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Ms Madame Matriarch MAAT!!! 

 YES FREEDOM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION: As AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, artfully removes the negative stigmas. Replacing, restoring, reinstating their positive values.  A naturalized physical reality that was meant to be appealing, attractive. Especially intended by Love Goddess Mother Nature Earth to be: all of this and losts more meaningful fun. Sexual+Sensual+Spiritual!!!

Energizing-Exciting-Excelling Excellence: Ascending actualized accelerants = Ancient Ancestral Africa’s authorized authentic aesthetic artists!!! Of our 21st century CyberSpaceAge, current cultural ColorComplexTrix + MultiplexRacialBody: black-brown-red, tan-yellow-white-pink pigmented persuns = people’s populations of our GlobalWorldNatons!!! = mp3



YES: REAL LIVE VISUAL VITALITY: “Vision therapy, also known as visual training, vision training, or visual therapy, is a broad group of techniques aimed at correcting and improving binocular, oculomotor, visual processing, and perceptual disorders.”

True Talent Testing + Therapeutic Training: Effectively and proficiently improving the visualized realities in locomotion. As an artful form of sight seeing sensory perception of extraordinary sensation signing. When consciously and unconsciously looking at these specific-specialized digitalized designs, that are still lifeless; butt are also animations. The hooking up connections between mind and material matter, the bright brilliant brain and it’s circulatory–cardiovascular + neurological systems.

watermarked and copyright 2018

Digital Design Direct Link: https://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2579397

My Master Messiah Musical: https://store.payloadz.com/go/?id=2580917 = mp3

The Talented Theme Tune & Soulful Spiritual Song: Mp3 Kiwi6


Play List: 

View Vimeo Video: https://vimeo.com/299049513

ANOINTED-1This talented theme tune turns timetables to telling the total truths. Mind – Spirit and Soul: Searching song with a; hard hitting heavy bass bottom beat. Mountain moving mental modeling music. Yes y’all, it makes ya wanna-move and grove with the big time bandsman; and solitaire solo Musician-ArtistCHD1https://art-anointed-1.blogspot.com/



Colorful Light Particles + Spectacles of Synchronization + Sensory Synthesis: Tuning the internalized network or artwork which are in fact living organs. Play performers and actors; breathing and blowing, beating and banging, tapping and thumping, emotionalized impulses of thought and pulsating percussions. And all are activated to be instruments of sensory sounds via Love Sensations Spirit Sublime.


STIMULATING SENSES: Taking total talents into consideration as a wholesome-holistic healing. Thus incorporating or adding some silly cartoon characters to the complex composition, colorized compost pile of pleasing presentations. Summing up the complete gamut into synthesized symphonic surround sounds.

Plus perceived visual sight seeing of objects and articles moving back and forth, up and down, training the eyes as they automatically shifts, to keep up with and follow faithfully along. And the attractive girls-females-ladies beauteous bodies and booty butts are butterfly baits. Solar Sexus SoulFood for fresh feminine fragrances, to tantalize and titillate talented thoughts.

HAPPIY + JOYOUSLY: As y’all sweet smelling flowers frequently visit and view my meaningful motions in memory, also remember that the art specimens specifically sends sensory seed messages planted subliminally. Stay in physically fit feminine shape and artfully formed.

Automated + Animated: And this is how healing happens profoundly deep down in depth, in a spiritualized, colorized, solarized location. Subterranean ConScience regions. Beyond what is called subconscious; butt below it to the base-bottom’s Center Carbon Core!!!

 FINANCE Herself Monetary Values via Artwork Sales: This means her being a sort of sales representative of Fine Fit Feminine Female Fashions. To build her famed financial fortune fortress; of Rare Rich Royal specimens, adding them to a well organized portfolio and photo-catalog and merchant money making museum. DIGNITY DIGITAL DIVINITY DIAMOND DESIGNS = DISPLAYS + MP3 Musical Musical Metaphysical Mediums.

