played up and down the musical scale; No more frightful fear  we must loudly yell; Of a mysterious after death fatal fiery hell; ABC, 123 comprehension without fail; Even an elementary school student can easily tell.__ Orbiting patterns orderly  She  elegantly arrange;  Thus no religiously strange.__ Supernatural mystery; But honest revelation of Her legendary ancient history.___

Post Script:  Now y’all…I want ya to know that this was a LovelyLoveSong.  Coming from the heart and soul…therefore, I would like for y’all to stay in tune and in touch with me. And to open your minds and understand clearly…that… WE must do a lots better, to bring LovePeace & Harmony, here on the face of Mother Earth. And that starts from within…ALL OF US……….. The Beginning And The End, Thank You Very Much.      

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A LovelyLoveSong 

Vocals Part 2…

 DiamonStarSweetHeart’n Love
Laws of Mother Nature’s God
This real beautiful Lady your Excellency;  The God of Mother Nature’s Divine Supremacy.__ Has unchanging order of pulsating excellence; Composed elements in dynamic equal balance.__ We have strong impulses of thought in complete reliance; Depending on a systematic studied science; Of the laws of Mother Nature’s Earth inperfected compliance.__ One based on a fulfilling philosophy; Happy feelings of our safe sane psychology; Having a healthy human happy chronology; Inseparably connected in secure scientific genealogy.__ Biological genetic Codes inseparably related; Our MultiplexRacialBody splendidly created.___ According to her Intelligent Design; Infinite Intelligence of the Universal Mind.___

Our Magnificent skin colorations;Her diverse pigmentations; By way of the Constructive Creative Imaginations; Depicting all people of Her planetary sphere’s  GlobalWorldNations.__ Expanding across our USA Promised Lands; Under our radiant solar sun’s demand; Open minded students of learning pretty please understand; Good relationships is the Holy Ghost Spirit’s Command; According to the Grand; Master’s Divine Plan.___

Consummate freedom blowing in the wisdom of wind; Free to chose the God of Mother Nature here within; And there’s no such of thing as a curse of mythological original sin.__ Expressing the charity of our Originator; A nonviolent compassionate Creator.__ Instructing Mother Nature’s Earthly Humanity; To love each other needing no deadly war insanity.___ Yet what goes around surely comes back around; Invasions, occupations, rape and robbery spell bound.__ Resulting from superstition, prejudice, greed and ignorance; Keeping nations of people in a self-defeating destructive trance; Needing my profound emotionsof redeeming romance; To teach mankind how to plainly politely prance, And to laugh loudly logically by chance; In a healthful  good sense of humor taking a brave gallant stance;  While using simple reason to gracefully smile, laugh and dance.__

Indubitably “By the grace of God which was given unto me”; Liberty and justice to set everybody completely free; Through a sweet sounding melody; Singing  a friendly tune of LovePeace & Harmony.__ Healing redemption now living here with us all among; Via precious poetry portrayed in a definitive LovelyLoveSong.__

Post Script: That is LovelyLoveSong y’all. Now let me tell you something at the spirit of the moment…. The way my heart goes freely…. And my mind just….rides right along real easy. We as a people, as the HOMO SAPIENS RACE, everybody, including every race, no matter what color of skin they have, WE have to learn to work together as a team…as a single unit. For ONE ALMIGHTY LORD GOD, OneMother Nature’s GodHER Only Natural Religion. These things we do know, when we don’t know anything else-because they are so obvious. We can see the glory when we look up into the skies…and the stars, that’s where the truth is, where justice lies…within our own VISION.   LovelyLoveSong

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ArtistCHD's Princesses Taste of New Orleans Jazz Fest 2013_A

“What is Color Therapy? The use of color as a form of therapy dates back to the ancient therapeutic practices of India, China and [Love Goddess Mother Africa’s Africoid Ancient Ancestral Egypt. Named KEMET = “The Land of the Blacks” or Negroid Originating HueMain Beings.]”  So y’all make no mistakes about our true historicity!!!  

ANCIENT KEMET EGYPT = KEMEGYPT: Was historically comprised of every body’s biological baby born births. Terrestrial territorial tissue tones – tans – tints.  Many multitudes of melaninated membrance members, made up of protectorate nations-states-countries; inclusively, Nubians of Nubia, Ethiopians of Ethiopia. Thus the Nile River Valley Civilizations ;as one complete conglomeration. Not like what “White” men of Eurocentric falsified historians tries t to trick, then tell We’s & Us’s what we are and are not. Because he is the godfather of all lies as a leading lost losing liar! 

Next notes…

BLACK Branded brothers and soulful sisters, seeks their total liberation and full fledged freedom, from so self said; “Whites”. Autonomy, separation – segregation in societies. Blackened borders between, whitened, asinine ass angry Angloidian-Americans Al Qaida operatives. Those whitefaces who are all against Africaness attributes; anti-African-Americans, as blackness native national Negroes = Negroidians – “Niger” (Spanish – Latin language)

The exclusive – extremist “Blacks”; are determined to have their own Nation herein, the devilishly demonic divided dis-United States Satanic Slave Ship; as it slowly or suddenly sinks! They’re justifiably mad militant minded men and warrior women. No doubt should have their Sovereign Society and Solemn System!
Albeit, better beneficially bestowed blessed, BUTT, We’s & Us’s are Aboriginal Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, as actualized; blue-blacks, browns, redbones, and high yellows. The Lights & The Darks!!
Knowing how that we’re already amalgamated, aggregated, admixtures within the human bio-bodily beings, of our originating organic organisms; Omnipresent ORIGINAT=ORG-ONE-1.

Name: Z-BLACKRAYZ Phantom Physics OriginatOrgOne1 URL: http://blackrayz.wordpress.com/

They’re attempting to ‘Black-a-fy’; everybody of Africa’s ascent, wittingly or unwittingly, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally. Yet as these modern day; “Black-a-Moors”; try to tell Africans in the USA; that they’re fearlessly fighting back against; “Racism White Supremacy” and “The White Terrorist Dominators”! Yeah right…. this is what they publicly proclaims and loudly say!

Nevertheless, wickedly, while making melaninated membranes members, who have Brown coloration cosmetic complexions, “all Black”; this is their hidden agenda, ulterior motives. Surreptitiously associating the negative nasty naughty nose, namely, Nation of Islam, Muslims, militant Mohammedan monsters, vicious vegans and vile vegetarians, inside their movements. And at the very same time projecting another radicalized racist renegade rouge Reptilian Race Religion = The Black Supremacy Religiosity!

Next  notes….

Pretty Please Politely Perceive: So then yawls know that this is COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, expertly expansive and multiplex dimensional, a mansion of many multiple rooms, connections, links, hooking up with each other to artfully form a consummated unified Whole! Read and research this later on: http://ancient-africa.blogspot.com.

And remember to dutifully NOTE: “These ancient techniques have now been adapted to modern day usage in the form of chromotherapy, or Color Therapy as it is more popularly known. Color therapy is a form of  vibrational healing therapy that utilizes the beneficial effects of different colors to effect healing.” http://www.yogawiz.com/massage-therapy/color-therapy.html

Therefore might our self-loving Africans in America and living in other places worldwide, acknowledge their own historical high achievement successes. Thus relearn how paramount important it is to embrace our inner spiritualizedsexualizedsensualized strengths. To not only overcome enemy entity energies, INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM:  sexism, fascism, egoism; butt better blessed benefits, is to terminate them totally!!!! Mind over material matter!!!

Surely the total truth is being told openly brave and bold. Praiseworthy, because of having such a fine fit feminine featured female formed figure.

My MASTER1 Melanin Media, Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphsical Mediums. =Love Sensation Spirit Sublime = MP3.

Worldwide, sending your good feelings of happy satisfaction and enjoyment; emittng economic-ego-electron-energy-emotions; Love1Sex2Romance3,  in the sexy midst of sensual gratitude.


OK Y’ALL: Here We’s & Us’s are right now today, living in our 21st century CyberSpaceAge of digitized artwork productions. And I would love for everybody to know exactly what the symbol means that’s portrayed up above. First and foremost of all, it represents UNIFICATION. I’m talking about a cordially, congenial compatibility companionship. Real relationships that are soundly and sanely based on SPIRITIOUS subliminal message; as opposed to Religious radicalized racism!

Plus+, this specific art specimen being exhibited, unifies our bodily organisms with the Solar Sexus Souls’ Spirit. That presides over thus, resides in the abysmally deep subterranean regions of the heart’s Center Carbon Core!!! The seat of emotions and feelings, compassion and lovingkindness. It’s invisible and intangible, butt believe my revelations reported, that it is certainly a REAL-LIVE VISION!!! = Universal IniVision Realivion vs Religion & Politics!! http://artistchdrealivision.wordpress.com.


Now Today Do I have Your Undivided Attention?

OUR FEMININITY: Yes   Kindhearted Kinky King of COLOR KINGDOM NWCA:  is talking about elegantly graceful girls, women who keep themselves in their appealing and attractive bodily proportions. And this self-love is wealthy health care of the highest quality ass glory that she can embrace for herself. Period.

1. Sex: ‘(chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse. 2. Either of the two sexual categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.”


 BUTTERFLY BUTT BAIT:  with wearing the badge of honor by being shapely, fine figured for her physical makeup in appearance. Tall or short, lighter or heavier, thicker musculature or a thin structured petite-slender-skinny bone; Beauty Booty Butt Body Bio-Balance!!   

 Rich Royal Rare Resources of AmeriAfindian ArtistCHD’s Universal IniVerse  RealiVision = Real-Live-Vision,  True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Artistically clean cultured tastes, refined quality of sexually matured morals. Aesthethically appreciating the natural sexy sensations of Sublime Inspiration. Truly the natural artful fashion of feminine female fragrant flowers that blosoms beautifully. A Masculine Male’s internal-eternal delight = beauteous blooms.

Yes, they were created through the patterned pathways of Son of GODSUN’S Love Life Light Locks. And this truth is self-evident as a factual reality!!!

Enjoying the sweet smelling roses, tulips, daffodils, pansies, among many other lusty lovely looking ladies buttressed by the beauteous Rare Rich Royal CROWN OF GLORY. 


 ASSOLOGY + BUTTOLOGY: Free of charge, cost or money. HUEMAIN Homeland Mother Africa’s Ancient History. SHE, designed the feminine females figures for fortunes of fun and fantasy. HER, girls and women were meant to be fine figured and sexy, appealing and pleasing to see nude-naked and clothed with the utmost respect and Dignity Digital Divinity = MP3.

Therefore you may lustfully look and enjoy your self as you please.  Truly being the humans that we all are suppose to openly be: SOLARIZED  SEXUALIZED  SOULFOOD of SEXUALITY + SPIRITUALITY!! = FunkySoulSongSeason = MP3

Pretty Pleasing Plus, it  is financially for freedom and a liberal-liberated access to everybody who wants to know the totally told truth. People are intended to be sexual and spiritual as well as physical beings. So know these facts. And understand fully that this is no profiteering-racketeering scheme to feed upon the poor nor impoverished members of society. And is not trying to sell the under-class citizens any types of products whatsoever.

Only offering open information to help save the Solar Sexus Souls of society and humanity. My artwork is copyright protected and invisibly coded and is the only things belonging to Me-Myself I AM The Originator Creator AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, An Actualized Ascendant = Ancient Ancestral Authority AFRICA LOVE GODDESS Mother Earth Nature!!! = MP3

BUTT SURELY SHIFTING + SHE’S SHARING: Many of these art exhibits are purposely placed inside THE PUBLIC DOMAIN + CREATIVE COMMONS.  Because, Knowledge must remain free flowing and financially freed.

Running and jogging artfully work the lungs, cardiovascular breathing apparatus. Keeping those lovehandles off the hips. At all times set into  locomotions, unto the perfect law of lovable ladies liberty.

Talents to serve whosoever shall see these art specmens. For they are lots more meaningful than simply just plain o- fashion clasical creations. And my artwork has embedded–implanted SPIRITIOUS vs Religious inputs. Enabling them to contain and retain the powerful forces of The Ether That Be.

REFLECTING + RADIATING: The Energized Electro Magnetic Field of the ColorComplexTrix. Conglomerating constellations and of our GlobalWorldNations!!!

1. Love: “an immense feeling of deep affection, a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone: a personified figure of love. Great interest and pleasure in a thing.”

Electrolytes, of neurons, protons-photons and electrons. Vibrating frequencies at astronomical exceedingly fast speeds. Healing hurt hearts, injured feelings, stabilizing unstable emotions, thus truly restoring righteousness. Sexual + Spiritual maturity and cultured contextual character contents. = Coming Clean!

All y’all have to do is study with a wholesome open mind of gratitude-thankfulness and aesthetic appreciation. Lovingkindness: tenderness and consideration towards others. The butterflies of the better best benefit blessings!

Our Miracle Merchant Money Making Mysterious Magic:  Your chance to monetary values where your mouth is; because talk radio shows are cheap trash. And too many members fear their own innate sexuality, hence are scared of their inborn sensuality; while having no spirirituality; because of such fright.

Howsoever so intrinsically glorious and womanly wonderful: The money makers are women, ladies, girls who are gifted graciously in human art form. Elegant draped in a magnificent rainbow of beauteous composed COLORCOMPLEXTRIX.

YES: Surely her having and keeping the proper amount of fat-muscle anima-psoter-colork.gifweight ratios in the most aesthetic looking streamline-waistline measurements, portrays a sincere self-loving sane sensibility. Compassionate care taking of the one and only human body organism we or she has to live inside; as an In-Spirited Divine person, having an indwelling Solar Sexus Soul & Spirit.

Therefore in the name lusting Love Life Light Locks Leading Lilly Lady, leader of these truths, I execute my exquisitely exclusive commanding order: AN HONORABLE SALUTEto you = MP3. Colorful Music Metaphysics!

“Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is often facilitated in the healing rooms of alternative health practitioners. Color therapy is classified as a vibrational healing modality. Vibrational medicine incorporates the use of chi energies within living organisms such as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and sound.

Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy. All the primary colors reflected in the rainbowcarry their own unique healing properties. The sun alone is a wonderful healer! Just imagine what life would be like without sunshine. It has been proven that lack of sunlight contributes to depression for some people.” 

Acknowledged Recogniton: For taking wholesome health care compassion for your own personal private human body organism. Shows picturequely to everybody how an adult matures majestically and developes portraying pure PLEASURE.

“FREE AT LAST” Artfully expressive, culturally cleansed and correct. = Non-religious + Non-political!! Full female freedoms of expression in individual choices, without the condemnation and damnation of self-righteous religious hypocrites and bias bigots of gloomy dooms day dogmas.

Especially those who’re so willing and ready to run off to foreign warfare fights, bloody battles, calling themselves faithful Patriots. Killing, robbing, raping, molesting, plundering, pillaging others unmercifully. = Loveless lost losers!!! Soldiers of misfortunes $$$

TERRORISTS: Then they turn around and proclaim their innocence and saying that they are sinless; yet do these artless acts and deadly deeds. Criminally committing crimes against earthly humanity with their psychotic insanity. Butt, better beneficially blessed, is to stay the Heavens Hades Hell Fires at home, dancing and prancing, singing, listening to some CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP.  Lusty and luxuriously living in LOVE PEACE & HARMONY!!!!

“Music therapy is used with individuals of all ages and with a variety of conditions, including: psychiatric disorders, medical problems, physical handicaps, sensory impairments, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, communication disorders, interpersonal problems, and aging. It is also used to: improve learning, build self-esteem, reduce stress, support physical exercise, and facilitate a host of other health-related activities.”

TO LOVE THY is To “Know Thy Self”: The quality of the contours as they mold a sexy she shitter shift. Creating the causal composition of your own physical presence, to portray itself-image; openly and ostensibly. Which breaks the bondage of brainwashing bribery!

Depicting Assology + Buttology: is being one of great delights in decision making. And portrays positive problem solving solutions.

anim-paralyzecolorking.gifFACE FORWARDS FOCUSSED:  Artistically actualizing authentic and aesthetic:  feelings of the flowing frequences.  = Eco Electro Entity Energy Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3!!!

As you naturally smell in essential essence, as a ruby red rose blossom of fresh floral fragrance of your feminine flesh and blood.  Which is the utmost honorary act to perform in high stardards of values and virtues fit for our sexy VivianQueen and Kinky King of ColorKingdom = MP3

Certainly you deserve being spoiled rotten, pampered as the Beauty Butt Body Babes Bio-Balance. Having your way because without you the whole wide world would witness a cessation of loving lust. Consequently also Love Sex Romance by Divine Will would suddenly StopPointBlankPeriod.
Surely sometimes she has to become indignant, “act like a nigger”; in order to git her man’s immediate attention. Vociferously loud mouth and outspoken if and when need be? Although, I strongly suggests she stays soft spoken, talk in a low tone of voice which sounds much more eloquently elegant. Yes, you’re to keep, have and hold on to your Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom of FEMININITY!

Ya Damn Right this is some “bad ass” “good shit”: Her Original Musical Theme Song Love MerryGoRound = MP3. She’s super star SEXY, stylized fashionably as; Honky Dory’s Purest Sweetheart Honey, Healthy Happy Holy Holistic Humane humor!!!


HIGH QUALITY ASS SASSY CLASS: Exhibiting delicacy and prettiness. Graciously as perfectly polite Pretty Pattern Princesses. Those studied women who’ve learned that they are not or never were intended to be called “equal to men”. That’s a bunch of radicalized rigid religious politics. Mind control games to draw females off-sides and encourage her to start acting as she were a male. Forsaking the most intimate intrinsic factors of her inborn feminine attributes.

Sexualogy: “The study of human sexual life or relationships. Sexological Sexologist! = MY TRUEST LOVE I FOUND;Wearing a beautiful crown.

“Music therapy is an allied health profession and one of the expressive therapies, consisting of an interpersonal process in which a trained music therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients to improve or maintain their health.”

SheHe were only made, created, and intended only to be strictly; Congenial Cordial Compatible Companions. And absolutely no such thing in nature as Equality of Males & Females; strived for foolishly, in a religious politicized system. This can not possibly ever happen! Because they are never to be compared!

YES: Our Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR of SUNGOD, created everybody, each and every per-sun and hue-main being living bodily organism. Males to be compared to other males, and likewise, females compared only to different females, accordingly.  Thereby eliminating the sexism or sexual discriminating disparities. They only exist within the mind of invidious and insidious indoctrination!!

MY MEANINGFUL Manifested Materialized MONEY Making Mechanisms. =Mastermind Metaphysical Music Mediums! 

Sexual: “relating to the instincts and physiology and activities connect with physical attraction or intimate contact between individuals. 2. Of or relating to the two sexes or to gender.”

Composed Constructive Creative Imagination, is at artwork herein. What I’ve actualized and realized to be named. Grandly Great Genesis Gifted Genius. Our Sixth Sensualized+Sexualized+Spiritualized Solar Sexus Soul!!!

Romance: “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Love esp. when sentimental or idealized. An exciting and enjoyable love affair, esp. one that is not sensual or long lasting.”

YES; You are supremely shaped and superiorly sexy. Extremely excellent in bodily bio-genotype; in an action packed pleasing appeal.Beyond and above all others in shapely superior appearance!.

Albeit you’re a BEAUTY BUTT BODY BABES Biological Balance; being first classy sassy ass; number one of Mother Earth Nature‘s best built human art forms. And; it has absolutely nothing to do with the rational reasoning of your head’s brain, pretty face or not, nor based on how your mind thinks whatsoever! Because, what I AM, talking specifically about is your innate-intrinsic  Fine Fit Feminine Female Featured Figure!!! 

You self qualify automatically, of the highest ranking order of fresh floral feminine fragrant odors, smells and scents. And your physical presence; needs no stupid-dumb college degrees, alleged certificates of achievement. Fortunately because you were naturally born SUCCESS. Thus a lovely looking rose, in full flavored savory blossom, who have already achieved the uppermost levels of high quality ASS!!!

Romanticism: “1. A movement in the arts and literature that originated in the 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the privacy of the individual.”

BUTTERFLY BUTTRESS: Moreover, all you’ve had to do on a must-mandatory basis, is to keep good alth care of your biological belongings, take proper care of your own rear end, preserve the integrity of your personal private behind, protecting your tailbone at all times!  A Lovely Love Song = MP3.

Lovesome: “ poetic/literary, lovely or lovable.”

MAINTAIN: Your personalized membership to Her  PRECIOUS PERFECT pyramid.gifPYRAMID.  Because your Butt is lots more money made, material matter; than what it’s commonly cracked up to be. Improperly and inappropriately called; nasty, dirty, filthy, unclean, stinky, funky, musty, so forth and so on with these unfortunate negative names.
However, Nurturing Mother Nature cleans womanhood from Her insides out. And nothing unnatural comes from the female’s internal + everlasting eternal SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEMYes, it’s all positively good tasting gravy $$$
Loving: feeling or showing love or great care. Therefore, AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, has redefined, exactly what they mean by converting the perverted, back into their original creative art forms of being positively proton charged good. Even her good bad ass odor and sensational She Shifting SHIT!
“Now there I’ve said it”; are y’all becoming shitfaced, scared-shocked shitless, or just still full-a-shit?  Her ass is worth a potty pot of GOLD, nuggets, nutcrackers and butternuts.
A trustworthy talented treasure chest COMPASS Banking Account to store our trust funds for future financial fitness, Fatal finalizing  funeral services. Burial fees and or cremation costs, floral arrangement expenses and such paying of respects to our beloved decease, dead bodies of love ones, etc.  Cash capital currencies covering cemetery graveyard plots or laying lots on lain locations. Financial funds invested herein with COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

Remember yawls to dutifully NOTE vs. Vote: Refuse to spend another dollar or cent on these man made manufactured politicized religions. They are all faking fraud in fact devilish lies of leading lost liars. Because throughout historicity, they are notoriously known to be the very wicked witchcraft worshippers of make believe white male “God” Lord & Savior, who never truly existed. All mythic men or mad males who want to keep on controlling and dominating the sex = gender of the Females. And the fruitful financial flowing MONEY = $$$

And is certainly crazy Caucasian Caucasoid creatures criminal crap!!! = Christianity’s insanity of inhumanity, coupled in cahoots collusion with idiotic ignoramus Islamic Muslims of hatemongering and warmongering; Entity Energy “Enemy Combatants”!!! Read ChristLikelyen vs. Christian!! At: http://christlikelyen.wordpress.com

Truly, your very biological humane state of being alive, well and sublimely willed wealthy, has in history’s past and in today’s present time period, inspired millions  of males, money making merchant men and boys to great genesis genius! Your classy sassy ass is “most assuredly” my motivating inspiration to creative artistic achievement success.

Thereby prompting my personalized, customized, solarized, colorized, sexualized, spiritualized: DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS!!!=MP3 Therefore, I submit my flattering compliments in all sexy she shit shifting sincerity!