A beautifully built bridge by which she may cross-over to this safe-secure-sacred side. No longer having to suckup, been over-bow down to men. Nor compelled through circumstances making physical contacts with unwanted or undesired males for making her money =BIG BUCKS =$$$

HEARTILY handling large sums of money, capital gains in pure profits Managing huge amounts of cash currency flows; as if they were literally liberated, thus financially falling down from the heavenly skies freely.

LUCRATIVE: Our Innovative Enterprising pyramid.gifEntrepreneurial Economic Energy Entities: And the original digitized designs in graphic illustrations, are to be printed on elegant fabrics, underwear and outerwear garments. High quality top of the line, at the pinnacle-peak position perched upon Her Precious Perfect Pyramid. PURE PROFIT=$$$

Popularizing & Solarizing & Romanticizing your business plans, of belting planet Mother Earth with our fashion style. This is no superficial fad, nor some passing by trend; Butt, a permanent standard of perfection and satisfaction. Computerized, digitized technically generated creative compositions, real-live traditional fine arts, plus conventional compositions combined with our CyberSpaceAge computer technologies of astronomical advancements. SYMPHONIC SYNTHESIZED ORCHESTRATIONS!!!!

FunkySoulSongSeason = MP3


ANSATA ANKH AESTHETICS: = CKNWCA’S Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes Bio-Balance. In direct associations with elegant, sexy anim-paralyzecolorking.gifsights of fashion styles in pants, jeans, skirts, bathing suits, bikinis, panties, that fit firmly on fine feminine females sassy classy asses.

YES: The Therapeutic, Son of SUNGOD Optical Seeing Eye ‘n The Crystal Clear Blue Skies. A GlobalWorldNatons, REAL-LIVE-VISION + My True-Up U-Turn Universal IniVersal RealiVision vs. Religion & Politics!!

FOCUSS + CONCENTRATE + MEDITATE: On the digitized designs, that are animated. Training your two eyes to see such things that never appeared before now being portrayed and presented with perception. Giving y’all a perspective sight of various dimensions that are differently diverse; butt, returns to it original formation, size and shape of UNIFICATION.

THERAPEUTICALLY Treating + Help HEALING + CURING: Imperceptible complications, unseen; although internalized climatic conditions and invisible problems that no other clinical methods have worked well. So back to the fundamental basic elements, broken down into simplified senses of insight. Sequenced in proper firing charges of changing currencies and vibration frequencies. Healthful healing properties positively placed in performance play positions, permanently. Essentially not interchangeable; yet an optical illusion or mental delusion keep the mind alternation as if dizzying and spell binding. And the brain’s equilibrium is destabilized in dynamic bio-balance!!


It’s the visualized locomotion functioning to exercise the eye muscles in a corrective, caring cause of action. Blinking and winking and twilight twinkling; Serves as a problem solving solution! Indubitably: SOLAR SEXUS SOUL SAVIOR SERVER =+ SPIRIT SCOURCE SCIENCE SYSTEM += ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE, Heals & Cures The Holistic HueMain “RACE”!!!


EXPLOSIVE ENERGY EXPANSION: A Solar Sexus Soul Super Sonic Star Sun of SUNGOD exploding upon the face of planetary sphere earth energized; through the talented test true patterned pathways of: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

Moving magnificently at artistic astronomical speeds traveling exceedingly fast. Arriving swiftly upon the scene suddenly via The Awesome Forces of Mother Africa Earth’s Divine Nature!!! Equals = Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom Worship. Non-religious and non-political; butt, blessedly better benefited by being SPIRITIOUS!!!

Blowing Beauty Booty Butt Body Babes Biological Balance,  with a Big Boom:  This is the scientific mystical miracle making magic. As an artistically authentic animated actualization. Reinstating-repairing-reinstalling realities of visual light reflected in their natural organizational order. Finely tuned fiber optics!

TRULY TRUSTWORTHY of WORSHIP: This exercises the eyes irises, lens and pupils = optical eyes. Strengthening the internal nerves, and their electric connections and transitioning neurons. Increasing animation1_hurricank_come_twirls.gifthe focused viewers ability to perceive the prismatic hues of the solar rays of radiant and electrical energies of the Electro-Magnetic Field of the ColorComplexTrix.