CURRENTLY CULTURED CLEAN CRYSTAL CLEAR: Moreover, every type of, style of cloths, apparel, top and underwear you have on your body, the product line commercially increases in true values. Because, you solarize-sexualize-romanticize, all fashions by way of your innately intrinsic Infinite Intelligent Intellectualized Ingredients.

Sex: ‘(chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse. 2. Either of the two sexual categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.”

Those are all false equations, phony politicized policy scenarios, man-made-manufactured Institutionalized Sexism & Racism coupled together as one singe sick sinister serpent system.

Male White Supremacy Superiority Superpower Sickness Syndromes!!! Meaning also that you are to no longer actress as a faker Feminist or standing still in a dead state of motionless moments nor of faded Feminism.

ANIMATE your love life: So then you may wisely identify and associate yourself with our ColorKingdom New World Creative Arts, virgin version and definition of FEMININITY.

 Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship: Affords the highest degrees of recognition, accredited to her account, on her behalf and serving the females of cultural quality. That wholesomeness classifications is specifically attached to how she choose to be herself, To Love Thy Self’s healthy wealth=100+$$$ dollars, common currency cents. So come clean out the box and shake ya butt, and show ya ass artfully. Dance and singe and prance and ROMANCE!!!

Romance: “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Love esp. when sentimental or idealized. An exciting and enjoyable love affair, esp. one that is not sensual or long lasting.”

And most important as it pertains to CK-NWCA THE COMFORTER, all self-qualifying females, who have an active animation8-colorking-rotate.gifbusiness mind, may immediately start their Rich-Rare-Royal creative arts collection. Thus market merchant money making artwork, of the supremely uppermost quality ass assets. Yes the smart entrepreneurial minded girls are getting wholesomely wealthy as wise women. BY BUYING & SELLING!!

“Color therapy is based on the fact that physiologic functions respond to specific colors. Exactly how does this happen? Attached to the brain are pineal glands, which control the daily rhythms of life. When light enters through the eyes (or the skin) it travels neurological pathways to these pineal glands. Different colors give off different wavelength frequencies and these different frequencies have different effects on physical and psychological functions. The example given above with yellow, red and orange in the fast food restaurant is just one way this principle works” http://www.essortment.com/color-therapy-35795.html

HARP ON THIS TALENTED TUNE: Certainly, a real true to the kindhearted Kinky King, Masculine Male, so as is my own self, are meant to highlight Feminine Females attributes rather than egotistically trying to inflate or uplift males ego, identifying with the same sex-gender. Which in my point of view leads to bi-sexual, and or gay males, stuck on stupid attempting to please one another emotionally, mentally and sexually. So be it, each to their own vices or shortcomings!

My Mastermind Musical Metaphysical Mediums are your Messiah Mental Models. No material  matter as meaningless men or menacing mad males.  Butt, an invisible, unseen SpiritualSexualSensual surrounding sounds vibrating in certain frequences. Stimulating and exciting at times, then calmly soothing in serene silence at other intervals. Intentionally arranged and composed having true values and meaningful substance. Created  in service to and by our SOLAR SEXUS SAVIOR SERVER = SPIRIT SOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM!!!

However, ME-MYSELF I AM THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE AMERIAFRINDIAN ARTISTCHD: who by the rational reasoning decision, conscious-cognizant awareness, via the active operation of his thinking mind and brain, intentionally Feminized CKNWCA. A mannish-manly thing to do!

YES: Why not ask yourself this very key question, do I form relationships with a bunch of other males? Better still might I answer with a hell NO! And I see butt buddies everyday talking to one another, and suppose to be straight men?! Butt I can’t tell!

What a waste of valued time sitting around drinking beers, smoking tobacco cigarettes, marijuana-weed-grass at all. Less known while associating in another masculine males company. I have very little use for their arrogant ambitious egoist asshole jerk offs.

Indubitably, this is precisely why I surround myself, living environment with beauteous FLOWER GIRL Fashions. Prettier Pattern Princesses, Beauty Queens + Love Goddesses. Of heavens earthly delights!

Females to me are the fresh fragrant flowers of planet Mother Earth by Her Nature. And in Love Life Light Locks Lilly Ladies, I enjoy with the utmost pleasure having lots of pretty floral arrangements around in my immediate home living environment. Many green andcolorful house plants, that also sometimes blossoms and produce her fruit with bearing seeds.

This personal growth process constitutes clean cultured commerce, clinical cash currencies, and circulating Color Currencies.

Our cordial commission calling cause of action. Helping heal hurting humanity, restored healthy vitality and virility, and installed–instated through the pathway patterns of a cleanse cultured CURE!


 YES COLOR KINGDOM NWCA Reveals + Reports: Ms Sasha Grey Officially Retired from the XXX Porn Industry, May 8, 2011. And this is in my persoal opinion the correct answer and right decision for her to have made.  Enough is Enough! Allowing others to abuse and misuse her physical body in sexual exploitatons, for making more money. And there’s an end to such sex practices, that probably has injured, harmed and or hurt Sasha’s bodily womanhood.

Even though I hear and read nothing stating that she is experiencing some clinical issues and medical tissues, it is my mind that says she’s suffering from some unkind type of internal damages. Thus was forced to rethink her career choices, compelled by certain circumstances to immediately get the hell out of the pornagraphic profession. A better benefit blessing, and she still can be sexy without perversions and battering her beauteous body, and genitalia = anus and vigina!!

CKNWCA: Says about high time to quit, damn good news to my ears.  And in fact this beautiful, sexy looking young lady is very welcomed and invited to join my Flower Girls Fine Fit Feminine Female Fashions.  Because, actually it was perhaps, ? not an intellectual free willed thing for Ms Sasha Grey to do;  by early retirement, bailing out, butt an emotional reacton to something, unreported, and kept secretly private, ? away from the public view. ? And this caused Sasha, to transiton and cross over and out sooner than she or others had expected. Early retirement due to being MADE, for whatsoever reasons, to StopPointBlankPeriiod. http://www.sashagrey.com/  

“Sasha Grey (born Marina Ann Hantzis on March 14, 1988) is an American former pornographic actress and Penthouse Pet, who has since turned to mainstream acting, modeling and music. Early in her adult film career, she was profiled by several popular culture magazines and television programs. She won several AVN Awards between 2007 and 2010, and has also been featured in music videos and advertising campaigns. After her mainstream feature film debut as the lead in Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, she shifted her focus to acting, starring in the black comedy/horror film Smash Cut as April Carson, as well as having a supporting role in season 7 of HBO’s Entourage. She has also”… http://interceder.net/list/Sasha-Grey


 Listen Free Instrumental or Download Vocals Free MP3 Musical Theme Song + http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/VivianQueen%2B%2526%2BKinky%2BKing +



Who dat dar, who dat ova dar… who dat gul ‘n dar, look at dat fine gul….. man it ought to be a law against that fine chick, saa baby.   bigmouthman.gif

VivianQueen & Kinky King, The Biblical Adam & Eve Thing; Let freedom’s liberty bell ring; His & Her poetic song to sing._    

BUTT beauteous bottom backbone rear ending; In the blessed benefit beginning; Genesis genius skin’ ‘n grin’n; There were no such thing as sinning._   who dat dar ova dar, dars gol ova dar ‘n doz moundans…

The original Woman & Man; He & She may We’s & Us’s understand, “inner-stand and over-stand”._ This outstanding command; Across the geographical land; According to Divine Will’s Plan._


Y’all betta com’on ‘n dat house, stop makin’ up all turtle_an012.gifdat racket out dar…

Master Mind Melanin Messiah; Merchant mercy money made on Mt. Moriah; A religious political pariah; Fraud in fact liar; Devilish lies told by the false Christian church house choir._ muummhuh        I’m talking about ocean sea salt surf; Her Healthy Happy Holistic Humankind Birth; Love Goddess Mother Africa Nature Earth; She bored-carried and delivered upon Her turf._

        Now listen up…. One and two people paired; Sex gender sets lionguitar_an353.gifequably faired._ Solar Sexus Souls; From the ancient African historic days of olds._Years ago never odd Butt molded mod; Who had a Son of SUNGOD; A Daughter of delight-dirt-clay-mud and sod.__

piciloplayeran455.gifThe Homosapiens sapiens species; Two-legged upright walking persons who sees; Free of any unkind stereotype disease; Exploring the earth as they naturally please._

A blueblack beauty booty butt body babe bio-balance; Born tubaman_an383.gifimmaculately by way of LoveSexRomance; Our Heavenly Father & Earthly Mother’s dance; Compatible companions that prance; At a glance this is ArtistCHD’s strong stance.__My Iniversal RealiVision; Vs religion; A definite decision; Of accurate precision._ And beardrummer_an454.gifagainst dog infested po-lice-poli-ticks ; Blood sucking corrupt criminal mites misfits._

Scientist says after created; Everybody else mutated; Fine-Fit Feminine Female and muscular masculine male mated; Boy and girl dated; Was this also incest ill-fated; Sister and brother XXX-rated?_ How else could humans happen on the run; Mother f..er and son of gun; Having lust-loving sexual fun, Father and daughter under the shinning sun?!_ Shall sensible society face; That creative evolution is by the free gift of grace; Was there not only one single species called human race?.__

Therefore what is immorality morality; How do you define perverted sexuality; Do it conform with truest reality; How did the family start in actuality; Wasn’t it by way of innate divisibility._ Cells dividing and multiplying; Learning how to keep on lying; Intense sunny hot days frying; Stealing from one another never buying.__ who dat ova dar… who dat sneakin’ in rockingturdle.gifmy house in da back doe,… yeah they’a steal everything ya got brother….

Now here individuals are today; Right now looking for full proof I say; About who to worship and pray; For as Lord & Savior they may.__ Be the indwelling; God-self spelling._ Under the moon light paling; Lilly white melanin hormones failing._ Or under the bright brilliant brain; Big optical seeing third eye in the sky so sane._ Of the pineal gland; Using both hemispheres so gallantly grand.__

Two halves to make a cracked whole; Wife and husband plays their royal rich role.__ Witty wise women-mannish men; Having no mythological original sin._ No need for any allegory; Man made up unholy bible story._ AMON AMEN.

jackass.gifWho dat dat ova dar… man look at that fine woman…. look at that Ass brother. Boy she gotta BUTT!!!

 ROCKOFFENSE=STONEDEFENSE: Means Merchant Mercy Money=$$$, made by honest methods, wise ways, and artistic talents in techniques. Yes We’s & Us”s are talking about intentional Fabrications, Butt, within it the word’s True-Up definition of being positive in profession. In this stated manner there is no nasty nose negative connotations or counter-productive meanings.


SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color

animation8-colorking-rotate.gifSOULMATE Love1Sex2Romance3: YES, I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian. advertising appointed – anointed Arthiest + Artistry. And all are artworks; revealed anima flower8righteously; by ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Via The COMFORTER COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts;  Thank yawls, very kindly from the kindhearted kinky KING.

THINK THIN: Tight tank tops, talented T-shirts, blouses, skirts skinny-slim. And exclusive, full framed females, fully fit, fatless figures, fine feminine females, too!



SOULMATRIXZ: Means my mastermind melanin messiah mental models. Moeny making messiah methods.  Elegant essences, eloquent essentials. Visualized Vivian Queens, pretty princesses, lovely looking lead ladies, lords long Love Life Light Locks.

Inner-Vision, RealiVision = Real Live Visions. Surely Shexz shall show some serenity, sovereignty, sincerity. Serious Spiritiious sensations sublime. Smooth soft spoken sensitivity, sensibility. I’m surely seeking solarized sun-tans, tissue tones, true tribal talents!


HOME: http://www.customink.com/ 

Talented Teamwork + National Network +

Whole Worldwide Web Working!

YES: You may be permitted to purchase portrait pictures, plus+ personalized printing them on various canvases, materials, fabrics, anima-psoter-colork.gifapparels, as you will want to. Howsoever, I respectfully request, that you also, commit capital cash currency, donate digitized dollars = $$$ to CKNWCA‘s Financed Funding Family Foundation. (PayPal online banking = Compass Bank, Herein The Beauteous City of San Antonio, Texas.)

SoulMatrixz - SoulMate_ color neg image

RESPECTFUL RESQUESTS: E-mail me at: charles4586@sbcglobal.net. This tactical technique, truly allows you to receive my personal permission to print; producing pure profits = $$$100%+. And for financial fortunes, service-sales, saving solar sexus soul = SOULMATES.

Wexz & Usxz: are coming completely cultured clean! Doing the righteous things towards our other human bio-bodily beings of humanity. Giving original creative artists, their just rewards + awards; knowingly, intentionally, willingly and purposely.

NOTE: If you choose to use one of my letters, sacred spiritual syllabic symbols; then therefore, through true trustworthy transparency, I expect that you make monetary dollar donations, to COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. How much money = ???

Happy Heartfelt Donation button located at the bottom of this Main Web site linking URL:  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

anima beating_heart_2Donate Button



What I AM doing is bringing together all of the perplex puzzle’s composure, complimentary, compatible parts, participants, persons, practitioners, partners, people. This is what I name to be defined as being; The Ultimate Utilized Ultra-Universal Unification!

Butt beauty_KNNO No no, not at all am I playing some unkind type of gambling game with women’s holistic health and happiness. Unlike those who will attempt to advocate for fat females, knowing this can certainly, culturally, clinically be unhealthful!

BUTT BEWARE: Petty Profiteers producing extra-size garments, to justify, rectify fitting flabby fat framed females. Adulating, and flattering them to death and demise!

Morbid obesity obsession occurring today, with human beings over-eating daily. Trendy times, toxic tissues increases polluted-poisonous pounds. Heavy weight women with jelly rolls and big buldging bellies. Constantly cultivating culinary costumes of munching on junk stuff, fake-“frankin-foods”, consuming far too many, much meaningless meals, and having excessive amount, large portions and sweat snakes in between. It’s not OK, cool, neither honky dory, being a greedy glutton, who wantonly gobbles up high carbohydrate candies, cookies, breads, starches, and still expect to stay slim, trim, lean and cultured clean. Foolish fault – fatal fate!

Donate Button


Framkly. honestly speaking; Y’all now know this total told truth too! Eating healthy fats don’t make you get fat! And the only bad fatty acids are trans-fats, derived from burning hot heated vegetable oils.  Never good for frying foods, whatsoever. And the best cooking lard is pure-clean, unadulterated saturated fats; in which, stands high heat, degrees, temperatures. In factual reality, they keep the body alive and well + heart-healthy. The very best bargains; Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes; bio-body-balanced; better bestowed benefits blessing = BLESSITY.

UniTrixz-UnificaTrixz_color neg image

Courageously Challenging Key Assuptions: I am and has planted these potent possibilities, success seeds sown inside myself’ sovereign solar sexus soul. And expect them to germinate into existence, manifest materially, in this real world of animation. Sprouting up and out profusely, pervasively, profit proofed positive plants, produced PlaneTrixz


Approx. about 10% to 12% good decent persons or public people. Pleasant personalities, non-political, non-religious thinkers. Very Spiritual or Spiritious individuals.  Know now how valuable it is to teach unity, of each and everybody’s realistic radiant RAYZ vs “RACE”!!

New World Ideas vs Old World Ideas: My mastermind mental models, are both sex-genders; females and a very rare few males. Basically because, I’m femininity orientated, indoctrinated and educated. Howsoever, everybody, has their essential role to play-perform professionally. The flexible, featured fabric fashions, strategic styles, are versatile.

Divinely decreed, delicate discrimination develops those truer talents through tough tests, trials and tribulation too!!

DONATION DOLLARS = DONATED DESIGNS = DIVINE DECREED DELIBERATION = 100%+ at bottom of Web site: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

Donate Button


THINKING TECHNICALLY: In other words of wisdom, we’re going to share equably, artwork – network + teamwork together for positive productive progress; or else, we will not have anything to share at all! Period. SUNGODD DEITY DEVIL DAMNATION!

Meaning, destructive destiny, down with the U.S. animation2.gifDollar bill, and the entire negative nation of the Rayzially divided dis-United States “snakes” of Anglo-America Al Qaeda! Smile showing a sense of happy healthy holistic humor.

Finance Failures Unfortunate: The remaining other 88% to 90%, who insist, persist pushing politicized prejudices, purposely polluting, poisoning people’s planetary public populations, to Hades Hell flaming fires for them, “useless food eaters” being blatantly gobbled up by the gluttonous greedy “Globalists” = good riddance!

We’re now today thinking true talented thoughts, about artworking all around our Global-World-Nation!!!


Technotronics_color neg image

Invited Interests = “Interracial” or Interrayzial groups, organizations, families, individual persons, so forth and so on accordingly. Those major majorities. mixing, mingling, mating, marrying, making more meaningful melaninated member membranes. Colorful children, and oncoming offspring kids.

Model  Garcelle  Beauvais_baby boy mixe rayz

RAYZ: Interracial Dating+ Mix Mingle Mate Marry MultiplexRayzialBody Current Cultural Color Complexions Bio-Genetic RNA-DNA-CODES!!!


Wexz & Usxz, officially operates orderly, under only one HueMainRayz, HueMainKind, HueMainRight, HueMainLaw = Holistory Health Heritage.

Check it out later on: http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

SHOWCASE: Classy cute cultured, compassionate compModel_Garcelle Beauvais_boys mixe rayzanionship. In love with my mastermind artworks. That’s what this talented telepahtic truth; is also all about. Much more than me – myself. I AM The Original Creative ArtistCHD.

Solution Solving + Soul Salvation: Taking our precious lives into our own hands, happily, holistically, healthily.

Enduring Eternal Soul Searching shall surely be over for you, if in factual reality, you stayed shapely, soulful, spiritual, sensual, sublimely sexual.

Her high headed healthy, happy humor, She’s so soberly sophisticated, soulfully strong, stylish slim sleek, slender shape, fine fit figure, faithful facial features, fashionable frame, full financed female floral femininity.


TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3 = Musical Metaphysical Media Mates, Matriarch Souls Song Sounds.

YES Hello  May I Help You Please?  Affectionately, you’re being truly loved by a lovin’ heart, holistically healthy, humanely handsome, having healing happy humor. Fed fresh Soul-mate-musical metaphysical media meals. Foundational food for thought. Bringing living love to liife! Whosoever ya might be?

Opitimally: Opening the closed doors of your heart, with the Kinky KING”s keys of kindness.  And know these total told truths too anima-underwater.gif100%+; it is a male’s masculine, manly muscular mastermind melanin messiah, indwelling, residing over my Sovereign Solar Sexus Soul’s Spiritualized SCIESSENCE.

Flashy flirty fashions, fitting fabrics, for fine fit feminine female figures. Flabby fat forbidden! For fully forgetting, forsaking femininity!

Albeit, let it be crystal clear, that I’m talking all about; meeting, contacting, communicating with, fine fit feminine females, fashionable frameworks, for fortunes financial futures = $$$. Vivid valuses, valiant virtues. And authentically authorized artworks, are ass-afluent Actionaries, that I’ve brought to the timetable_ Buttressed by bonded butterfly butts_thank you.

anima Blue_butterfly_2

Butt beauty babe_PP1

BIG BUCKS BUTTERFLY BUSINESS: Bestowed better beneficially blessed by being, Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes; bio-body balance!!

Ascertained assy actress and as accounting abilities, appealing attributes,ani iluvub artfully attractive; astute. Artistic Alluminations vs illustrationsilluminations!! Nothing ill nor ill-willed illusions!

SHEXZ & HERTXZ: Efficiently educated, positively polite, professional presentation. Profit producing precious prodigy!

ani dancingroseredOur trustworthy, totally transparent, toned – tuned, truth telling talented team! Teamwork, network, artwork Actionaries. Doers of the wealthy words of wisdom, and not simply just listeners and hearers only. My mastermind money making methods, are never based upon faith, alone, which amounts to nothing, is dead and not living; without actual artworks.

This true talent trek; is also about you using CKNWCA, as a channel, conduit, capital cash currency, charged ciruits, thruugh which we wire creative cosmic connections. It goes far beyond me as a animation17-luminou.gifpersonal individual, looking for lovers, bascially because I AM LOVE SENSATIONS SPIRITUALLY SUPBLIME = Serenade_SOUL SONG SEASONING.

Synapses soulful soldiers singing solar sun songs, sensational sounds, Spirit Source Science-Sciessence System’s Systemic Sovereign Systream.

FunkySoulSongSeason http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/FunkySoulSongSeason


ani butterfly


DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY MP3 MySpace Music http://www.myspace.com/cyberjazzbluesrapphipplapp

Aproved Appointments + Disproved Disappointments: Seeing how that there’re soul mates, then, there’re soulless mates!! Those that we meet with and then start to mate them. Go out on dates, dinners, dancing, to the movie theatre, and all kinds of recreational activities. Often leading to a sexual affair, a relationship having passionate sex-sessions!

LOVE GODDESS_T-shirt_front

BUTT, sooner or later, that burns out, passionate sex quickly start running its course, then, there’s very little left to appreciate between couples. The potent power, has to have as a requirement, prerequisite, these three energy emotions: Love1 Sex2 Romance3. Harmoniously blended into a combined, single ONE.

Excessive sexual affairs dissipates valuable energies. Drainng womanhood and manhood of their cosmic creativity, and puts or places a dramatic drain on the Spirit & Soul!!!

Many millions of mis-marriages, couples, are in reality, discovering the hard headed way, that they truly didn’t meet a true Soulmate. Basically because, that person, supposed to had been a very special one, turned out to be a petty player,anima beating_heart_2 punk-pimp, a sporting spook, who was never for real. And or they fooled themselves, into believing, that you were their truest love found. Ya know, the beauty Queen, pretty Princess…Love Goddess… eh?

Albeit, reality sets in, and so does resentments, discontent, and arguments ensues at every turn and time. Irreconcilable differences!

On the other hand, do I need Her Help? YES!  Surely I’m soul searching, seeking some soundness and saneness. Something and somebody sensible, who will want worthy wealth, with witty wisdom. Wishing wellness!

Ass Model_NCHave you put past problems behind you, and is ready to move on forwards and upwards wilfully? Are you now today open? Willing to take new chances? Do I encourage you to try something different? YES!

My courageous career commission calling cause, comforting companionship, is purposed plan, perfectly paved patterned pathway in life, is to assist others, be a healer, tenanted truth teacher, gifted guide, proficient pioneer, lovable leader, fearless warrior, spiritual sever, artistic advisor for deserving others, The Right-Righteous Ones!

LOVE GODDESS_T-shirt_back


So then, I pray tell y’all, that I openly show my dutiful, faithful financed funding family foundation, by the portrait pictures, paintings presented. Divinely depicted, decreed deliberated, declared decorated;, decisively dollarized, Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs.

YES: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/indexv1.html


FemininiTrixz - Femininity_color

FEMININITRIXZ = FEMININITY: is no Cosmic CREATOR, She anima-spiral-colork.gifis only the Carrier of the Solar Sexus Soul Semen Sperm Seeds Sown Solemnly Sublime. Impregnated into the pains of labor of life of the Lords Love Life Lights Locks, Equals = ecology, economics, EcoEnergystics x Masculinity + Femininity!!