However, might I not try to be too technical, and simply say that the best benefit blessings, are incorporated inside the mechanisms, and in correctanimation14.gif currency connecting combinations. Inseparably related links. Equals = everlasting long LOVE LIFE LIGHT LOCKS!!!!

What we are doing is analytically synchronizing the mind’s membranes. Synthesizing senses through what I name to be:Love Sensations Spirit Sublime = MP3.

Yes please politely play and listen to and hear the audio Musical Metaphysical Mediums + view = look straight at the applied artwork animations; expressly perferred: COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com  And there’s sanely sound rational reasons for you to discipline your mind to do this talented task. It’s easy!

OK Y’ALL, following focused forwards: The QUARINITY4 fourths tuned times in rhythpyramid.gifmic rhyming beats of a cadence of 1234. Counted numbers in consecutive sequences as strictly stated. These mathematical or arithmetical numbers are paralleled to corresponding musical notes on a chromatic scale. Symbolizing the four sides or dimensions of Her Precious Perfect Pyramid.


Ya have colors = visual + sounds = audio. And the portrayed Dignity Digital Divinity Diamond Design; receives only one count, as marching to the healthy healing heart beats of the drummer. Plus = I’m talking about touch tone tapping; thus into the talented ticks of the time clock‘s cadence.

Butt you are to keep practicing the places until perfected, and you are able to keep in step or count without loosing your correct times. Dynamic Equilibrium Bio-Balance!! One Two Three Four!!!!

Train the eyes to follow with the Energy Emotons of the moving animated pyramid. Count out loud and also count silently. Thump rhythmically on something while doing these therapeutic timing taps and artistic approaches.

Moreover, these talented techniques are being posted throughout my True-Up U-Turn Story Book Bible Blogs. So that one automatically starts to synchronized and syntheszed sound while reading and researching herein.  A decisive advatage that no other Web site Domain offers you. And the full PROOF is in the PRODUCT PYRAMIDS ARTWORK!!

1. Optometric Real-Live-Vision Therapy!

2. Strategic sensory synchronizing-Symphonic Synthesis.

3. The flowers give the thinking mind’s brain the scented sensations of sweet smelling fragrances, impression of pleasing odors similar to perfumes, colognes. Signaling subliminal messages that activate certain chemical and or hormonal generations, productions or the making of them therein, the living human body organism. An actualized cause and effect on physical sensory organ as the nose, eyes and ears.

3a. So then we now have combination compatibility companions. An artistic composition that includes: all of the 5 known senses and adds a Sixth Spiritualized Solar Sexus Soul to this equation or scenario. And it is more akin to instinctive intuition, as none substance and none aromatic energy entity. However; it has imperceptible sounds of ultra-wave length frequencies.

Repairing, and rehabilitation of the eye-brain melanin generating Pineal Gland linking connections. And there is no other guaranteed gifted graphic diagram, digitized design, that has potential possibilities in carefully curing and or help healing eye problems–heart–breathing inconsistencies….; expressly, as Son of SUNGOD‘S MASTER1 Melanin Media, Messiah Mental Models + Musical Metaphysical Mediums!!!.



CKNWCA: Illuminates Bright Brilliant Brains, and enhances internal intrinsic elemental factors. And all of the top notch intellectualizing giants who think that they have supremely superior intelligentsia, are not only foul foolish failures; butt bias bigoted born losers!!!

Remember to dutifully NOTE: That I, The AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD, has diligently divested himself of all religions, first and foremost. By dispelling, denouncing to decreed damnation summoned against, all of these man made, manufactured myths. And this is a prerequisite to restoring, reinstating, reinstalling, repairing one’s inner insights, Crystal Clear Clean Culture Currencies = Climatic Changes!

Yes we are art working simultaneously, from the outside to the inside, and from the inside to the outside. As the twin-dual functions concur. Coincide and correspond with one another cordially, congenially and compatibly. Thus this talented technique is also being artfully applied to the head’s brain, on both hemispheric sides simultaneously or at the very same timing and frequency and vibration rate. Equals = Unification + Spiritual-Sexual-Sensual Synchronization = Symphonic Synthesis.