Femininity_front_female model

Her deliverance develops creatures, being bio-bodily born bonded, blessed birth beginings. And artfully forms living things, shapes plants, animals, humans, insects, reptiles.

Femininity_back_female model

BIOLOGY & PHYSIOLOGY: Scientific searches, seeking samples of Mitochondria_ RNA + DNA_ Cosmic Color Codes, charged currencies, can calculate certain conclusions. That there’s a male and a female, living inside both gender-sexes, masculine + feminine frameworks.

FemininiTrixz-Femininity_color neg image

Love Goddess – Geodess, Mother Nature Earth; is a receiver, a female receptor. Not a giant GENERATOR GIVIR, which is optically obvious, our orgasmic Sovereign SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY = Divine Decreed Disc,



My melanin mastermind, MP3 music metaphysical mediums, Talented theme soug sound tracks. Vocal + Instrumental. CyberJazzBluesRapP; HipP & LapP!  CKNWCA: http://artistchd.webstarts.com/

YES: I AM a cautiously choosy character. Explicitly expressive, pleasantly particular, preferably personalized. The kindhearted kinky KING of COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. For kind loving holistic healthy hearts.



HOME: http://www.customink.com/

Special Secretarial Soulmates And artful affinity ssistants, havingan heart compatible, complimentary common causes, and positive proof purposes, plus+ pleasures. Real radiant romance!

Diamond SuperStar Love1Sex2Romance3_blue frame

Love Geoddess = Goddess gifted glamour girl gender. Giving grace to everything truly touched tenderly. Rendered refined, fresh females fortune fortress =$$$

CK-NWCA_T-Shirt_Love1 Sex2 Romance3

 CustomInk: “Digital printing is not a heat transfer or appliqué. With digital printing, we take your design straight from the computer and print it directly onto your garment. We’ve got this method down to an art form, which means that even photographic images can be reproduced in all their glorious detail.”Arthiests: In the beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas. http://www.customink.com/about/passion_for_printing


MoneyMarkeTrixz: Means money making, marketing methods. My mastermind manufactured money means, militarized mechanisms. Such things as true talented thoughts, thinking truths. Ya know, that ideas and creative conceptions can cause climatic charged changes, In the circuitries, circulating currents, and alter continental conditions. Correct career commission calling causes, that are clean cultured and criminal corruption CURED!


The perfected gentleman I AM, you’re treated first class Ms Madame. With wealthy womanhood’s witty wisdom. Self-sufficient she SoulMates, solemnly, singly selected. Many multitudes of Sovereign Solar Sexus Souls. are called, butt, a rare rich royal few are chosen and commissioned!

anim flow1Possessive jealousy is absolutely not her bad bag. Full fledged freedom of artistic expression, exercised, executed; N’ lovin’ faith always. Transparent trust truly established on mutual consent, consignment. Complete communications, calm composure, caring compassionate concerns, cordial congratulations and compliments. Instead of criticism!

anima Butterfly_7

Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality!

Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! CROWN OF GLORYQUEEN & PRINCESS: Simply said she has her own money making means, as opposed to being a gold-digger dagger. Yet she shall surely shine like sparkling golden glitter. Divinity’s Diamond-Star Sublime ‘n Love1Sex2Romance3.

Rare Rich Royal Crown of Glory_T-shirt_front

We’ll support one another’s needs, desires, wants and wishes. Friendship foremost first, fun flirting flings. Feeling each other outwards and inwards. Basically business bargaining, by bright brilliant brains. No hanky panky!

Rare Rich Royal Crown of Glory_T-shirt_back

Rare Rich Royalty _ Crown of Glory_at PayLoadz Direct Link: http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=993537

SPIRITIOUS Sacred Script: subliminal sensations sublime sent through Cosmic CreaTrixz CyberSpaceAge Artheist Atom Amen-Ra = Z-Blac-Keyz, Z-BlackRayz!

Eco-Energystic Ethereal Extraterrestrial realized realms, That Be of the Ultimate Ultra-Universal Unification.


Love Goddess Morth Earth Nature_bf1

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.

SOULMATRIXZ; Instinctively, intuitively, intelligently, intellectually, Knows_ some things truthfully about another Soulmate, male and female, masculine and feminine. Doing so indeed divinely decreed deliberated decisions. Destined, designed decisively. We knew our orgasmic origin, Occupyneers optimized organic objectives, far in advance anima 3dto arriving hereon, herein planetary sphere EARTH, as exhibited EARTHORS.

Up Top Babyxz: Of Her highest holy heaves, perfect precious pyramid, positive profit productions. Picturesque perceptions, poster presentations, plus+ panorama phenomena!

Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature_negative image

Plainly put, these messages are online, over the Internet Whole Wide World Web. And these letter writings, will circulate throughout the CyberSpaceAge of time. Compatible communications, contact-connections, letting HERTXZ, know that I’m ready to receive what SHEXZ has to offer?!.

Disruptive – Disturbing – Distractions: Doesn’t do well with what I’m indeed doing. My life’s artworks! Anybody who wisheds, wants to help me accomplish and achieve artfully, these stated goals, are kindly welcomed and invited inside; CKNWCA. Thank y’all.


CosmiColoRayz_T-shirt front  female model


CosmiColoRayz_color neg image


CosmiColoRayz_T-shirt back female model




MASCULINITRIXZ: Means masculine muscular males. Gentlemen who’re graciously gifted. Never doubting their truest manhood. Natural-native abilities, athletic attributes, artist awareness. Instead of petty prowling personality!

MASCULINITY: male mentality, this is appreciative of Her helpful, healing FEMININITY. Knowing that they were never meant to be equal, butt, better beneficially bestowed blessed, by being biological bodily balanced!

masculine_front_male model

Compatible companions, compassionate caring concern; for one another. This is the powerful intention of The Conscious Conscience Cosmic CREATOR!

Remember to dutifully take NOTE vs. Vote: This total told truth 100%+; do not whatsoever, have anything to do with westernized religious beliefs‘ of some concocted concept; “God“! It strictly, specifically says something serenely SPIRITIOUS!

ani-shakycam-colorking.gifIn fact of reality, the One and Only Optical Object, shining serenely sublime, in the crystal blues skies, is Sovereign SOLARSUN = SUNGODD DEITY! 

Natve Naturals: I Am also seriously searching, seeking some sensitive  solarized sun-tans, toned tissues, true tribe talents!

MasculiniTrixz-Masculine_color neg image

I HAVE, been celibate for approx. about 21 years to date: 1992 – 2013. Absolutely abstaining from sexual intercourse, in complete controls of my manly masculine sex gender nature!

Intentionally, purposely, deliberately, transmuting – transitioning, – transfiguring my sexuality energies, into my mastermind artwork projects. Inputs = outputs!!

Masculine_back males model

No, not at all do I mess around having loose sex, promiscuous relations, whatsoever. Have I done these things in the past? Of course Yes!

Howsoever, over indulging didn’t do anything positive to strengthen my manhood muscles. Butt, instead caused a dissipating drain on my melanin messiah mastermind. Held me back and down for far too long-lasting!

0d7e2d2672034b08Realizing these truths 100%+, conscious common sensibilities, along with Sacred Spiritious Sensations Sublime; told me to Stop-Point-Blank-Period.

Fortunately, the strength and courage to abstain, freed me from the desire to “lay in bed with dogs and get up with flees”! Sleeping around town with lowlifes, females who were never my intellectual peers, proved to be unproductive, to say the least. Down and almost out for good. Butt, blessedly, being enabled to escape expertly. Exit excessive sex sections at will, wisely!

Therefore; beer joint, bar hopping, dance hall, nightclub going party girls, are out of the Blac-Keys questions? Who am I looking for? Why – When – What – Where?

Well, then, as stated strictly, said specifically, in the preceding paragraphs, She shall surely be smart, strong Spirited, independently intelligent, intellectually intimate. Innovative, have an eye and ear for financial fitness, entrepreneurial enterprise. Ya see crystal clear!?

SOULMATE Love1Sex2Romance3 = My Music Stream, URL Web page that has the whole list of songs, sound tracks, MP3, all 14 of my mastermind affinity album and affectionate artwork: http://artistchd.mymusicstream.com/album/soulmate-love1sex2romance3




Sciessence: Equal = science + essences, essential scientific elements, energies, effectual efforts. Efficiencies, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics.


Sciessence_color neg image

Sciessence: Equal = science + essences, essential scientific elements, energies, effectual efforts. Efficiencies, ecologies + economics = EcoEnergystics.

actress asss_JMJRemember to dutiful not Vote, butt do indeed Note: That my personalized Soulmates, are also Cyber-Space-Age ascendants. And are ass-ascertained artistic afluence.  Of the Highest Holy Heavens.  Inheriting Holistory’s healthy humanity = HUEMAINITY.

INTERVENTION DIVINE: Thus, traveling terrestrially, territorially, trying to teamwork together; truly testing true talents, until time is ripe, rendered right for We’s & Us’s to meet, mix, mingle, mate and marry; anima flowers15Spiritually = Sacredly. Yet an old-age ancient ancestral Solar Sexus Soul, could come with a younger biological bodily being?!. Shexz could be a teenager, of a baby making age, or more mature money makingg, Mother Madam Matriarch MAATRIX?!. MP3 player song sound tracks.

MAATRIX MASTER1_coloration

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.

Consummated compatibility is the Winners + Victors Primary PRIDE + Principal PRIZE.

Exclusively, the divinely decreed doors of my kind heart is open; right now today. Only qualified Geodess = Goddesses are invited and welcomed to enter. Approx. about 10% to 12%, Rare Rich Royalties, and all of the rest, 80% to 90%, this official offer is not necessarily for y’all.

ass actress_GU

Moreover, I have no time to loose fussing, fighting, wasting valued energies. What I don’t like, nor want as a lady friend, are loud talking females. Vulgar, profane speaking women, gluttonous greedy girls, overeating, letting themselves go, getting fat, flabby, flirty. Nor those having roaming eyes, shifty sights on every Tom Dick & Hairy, that passes by or come along! Ooo….he’s cute! Really_eh? What does he have to offer?

anima Bouque_of_pink_rossesUnfortunately, so many multitudes, of females who think like this, the above notion of a good looking guy, has proved times again, ending up as her worst nightmare. Marrying men, a male, based on what he has, what she can get out of him, without equably reciprocating, is a foolish, faulty family foundation. Fatedly failing, falling fatally!

Domestic divorce downfalls happen quite frequently these terrifying days, herein, the USA and European nations. Sexual passions runs out, then, there’s nothing valued left, butt, bickering, backbiting, bastardized bitching!

Resentments set in, discontent with each other, whining and complaining, accusations aimed at the other partner, mate who proves not to be the perfect SOULMATE!

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3


Pretty Pattern Princess_pic tube


Print Proof Positive Productions!

Pretty Princess_T-shirt_front - female model



Flower Girl Fabrics

Realistic Relationships; Lovable sexy styles, attractively appealing, assertive yet never aggressive. Aspiration and ambitiously amiable and appropriately affectionate. An artistic attire attractively arranged. Good manners and delightful demeanor!

Quen of ColoRayz_back_female model

animation2.gifNow next, SHEXZ has to be very supportive to my artworks, completely committed to CKNWCA. Ready, willing, able to invest her time, money, expertise, talents and gifts, into our Innovative Entrepreneurial Enterprise = 100%+$$$ profits positively produced, progressively, prestigiously_period.

Air headed females can remain where they are with whosoever, their male mates might be?! Stay stuck stupidly. Although, those talented women who were with successful corporate companies, can come cultured cleansed, crossover completely cured of corruption, crooked causes, etc.


YES: We’re connecting up with the financial flows, capital cash currencies, circulating circuits. Of the universal laws, of order and organization. Our organic organisms are energized Earthors of planet Earth. Original Occupyneers, now today are officially optimized orgasmic organs of our OrganeTrix.

Seeing how that the USA’s capital cash currency, dollar bill, is blatantly becoming bankrupt + bailing out. Devalued, deflated in monetary worth. And many multitudes of manufacturers, corporate conglomerates, are closing down decisively. Destructive dinosaurs dying out!

This means that somebody’s career jobs, solvent salaries are dropping to their terminal deaths too! Effectually unemployed. So safe-secured amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifsalvation of equable opportunities officially offered, is financed from AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD + COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts. Invested Interest!

Along with your training, educational experience, excelled expertise, well, welcome aboard. You’re kindly invited inside, our divinely decreed domain!

Earth Sun

UNLIMITED: I’m talking all about Superstar scale-sales successes, Superior productions, Supreme Superpower potent profits = $$$. Millionaires + Billionaires!! Better beneficially bestowed bio-bodily balanced banking Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! budget!  Belting planet earth’s beauteous body!

YES: we’re no into our optimized origins, orgasmic organisms objective  options: wearing with wealth, rare richness, royal renditions, o f the 21 century CyberSpaceAge attractions. Indubitably, of the optical, Electromagnetic Field ColorComPlexTrixz!!!

SolarSun_front_female model

COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: Healthfully Healing Holistory’s HueMainity = HueMainKind + HueMainRight + HueMainLaw!!! View large size artwork, portrait pictures. Website Address: charlesdavis.talkspot.com

Earth inner SUNGOD


COLOR KINGOMISM’s true talents taken from those treasonous-treacherous thugs, non-supporters, sellout self haters, and given graciously, to those bearing blessed beauty, and the financial fresh fruit thereof, healthy harvest herein: CK-NWCA. The beauteous tourist City of San Antonio, Texas 2013.

SolarSun_back_female model

Officially Our Originality Starts Within,

Begins Internally, Initiates Inside!

The Indwelling SOLARSUN, and Presiding SOULMATRIXZ!!





Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! PROFIT PROOF PROFESSION POLICY PRACTICES + PHILOSOPHICAL PRINCIPLES & PRINCIPALS = $$$

NO, not needing to be bias belief based, never what one’s believes better business is, nor what they think, having faith in. Butt, these talented terms, are bravely, boldly based upon; non-religious rational reasoning, righteously realistic! Equals = Knowledge = Know how!

Designee dresser, delightful décor, dearly discerned. She converses culturally clean, correct and confidently composed. A lovely looking lady who talks tenderly, not ever too much mouthing. Her cell or smart phone, is for financial finding, funding, on a business level, as opposed to an addiction to vociferous gossip, with other talkative females. Her main concentration is on focused finances = $$$

Dream Darling Delights; Her temper is under control at all times, regardless of the unsuspecting challenges she might meet; surprisingly. She never argues-angrily, with a potential paying customer, client, companion.

Wiser witty women with wisdom, willing to earn her income, financial funds the honest ways showing class consciousness. Knowing how to manage money made in the multimillions of US dollars. Leaning how to handle huge sums of economic achievement successes = $$$.


The Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes, benefits big business basics, blessedly. Addictive drugs free, soberly non-alcoholic drinker, nor cigarette tobacco, weed-marijuana-grass smoker.

anima Dollar_3FEMININITY’S Financing Fashion Flair: Up-scale classy contents of character. Yet not a selfish, snobbish, snooty nose negative name caller. Looking down on others less fortunate financially. Or may appear to be less artfully attractive.

Howsoever, a personalized polite prejudice proves positive, placing protection in a proper position. A basic bias against antagonist adversaries, asinine ass alien agents.

Going Bad Blatant Bitchcraft  Ballistic: Capping a crazed attitude is absolutely out! So is a profane disposition, disapproved of! Although she may be inquisitive and engaging. Having her own ideas, creative concepts, notions-opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Yet open for further discussion vs. dispute!

Arthiest_color neg image


Perfectly prepared present processes positively producing prosperity. Poor persons, public people’s populations passing away without wealth and the world’s womanhood witty wisdom, worthy of worshipping.

Y’all can clearly see with crystal clarity, coming soon on The Event Horizon. Direly deep down depressions! Seeing so many multimillions, fatally falling financially from fitness fortunes =$$$.

Albino babies and mothers

BUTT, Wexz & Usxz, are ascending Arthiest Actionaries, Africoidians, AmeriAfrindians, Afrindians, Anglo-African-Americans. And also actualized AfriOriginals + AlbinOriginals!!

Read and view full story, later on at: http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

WISE WEALTH WARRIORS: Winged with whirling wisdom, wealthier words, whole wide world web woven wits. No “RACE” wars, butt blessedly, RAYZ races running real fast for financial findings, fame flowing, flaming fortunes = $$$


PercepTrixz - PrecepTriixz_color

PERCEPTRIXZ: Meaning = seeing far beyond the psycho-physical plane; into Inner-Vision‘s psyche-panorama-phenomena. Looking into, internally inside, the melanin mastermind, manifesting mental models. Militarized meditation, monetized, magnetized mindset. Mesmerized mentality!

PRECEPTRIXZ: Meaning = Picturing places, portrait presentations, panoramic plains + planes = plans positioned perfectly. Positive postings, ani pumping heartput pleasantly. Percussive precision, pulsating play performances. Heartfelt frequency feelings!

Percepts + Precepts vs. Concocted Concepts!! Perceptual photons, opposed to conceptual!! Imagined inner-vision, = envisioned existences. Invoking – involving intricate inceptions. Imminent Internal, Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination.

PercepTrixz - PrecepTricz_color neg image

Moderate model mind, means on the shy side of quiet, yet expresses elegance in her verbally voiced vocabulary. Observant listener, learning lessons by asking sincere questions; what is this, where – why – which, so forth and so on. Acquiring a stockpile of information to be transformed into knowledge = know how.

Rudeness is ugly to me, uncalled for, and is unkind. A classy cutie could calmly say what she means in a nice manner. And those who I’ve heard hollow out loud in outrages, vociferously, viciously voicing violence aimed at an offender, she shows no class whatsoever!

Personally I enjoy being a perfect gentlemen, letting ladies go first, opening doors for them, say yes Mam or no Mam. Gentle greeting, hi – hello. Yet some low-class or sub-class feminist females, call that being “a male chauvinist pig.” Yes, I’ve been called that negative name; on a job about 30 years ago, by a wicked witch; who eventually got herself fired!

Nevertheless, I’m not so sure about; pretentious humility or humbleness, modesty. Basically because, we’re living in a drastically changed world today. People will easily try to take the advantage of others who appear too shy, quiet, peaceful, friendly, nice, kind, = naïve and gullible and susceptible. Adjustment are necessitated needs, to surely, safely, securely shift sane, sound sensibilities!


Donate Button



FiTrixz: = fine fitting fashion fabrics. Following the full figure flowing fluidity, of the human anatomy, physiology or physique. Tight thin things to wear for summer sunshine, serenely sublime solar sexus souls server, sure safe Savior!

ani butterflies-gif-10FitnessiTrixz. Fulfulling frameworks, revealing how that the human bio-body build, is an artworks. Of many members, companions, compatible parts, put together as one HueMain-Kind + HueMain-Rayz.

Self-pride and courageous confidence can cure; weakness, lack of vitality, drive and desire. A high spirited self-esteem is healthier than a low self-esteem. A high-class sexy sophisticated SOULMATE, is much more meaningful, than a spiritless, sexless soulless mate!

Gallantly Generating Great Gains: Genesis Genius Gifts of Grace: Basically by being very careful about criminalizing capitalist corruptions, corporate crooks, never to become involved with any unkind actions, secretive, sinister schemes, scorpion-stings, spiders silent stealth, sneaky serpent snakelike stysles, satanic societies, No, not at all in the minutest least!

If she scouts for sorry scum, silly slimy slut stupidly stuck stuffs, she surely shall succumb to sloppy slums scumbags. They aren’t able to appreciate artistic attributes, attractively actualized. Never cast your precious pearls, before slothful, sloppy swine, swindlers and slick shysters. Strictly, specifically, they will turn against your true values, run over and rein rare rich royalty, ruin womanhood’s witty wealthy worth = $$$.

FiTrixz - FitnesiTricz_color meg image

YES: From the very beginning of my bodily being biologically born blessed, thence on, forthcoming, graciously groomed for a greater glory. And in the passages of time, in passing, I’ve never really met a SOULMATE! And if I had I would have known it!

A Late Bloomer: Especially due to the factual reality, I have a life’s time to artwork, arrive at a certain time period, whereas, my melanin mastermind, made meaningful, money making maturity. Now today, I can afford affectionate affairs artfully!

ani flowers_heartFor instance, referring to a female friend, she’s not my women, my girlfriend, in no possessive posture. Only a beauty Queen and or a pretty Princess!! My Spiritious Love, lovable lady friend! Later on listen to my musical metaphysical mediums Lovely Love Song, My Truest Love I Found, Love Sensations Spirit Sublime. Love Goddess, Love Merry-go-round. Plus many more MP3 song sound tracks, at:


Love1Sex2Romance3.jpg  Beauty Butt Babes

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.

BEAUTY BOOTY BUTT BODY BABES:  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

YES Happily & Joyously Serving Yawls: First and foremost of all, I Am The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian; recruiting my mastermind truth telling talented teamates + soulmates. To help heal humanity. Save the earthly planet, plus+ purify public people’s populations. Surely some smart young friendly fine fit feminine figured females, energetic enthused-youths, talented tender teenagers, gallant gifted glamour girls, blessed bodily beauties, cuties, queens, pretty princesses – sexy witty women, lovely looking ladies. So y’all listen up and pay close attention = ASS-CERTAIN!

animation8-colorking-rotate.gifThus, truly to help me grow grassroots gifts of grace, and divinely develop our optimal orgasmic,  original organic, COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts, Superstar Sonic Sun Server, Savior, Solemn Solar Sexus Soul + Spirit Source Science System’s Sovereign Systream.  Blazing burning desires are on the rapid rise! http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com Systemically saving suicidal soulmates!

color_kingdom_business024.jpgButtorgraphy + Buttology = Buttrology + Buttronomy; the encompassing sexy scope, entire essence of geometric shapes of buttocks, exclusively, exquisitely elegant fine fit females feminine figures. Strictly superstarsexuals, specifically sapiens speciesexuals as opposed to homosexuals and heterosexuals and transsexuals.

AFRICA Mother Earth Nature Direct Link: http://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=965961


Assorgraphy +Assology = Assonomy + Asstrology paralleling paradigm to astrology and astronomy = the scientific study sexually or sexualogically. Yes reasoning rationally with practical logic. An artful ass appearance appeal. Yes, it’s trendy and popular + fabulously fabric fashionable!!


 Open in new window or read-research later on…. please continue >>>

Love Goddess Mother Earth Nature is the Divinely Decreed Designer Deliberator via our optical-orgasmic-optimal Original Creative Arthiest Atom Amen-Ra SUNGODD DEITY. Who and what are you? Do you know how valued you are?

   “THINK AND GROW RICH”: Talented Textile Themes: Original Creative Artworks, for interior designers to make curtains, enbriudertm upholstery, tablecloths, bedware etc. You name it, I’m talking all about the Infinite Intellectual Intelligent Immaculate Imagination!

anima_treasure_chest.gifValiantly Vivid + Viable Values = Spiritually + Socially. Physiologically & Psychologically. I’m talking all about; body-mind-heart-spirit-soul, unified!