Multiplex faceted-diverse dimensional, Conglomerate Celestial Constellation ColorComplexTrix. An intricate, delicate, sensitive wiring work of art. All forms and shape are of geometric straight lines linking, locking together. They are pyramids replicating or repeating themselves over again, endlessly and indefinitely = infinity. = INFINITE INTELLECTUAL INTELLIGENCE of the UNIVERSAL MIND’S BRIGHT BRILLIAN BRAIN. Conscious Conscience COSMIC CREATOR!!!


Beauty + Sexy Appeal: If she has it she has it, if ya got it baby ya got it honey-money. And that’s all it is to it, period. AmeriAfrindian ArtistCHD gives graciously, his delightful designs that are pleasing in appearance and uplifting spiritually. Having clinical-medicinal healing properties, imbedded within each composition. Plus, the process of color therapy is happening while just looking upon the artwork displays visually.

DELIBERATELY DESIGNED:  So that the matured of age females may also as well as the young girls, appreciate being associated with the attractive beauty of apparels, showing her deeper-inner feelings and emotions. ECONOMICS  = $$$

Surely this presentation is about artistic aestheticism, revealing the underlying primary principles of our Spiritual Renaissance Movement for female self-employment and self-improvement,profitable gains. Cash-Money-Dollars in the multi-millions for you. Thus you buy and own your personal computer systems, digital cameras-camcorders, and equipment to operate independently your customized fashion arts studio.

VIBRATING BUTTERCUP BUTT: Reverberating frequences of feminine female founded fortunes = $$$ 100%+. Exercising expressions of Eco-Electron Entity Energy Emotions: Love1Sex2Romance3.

Self-sufficiency, is sex-gender liberation while being sexy. Being a doer of the word of Worthy Worship Wealthy Womanhood’s Witty Wisdom.

Requiring no physical sensual contacts whatsoever. Absolutely no males CONTROL & DOMINANCE = Period.

COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is not a man person being, because it ani-wave-colork.gifis an Economic Energy Entity of ALL MIGHTY DIVINE GRACE. Here to StopPointBlankPeriod sexist and racist discrimination against the female-sex-gender of Mother Earth Nature & Her Heart Healthy Happy Holistic Humanity. Scientifically named Human Race of the Homosapiens sapiens species specific.. Male & Female… GENUS!!


LOVE PEACE HARMONY= ArtistCHD’s Real Live Vision vs Political Religion pt-7 This posted blog page portrays the poetic lyrics to the original theme song sound tracks MP3, instrumental and vocal performance plays. So y’all  listen up closely and enjoy these talented tunes. Because they are more meaningful than just simply being Dr. Feel Good garbage and junk and trash talk or vulgar rap!  Yes, this is my personalized CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & Lapp!!

The symbol portrayed above, also, is intended to contain and retain Spiritualized + Solarized + Colorized; powerful forces of Eco Electron Entity Energies. Coming inside from my positive personalized inputs, implants, focused, concentrated-contemplated and meditated Musical Metaphysical Mediums.

Moreover, this substantive due process of productive progress, is not a simple material matter of thinking or believing, guess work, nor based solely on hope and faith. In factual reality, the Powers of The Ether That Be, is instinctively-intuitively envisioned. Not based on intellect or assumed intelligence; butt, founded upon an Africa’s Africoid, hard Rock Offense + Stone Defense = Afrindian HOLY GHOST SPIRIT OF TRUTH POWERED KNOWLEDGE = Know How!!! Period. http://www.last.fm/music/ArtistCHD/Love%2BPeace%2B%2526%2BHarmony

Moving an’a grovin’ with the big time buttocks band stand!

Yes, I HAVE seen pervasive Patriarchal societies worldwide, repressing-depressing-oppressing the states of potential Matriarchal systems. Butt, I believe that neither one is to dominate and control the affairs, exclusively, by the other one. It is supposed to be Compatible Compliance to Compassionate Companionship. No more and no less!!