Just like I’ve intended for my owned oneself: Your are becoming strong in the SOLARSUN and in the SOULPOWER of HEATXZ MASTER1 Melanin Might!

TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3  MaaTrix Metaphyscial Media Musical Matriach Mates, Soul Song Sounds.



your front design


RoyalTrixz_color neg image

your back design


Spiritics_b2-red blood

PRINT on T-Shirts: The artworks project product, is innovative information, an artful approach. None interruptive, and is intelligently instructive, intellectually informative. Sanely sanitizing the internalized infrastrure of your mental framework with wealthy artworks.

SPIRITICS_T-shirt_front female model


Spiritaully Seeing, Searching, Sight Seeing!

Inherent Invisibility_ Made Manufactured Material Manifest = Making More Meaningful Mercy Merchant Money = $$$ = Divinely Decreed Dollars + Common Cents.

Spiritics_neg image reb blood

YES: They total told truth 100%+, is not my belief, nor simply what we think; religions and politics or politicized religiosity, ruins, robs, rapes RAYZIAL Realities. Ripping off Rare Rich Royal Resources! Attacking and assaulting HueMain-Kind = HueMain-Rayz. Therefore Hue-Mainity needs Spiritics vs Politics!!

SPIRITICS_T-shirt _ back female model

There’s an urgent need to shift sensibilities. Seeking Spriitious solutions, Purposely purifying polluting-poisonous politicized propaganda promoted propositions, purging product problems + pushing potent animation1_hurricank_come_twirls.gifpossibilities!

Spiraling Spirit = Sovereign Systream. It circles the soul. In other words of wisdom, The SPIRITRIX encompasses the SOULTRIX.

Soultrix Spiritrix_red-white_lrg

animated_gifs_diamonds_2.gifI’ve Envisioned + Imagined: That the demand for CKNWCA’s Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, are on the rapid value increases. A full floating financed flow, and as a capital cash currency; as well with the U.S. dollar bill; which is declining, deflating, descending in animated_heart_0002.gifmonetary values = $$$.

Now is the time to invest during this innovative-incubating strategic stage. Staking your claims by purchasing permit passes. They are the huge JPG files to be downloaded into your personal computer = PC. Stored safely, securely, sacredly. Wisely doing so while the illustrations, depictions, picturesque portrayals are affordable, inexpensive, easily obtained, and accessible!

SoulSpirit_T-shirt_front female model

Humanity Helpers + Healthful Heart Healers: Lets say for examples: The digital designs as displayed art exhibits, portrayed pictures that hang on walls. Then next their matching sets, computerized complimentary companions as printed pretty patterns. On curtains – drapes, pillows, handbags, couches upholstery. Table tops, lamp shades, wall hangings, inside stately bank buildings, artistic architectural interiors of offices, when artfully appropriate. And the sapiens species specialized specimen selections are very extensive and diverse!

Making medications merciful, therapeutic artworks are now offered for your betterment and not detriment. Clinical chemical concoctions can be made into Blessness instead of degenerative sickness. Your pharmaceutical prescription pills, may make you feel ill, and cause more ailments. Defeat your intentions!

purpleflower.gifHowsoever, Spiritiously strengthening, setting serenity’s sovereignty soulfully, is like a time clock ticking intone, in tune and in touch with your tender tissues. Melanin membranes, increasing immunity’s system = sovereign systream. This is a scientific source and artistic approach. A positive-proton process that ALLOWS, permits powerful potions prescribed, to truly treat a medical condition, in ways that serves spiritual solutions and intended salvations!

SoulTrix SpiriTrix_color neg image

GUILTTLESS GIRLS – SHAMELESS SMILES: Letting bygones be past differences done with and over. Humanity hatred happily holistically healed. Healthy humans holding no grudges, no animosities, hostilities against one another. Free at last!

SoulSpirit_T-shirt_back female model

YES: this message is sent directly to those textile businesses, digital photo printing companies, who are armed, fully equipped with the advancing computerized technologies. Those positive productive material manufacturers, fabric fashion foundations, who will wisely want wealth, woven into the very fibers, fabrics of various canvases, cloths, and for multiple purposes, producing potent profit possibilities = pure 100%+$$$

Trustributions = contributions + “ontributions”; are your valuable vested visions, invested interests. Trustworthy transparency. Yes, your’re an Artheist investor!

Y’all can clearly tell the truest talented tree, by the fresh fruit financially fund foundation, upon which it grassroots grows, giving gifts of grace, bearing better benefit bestowed blessings.

Simply just visit my mastermind mental models at:

http://artistchd.yolasite.com, and also, my main Web site: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com. + https://love1sex2romance3.wordpress.com and http://portraitartistchd.wordpress.com +

color_kingdom_business032.jpgPlease patiently read the entire posted True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. Thus to get a clear, concise conception and complete comprehension of precisely what I’m talking all about. After which then, you’ll be able to artfully apprehend authentically anointed artworks, originated-created-generated, by The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian.


NO No no: She can’t get pregnant doing the Butt. Sexy prancing and dancing, fanaticizing and romanticizing. It’s a native-natural custom, tradition of indigenous Indian inhabitants all around our whole wide world, with women shaking their hips, babes beauteous booty butt bodies = balancing biology.

Romanceate: = Romanceation + Romanceating, = Romanceator x Romanceational, Romanceationalist. Equals = eating excellence, essential essences. Romanticizing combined compatibly with fantasizing!

Interior decorating rooms, baths, hallways, stairways, with Romantic fabric feelings. To Love Thy Self Sensations Spirit Sublime. Spiritualized stimulations. Romanceating your living environment, artfully aerated atmosphere around your house – apartment – condo. These composed-combined computerized cosmic color creations causes conscious changes, correcting currencies, and cleanses conditions. Can cure cancerous, corrosive corruptions.

amocp;lorking-fadegray.gifSpiritrition vs. Nutrition; Spiritritionist vs. Nutritionist!! Spiritician vs. Dietician!! Spiritual Science = Spiritious Scientist, saving soulmates + serving solar sexus soulfood divine dietary dinner dish delights.

Holywood frames vs. Hollywood frames: perfect pixels picture frames for your digitized designs, authentic anointed artworks




 anima l ove heart cartoon 3color_kingdom_business100.jpg

Contribute cleansed cultured capital cash currency at my main Web site.  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com. and or http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com/color_kingdom_blogs-music_art.htm

Trustributions = contributions + “ontributions”; are your valuable vested visions, invested interests. Trustworthy transparency.

Yes, educating ourselves how to be truthful. And know that your honesty and personal integrity, is exactly what our original objectives are.  A fair and equal opportunity to do the rightesous things, in a trustworthy + transparent truthful manner. Respectfully, ask for your full size digital file JPG, by E-mail message, which is larger than life, and you shall surely receive it, or them as a collection. Monetary Donations is the name of this game called CAPITAL CASH CURRENCY = $$$ Let us talk about it_OK?

BE AWARE: The these talented artworks are increasing in values, even while still in the surreptitious midst, of a dying-deflating dollar bill = USA. anima-spiral-colork.gifButt by your wiser investment within COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts; it’s like storing your hard earned money, in a sacred safety security vault. Yes, safe keepings. Incubated, as your financial funds be born better beneficially blessed. Born again, resurrected, raised realistically, resourceful rare rich royalties = 100%+$$$

Unfortunately, any societal system that enslaved others, in any shape – fashion or form, is also subject to sinister satanic sickness self-suicidal syndromes. Yes servants of SATAN. Sooner than later, those countries, nations fatally falls from financial fortunes, suffering serious sociopath sensations. Expressly, the USA + Europe, that sold slaves, and bought captive prisoners producing profits. This artfully applies to historical hate humanity and these present political policy practices. And there’s no escaping capitalist crashes, cash crunches, chaotic collisions, criminal confusion, combustible civic conflicts.

Low level vibration frequencies, evil enemy energy entities, wicked wavelengths; too slow circulatory currents, causing suicidal sociopath sickness syndromes. Homicidal hate anger as antagonist adversarial alien agents. Mindless murders and meaningless massacres!

Although Ancient Africa’s Africoidian ancestries and anointed artistries, alleviates avenging actualities. Redirects this ugly emotionalized energy evils, alone a safe-secure positive pathway, inverting the negative charged currencies. A sort of rewiring the mindset!


TalenTrixz - ArtisTrixz._color

Seeking Search Soulmates: CollectIion of  celebrity’s names, make a long listing. Fine fit feminine fames of color cosmetic complexions: Lightxz & Darkxz!! Skin shades, tissue tones, tans, tints. Athletes, entertainers, corporate execs, enterprising entrepreneurs. Fashion models,

1. Lynn Whitfield, 2. Her daughter Grace Gibson, 3. Halle Berry 4. Rosario Dawson, 5. Beyonce, 6. Tara Banks, 7. Vivica A. Foxx, Janet Jackson, Angela Bassett, Kerry Washington, Cree Summer, Sophie Okenedo, Naomi Harris, Regina King, Raven-Symone, Thandie, Newton, Cabrielle Union,

anima butterfly_2Sanaa Lathan, Pam Grier, Nia Long, Jill Marie Jones actress, Aissa Maiga actress-France, Lela Rochon, Ta,ara Timoe. Tais Araujo, Ildi Silva, Angell Conwell, Kenya Moore, Lucy Ramos, Kerry Washington, Sharon Leal, YaYa Da Costa, Lisa Bonet, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Vilayna Lasalle is an American model. Naomi Campbell (1970- ) was a British supermodel of the 1990s. Bria Myles

Adriana Bombom (1974- ) is a Brazilian dancer, Lizz Robbins (1974- ) is an American hip hop model. Toccara Jones (1981- ) is an American model and television person, Garcelle Beauvais, Lucy Ramos (1982- ) is a Brazilian television actress,

Tyra Banks (1973- ) was one of the top black supermodels of the 1990s, Yasmin Warsame, …moe to come soon >>>

CKNWCA’S models may be tall – medium or short slim soul sisters. Valued equably, as long as they stay shapely. Runway walkers + fin fit feminine female financial flirts, fragrant flower fashioners gift girls, younger or older; mature + immature!!. Age alone doesn’t quantify. Thus to truly qualify, is to be criteria is clean cultured cuties = Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes, bio-balance!!

TalenTrixz - ArtisTrixz._color neg image

All Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s: AmeriAfrindians, Afrindians, Aftro-Latinos, Afri-Filipinas, Afriasitic – Afrasians, Afro-Mexicans, Afri-Brazilians; African Americans, Africoidians, so forth and so on. Afri-Asiatic-Anlos or AfriAsiatiCaucasians. The one drop rule counts!.

Clinically it’s the extra fat cells that disfigures the human body. If in fact a female wasn’t born with a thick bone structure, heavy set, then she should never let herself go, start slowly or suddenly spreading, becoming plumb, getting to be a flabby fat-so! Let it drop dead, obesity be-gone and loose it!

YES; My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Models: They are the whole wide world web’s; MAJOR MAJORITY vs  Minor-Minority!!

Their names, identifies, titles, labels, brands….all Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Ascendant Africoidians, Afrindians, AmeriAfrindians, Africans in America.

TALENTEAM: = True teamwork + network + artwork The TalenTrixz. Innovative, industrious individuals invited, inside COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts,; An Arthiest Actuary. A sovereign solar sexus soul, sanctuary.

YES: You may have your purchased artworks, digital format files, expertly enlarged, elegantly enhanced by photo-printing professionals. Expressly, FedEx.Office: http://www.fedex.com/us/office/indexv1.html


Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz - Color codes

SHEXZ & HERTXZ: who learn lessons how To Love Thy Self + ‘To Know Thy Self. Accepting actuality that they are of our optimized Occupyneers originating organic organism. Multi-Melaninated member membranes, My Mastermind Melanin Messiah Mental Love1 Sex2 Romance3 Beauty Booty Butt Body-Babes = Big Business $$ Fine fit feminine females figures + flower fabric fashions, financial fortunes, lovely ladies rare rich royalies, mercy money = clean cultured capital cash currency cure = Dollarized Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs 100%+ pure profits $$.Sexuality Sensuality Spirituality! Models/ Mercy Merchant Money Making Means, Methods, Militarized Material Manufacturing Mechanisms. Many Multiples z More Mixed Meanings = Molded and modeled, material Matter manifestations, memberships mingling, mating, marrying mindsets modes.

Clarified crystal clear, HueMainity are all arrived Alpha-Alkebulan Africa’s Africoidians Rayzial reality of fact! http://holistory-heritage.blogspot.com/

Darkxz - Lightxz - Grayxz

DARKXZ & LIGHTXZ RAYZIAL Realities, righteously rendered. Radiant rays realized, resources, rare rich royalties. They are not necessarily; Black nor White, persons, politicized people of our public planetary population.

 your front design

THE HUEMAINRAYZ vs. “RACE”: Reversing racist radical renegade rouge Reptilian Religions!

Small Solar Sexus Soul sisters, saleswomen so sophisticated, sowing seeds, selling sure success. Seriously, serving Spirit Source Sciessence System’s Sovereign Systream. Yes, it’s a Spiritious Science!

anim money_fliesThey no longer have to suck up to some senseless male, nor got to put up with his mal-male mentality, to get a job, paid salary, employment, acting and or modeling career. He has no controls over her decision making mind. Especially egoistic Anglo-American men, commonly called Caucasian Caucasoid, “White Males”! Hell No!

BUTT, believe my telling y’all that the bad ones are actually; wicked witchcratf WhiTies; whip Crackers – poppers, bossy and blatantly bitchy. As opposed to the old-school of thought, wrongly criminalizing Z-Whitexz &  Z-Pinkxz pigmented persons. We’s & Us’s have gone passed prejudice politics, “post racism”_eh?!. How about beyond stereotyped – self-subjectivity?

Saleslady: She do not need his approval, acceptance, recording studios, movie cameras, acting stages, whatsoever, when, Fine Fit Feminine Females, has their own. Better bestowed benefits, blessed businesses = $$$

This tactical Team-TalenTrix: nt, will wisely work To-Get-Her holistically healed, healthy and happy. Thus to compel current climatic changes, causing the sexual exploitation, expedient egoism, to Stop-Point-Blank-Period.

Y’all know like, ya got to go to bed and sleep with me, before I give you a starring role, sing a contract to pay you so much money. Yes, these low down dirty dogs, black or white, insist she sells sex, sacrifice sacred self, instead of sexy appealing apparels. Intimidating young girls, ladies, women, just to try and be the best bargained big business bad “Black” bitchcraft.

anima DollarAlcoholism and drug addictions, pain pills, tranquilizers, anti-depressants are over consumed. Deep down depression, oppression – repression, often culminating into suicides! Ending with self inflicted punitive penalty of death!

Soul Sister Savior, Spiritious Server shall surely save sovereign solar sexus souls of SOULMATES. This is the real world, and of wealthier wisdom, wishing well with womanhood’s wits.

One never can be bigger than life itself. No matter how my college career degrees that have, how much money made, income, allocates – awards received, adulation or flattery. None of these worldly things can successfully satisfy your deeper inner needs, to be truly loved and Spiritually Married: Love1Sex2Romance3.

The make believe, staged world of actresses, eventually ends. Then the ballroom party people are gone, the lights are turn down dim, or off. She finds herself, at home all alone, in solitude. With nobody to comfort, caress, care for her, in a way that works, fulfills her needs, wants, desires. Yes, it may be frightening!?

Over the many years of acting on stage, in front of live cameras, making public appearances, appealing to popular persons, promoters, pimp pushers, prostituting proposition to produce positive profits. And have accumulated – acquire enough money to purchase or buy extravagant mansion home, exclusive real-estate prosperity, and a high-class lifestyle to go with it all. Butt, believe my informing y’all, that this is never going to be enough!

Howsoever, one finds themselves having to keep on coming back out on stage, Hollywood acting accents, or end up down and out with nothing. Loose leisurely living, become stressed, pressured to please “White Male” movie producers. While they go after more meat of the offspring oncoming, young tender fresh females. Even the teenage daughters of older actresses, are preyed upon by pirate predators, pimp prostitute pushing producers! Sexually demonic, devious Directors!

Therefore, as a counter-combative competitor, you are to use your expert-experience, expertise, to help set these youthful girls free, at last unto the perfect law of liberty. Artfully apply your business savvy, sexy sophistication, organizational skills acquired, college education.

Specifically – Strictly speaking: anima l ove heartsThe indecent Euro-Anglo + African American  males, tries to degrade, dirty down these Africaness womenfolk. Pervert their truest virtues, lock them up with a baby, so that nobody else will want her. Stopping somewhere short of sexually raping the naïve, gullible ladies of cosmetic color complexions. He’ll act like the perfect gentlemen, to my her think he’s better than an African American man. Spoil an ruin and poison her mind, against her own kind, RAZIAL group!

BEWARE: Crazed Caucasian Caucasoidian capitalists, colonialist criminals: Creating civic conflicts, concocting conscious confusions, causing a serious identity crisis, loss of self-sufficiency, self-worth, self-esteem. Also, watch out for those thugs talking about “all Black” Supremacy vs “White Supremacy”!! Negative Negroidians – Negroes; trying to choose somebody’s mate based on what they were wrongly taught, as a “RACE”!

They both build barriers, beaver blockades, between human beings, attempting to restrict full flowing freedoms of Artistic Expression.

So that she can’t choose between her Africa’s ancestry and imposed or wilful… European bio-blood line; family side. This equals = psychological problems, combustible chaos!

Howsoever, there are very rare exceptions to this terrorist thug, psychopath personality. Those who I see as being Decent Good Great White Hope Abolitionist minded men, 10% to 12%, who will wish women well, wisely with womanhood’s witty wealthy wisdom! (WhitTies are antagonist adversaries and alien agents!)

Once she gets a reputation of sleeping around with, dating prominent producers who’re non-African; no one in their right melaninated minds will want to truly love her. Form sincere relationships with a loose goose girl, gambling against the odds of fate, foolishly falling for fame and fortune, by having sexual intercourse with wicked witchcrafts!

The punitive penalty can be loneliness, later on in her life, after retiring from Hollywood’s staged sets. Next now what’s left? Is it moral virtues? Or shame and disgrace?


MelaNeTrix_ color

We’s & Us’s are not going to be play that bogus, “Black Business” bogus bragging, blatantly bad bastardized black bitchcrafts.

Now that I’ve given yawls, the low-rate on Pinkish & Whitish skinned males, let me make myself, absolutely crystal clear, this artfully applied to so said Brownish & Blackish male too! They can’t be totally testosterone trusted!

your front design

Many robberies, rapes have happen due to their thug terrorism, soulless slum slop. Self-serving, self-subjecting, selfish shysters, slyly slick scum, stealthy snake serpent Satanists. Alone with the sick Supremacy Superiority Sociopath!

MelaNeTrix_color neg image

Collectively they have messed up many melanin members, soulful sisters living inside the neighborhoods, inner-city urban dwellers, alleged-assumed “Black community”! Turning them into ‘hood rats’; hoochie coochie mammas, “hoes” – harlot-whores and backstabbing backbiting bickering bitches! Colorful and expressive_eh?


This blog shows portrait pictures, and the Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, divinely decreed displays. To be photo-printed on fabrics, textile materials, manufactures mental models. http://portraitartistchd.wordpress.com/



EcoEnergystics = ecologies + economies + economics, exercised – executed energy entities, exclusive efforts, existing emotions, expert efficiencies + essential elements.

EXPERTLY EXECUTED ECONERGYSTICS: Expanding on what a minority means, what’s meant by being a majority vs. a minority? Now next, here’s our optimized objective options: Wexz & Usxz are a Major-Majority + Minor-Minority; well within the general overall whole of America’s United States Statutes. Or simply said the USA.
Exceptionally ENTITLED, to the economical energies, of input, hard earned tax monies, income dollars inside the Federal & States Governances. This inputting, deserves and demands more meaningful money being returned to our personal purses, pocket books, bill folders, bank accounts. This equals = Affirmed Arthiest Actionary Accredited Accounts. And also as accelling, ascending Africoidian Artheist Actionaries!

Artists have contributed cultural cleansing, curing causes, consciously correcting corrupt capitalist corporatist, colonialist cancers, contagious criminalities, combustible civic conflicts, caustic corrosions of civilized capital cash currency = conditional climatic charged changes!

Artworks are done, did indeed do, and still is doing good things today. And also artfully arrived; right now.

Financed Fortunately: These American citizens has been overlooked, literally deprived-depraved, of their rightful Governmental assistance, aid, financial funding foundations. Our one and only true “Founding Fathers” are parental guardians, mothers and fathers, who were never historical hatemongers, nor are presently psychopath, sociopath slave masters, racists, fascists, sexists, Satanists!

Neither do We’s & Us’s have a U.S. CONSTITUTION as citizens. Seeing how it was criminally concocted by capitalist-colonialist Caucasian Caucasoid, “White Males”!
Imposed through forced slavery, cruel Christianized criminality, Catholic crazy citizens commonly called ‘Crackers’ popping the wicked witchcraft WhiTie whips!
Therefore, let’s start all over from scratch, the grassroots ground gifted growths, on a level playing field and bravely bold Battleground of Calvary!
skirt-JT-1The monetary financial funds already, put into this System, are those in which we want back out of the sinister System. They belonging to us as original owners. Not necessarily reparations, butt better beneficially born bestowed blessed by being: Righteous Restitutions = $$$

Inclusively, land, real-estate properties, farms, ranches, livestock, agriculture -horticulture homelands + homesteads.

Raceryst_color brown
Melaninated Member Major-Minor; Majority-Minority Monetary Mandate! Those who wantonly, willingly wish to label, brand, or call themselves: “all Black”; “Black Business”; presumptuously, “Black Power”; “Black Liberators”; black this that or the other, are on their own, fine and dandy, so be it!

Moreoever, this also artfully applies to those Caucasoid Caucasians, calling themselves “White Supremacists”; “White Power”; and or using the religious politicized prejudices, pushing, preaching the “Race” word “White” person, people, man or woman, boy or girl, female or male, are absolutely out of the question too!

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Over the many years of modern American history, these ethnicities, racial groups, have had their hay days, glorious times of getting out huge sums of tax dollars, financed funding from the U.S. Federal Treasury. And has refused to put more money, savings, tax dollars back into said System. So then, they are receiving a bankrupting bill; Mandate of money owed, as indentured servants, subjected debt slaves! Valueless VICTIMS!!!

your back design

Raceryst_neg image color brown


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“Introduction to Digital Fabric Printing”  http://fashion-incubator.com/archive/introduction-to-digital-fabric-printing/

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TO LOVE THY SELF + Love Sensation Spirit Sublime MP3

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This blog shows portrait pictures, and the Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Designs, divinely decreed displays. To be photo-printed on fabrics, textile materials, manufactures mental models. http://portraitartistchd.wordpress.com/

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