Prancing an-a dancing; While walking ‘n rhythm rhyming romancing; Focused stare enhancing; And no longer looking just by shyly glancing._

BEAUTY BOOTY BUTT BODY BABES Bio Balance: Bouncing buttocks are better benefit blessings, when compared to running off to bloody battles in foreign warfare. In contrast, the bottom boogie woogie butt is a wholesome choice for fine fit feminine females to  make more meaningful money. And absolutely no sexual harrassment, insulting slurs, negative name calling, personal attacks-verbal assaults, idiotic sexist epithets nor silly sarcastic remarks.

Just simply show and tell and no touching the merchandise; pretty please. Enjoy yourselves and have plenty of healthy-happy-healing holistic-humane HUMOR.

These vitalized versions illustrated: Are never XXX Rated; Butt better beneficially blessed buttology +++ INSTATED; Having no personal problems devas deviously debated; With lesbian ladies who have mated; Because the practice is historically dated; Gifted girls graciously golden gated; Royal rich rare rated; And not any longer ill-fated; Thus today right now positively plated; Surely soundly sane sensibly slated; Due to being currently cultured clean created..__

Dynamic Equilibrium Biological Balance. Two heads of a family house hold, sitting at both heads of the dinner table, two leaders of a tribe, clan, and or marriage relationship.

And furthermore, this revelation is not to put down males or men or boys, not to degrade-discriminate against the male-sex-gender, in which and of which I AM one, Butt to uplift, and raise the conscious-conscience of females who are systemically-systematically silenced by domineering males, insensitive boyfriends, employers-bosses, and self-righteous husbands of utter dislikes of them.

They are nuisances, irritants, annoyances who upsets and disturbs the tranquil quality of humankind life here our earthly planetary sphere. Directly and indirectly the cause of and is responsible for the Unwholesome World’s gross IMBALANCES!!

Therefore truly tested talents depicted righteously before your face, retrieves and returns restoration to biological balance!!


COLOR KINGDOM NWCA, is featured on Yahoo’s number one-first page of theanimation16-transition-.gif Search Engine. And it is located at the very top: 1-2-3 changing places on the front page list of about: “100.000.000 results” for that specific name.  http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com

By the very same token spoken, you may also be whosoever, you want to be. Become whatsoever, you choose to be, within practical applications, reaspyramid.gifonable and rational trains of thoughts. However, let us never intend to be so sane, having no sickness, until we are commoners who fit unjustly inside the closed off box of beliefs, of the gossiping in-crowds, that militates against our best interests.

No, we are not usual; Butt quite unusual until fashionable, we are not regular; Butt uniquely irregular on the well designed delighted  like stylish side of sensibilities. Meaning to be portrayed as being exceptionally extraordinary, intentionally strange, unfamiliar, mod or odd and even purposely weird-freaky and kinky. Surely it remains a magical moonlight mastermind of MYSTERY!


Ya see crystal clear, when ya mean for something to be like it is, then, it is good. And if ya meant for the artwork, body to be “bad ass”; then that’s also wholesome and positively good. And when you deliberately try to be a “bad ass bitch” or wicked witch woman, then, more potent powers to you, fine and dandy. Only accidents are questionably wrong, incorrect, inappropriate as; they say. Butt, what actually do; they, KNOW?!.

SHOW CASE & TELL & SALE MERCY MONEY MAKING MERCHANDISE: Therefore just you give serious thought to his proposition, as proposed for females profit profession. No prostitution of bodily private parts, sexual genitals, in the least which is our clean cultured currency constitution and economic resolution!!

Imagine having these striking digital designs, embroidered, printed, into the stitching of your apparels, garments, silky and cottony fabrics. The back side and front sides of sexy lingerie, slacks-pants-panties so that a female may comfort herself in artistic beauty. No mundane produce lines, or stereotypical attire. Only original creative artwork that has intrinsic meaning, substance and sustenance. More than just simply a bunch of colors, shapes and lines drawn that have insignificant contextual contents of character. Becasue We’s & Us’s are talking about Self-Empowering POWERS!!!

I graciously give y’all the complete allegory-story behind each and every art exhibit. Telling total talented truth, along with man made myths, and mystical miracle making magic. So then, there is no misunderstanding or confusion about what we are expecting to do, give and receive, buy and sell to the public people. Those waiting ‘Per-Suns” and Hue-Mans; who are willing, ready and able to afford our merchandise. And purchase our product lines at the prices we’ve set which is not to be perceived as being cheap or cheaply produced. High end, classy-sassy ass Quality Reproductions cost money expenses. Period.

Let you and I also specialize in explaining our intentions, how so much intelligently applied labor-thought and efforts went into creating, composing and producing the artwork. May we define exactly what we are talking about, slowly; calmly, patiently and articulately in order to be fully understood. Most of all to be completely conprehended. Chaos is not our bag!

Everybody and everything is well placed, clutter when it is required, busy areas as intended, and spacious zones as artistically meant to be. There’s no bones about it, as they say. No doubt that the compositions are orchestrated symphonic, in synthesized lusty Love-Peace & Harmony by Infinite Intelligent Intellectual Intent. Nothing haphazard!

This means that you are to deal with those citizens in societies who’re wealthy in the mind-bodyheartspirit and soul. Because, lackluster impoverished mindsets and or poor mentalities are never cost effective, and require far to much convincing, exertion of valued energy resources, and are many times counter-productive. No material matter how much money they make or have, education, degrees or what have you, they are stubborn, uncooperative, obstinate and not worth our time.

So let us think big, think huge, think large, and think PROSPERITY= $$$ 100%+ Rich-Rare-Royaltie$$$ = Jobs-Careers-Employment= Profit$ = ColorKingdomNWCA,

LETTING GO OF & LEAVING THE “LOW LIFES” BEHIND: Fortunately as you strive and thrive for advancing the upper-scale psychology of Classy Cultured Citizens-contents of contextual character, honoring and respecting their high-resolute quality of lifestyles; then, you yourself become one of them. Eventually growing and developing as Sassy Classy Ass totally talent tested too!

ACCOUNTING+ACCOUNTABLE+ACCOUNTS: This I define to mean my method; methodical artistic approach. A situation where each and everyone has their essential Economic-energy entity. Righteous humans who are individually unique racial-ethnic groups of our Multiplex-Racial_Body of current cultural color complexions: black-brown-red-tan-yellow-pink-white pigmented people, tones-tints-shades of skin. Specifically as aspiring late-bloomers now blossoming BEAUTEOUSLY.


HEALHTY HEART HUMANE HISTORY: This makes obsolete counter-productivity. Thus , voids all null negative numbers; accounting for nothing worthwhile. Deletes sorry lazy people. Refusing to run faster or jog longer; and would rather take the easier way out by slowly-slothfully walking. Dr0pping down their heads and drag assing! Never raising the internal tempo-inferno temperature  of timely steps, ticks, digital dots, bits and bites. Yet the smaller things adds up to be Great & Grand Grains!!

Unwell-ness = unfairness = dependency on death rates, instead of exercising our cardiovascular muscles of medicinal merciful money made meaningful. And where affirmative action government handouts, and lack of proper planning resulted in more unhappiness, obesity, heart failures or arrhythmias. While generating poor health conditions, disunity, division, isolation, segregation, discontent, prejudice and bias behaviors, etc., etc., etc.

Please Pretty Pattern Princesses, politely permit my zydras.gifexplaining precisely what I’m talking about to y’all. Each human body person being, has their permanent placed position in the lifestyles, fashionable designs. Having heart-felt beats and pulsating rhythmic vibration of energies-frequencies and prismatic spectral hues called colors.

And the numbers count no more than the single one, who is an individual; Butt, also is representative of a single racial group of the ani-stetch-colork.gifHumankind Race. Thus no need to contrive to add more persons or individuals to recruit, bring into our fold, based on crude numbers or qu0tas alone. Because it is in reality confirmed-consolidated-condensed, needing not to be affirmed. Thus each energy entity symbolizes the whole, reflect the unique qualities created and evolved attributes of the total sum of ONE.  COLOR KINGDOM NWCA: http://www.colorkingdomnwca.com


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